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Newly Released 2012 Photos

2012 October 21: Hello, I have uploaded 110 new photos to Facebook but haven’t posted them here yet. If you are a user of Facebook you can view them here: (you do not need to be friends with me).

These photos are mostly from San Francisco and the Montery Bay Aquarium from my trip to California in July, 2012. There are some from May and June, also.

I need to find a WordPress plugin or code one to make it easier to post photos here. I might not get to it until the end of the year, and I might just start posting photos without bothering to tag them, describe them, and upload stock versions.

September 17, 2011 Update

Hello, I haven’t posted here in a long time.

I got back from California 2 months early since I didn’t like it out there, though it was nice to see my mom, sister, and their family.

I got a job working as a secretary for a masonry company, which is pretty interesting. I did receive my A.A. degree in early June.

I haven’t taken many pictures in the past few months, but I still have all my photography equipment so I may start again soon.

I’ve been practicing the piano a little. I will probably copy the more important content on my websites to or somewhere else over the next few months since I’m not going to renew my web hosting.

I became a Mormon while in California, and transferred to Daytona so I’ve been attending church here.

I am going to start using my deviantart account again when I get back into photography.

Thanks for reading.

Selling Ads

I’ve decided to sell out the primary ad block on my website at the top-left of every post. 300×250, text, image, JavaScript, and/or Flash.

You can have whatever non-objectionable 300×250 ads you want there with JavaScript, a static ad, or rotating ads. Tell me what you want and I’ll code it for you, or provide your own code.

I’m completely replacing my primary Google AdSense block because AdSense doesn’t pay enough. I want to increase my income. If you are interested in purchasing this ad block which gets 20,000 unique organic pageviews per month on a PR 5/10 blog, email I DO NOT ACCEPT SPAM.

President’s Day Message

If you were President of the United States, what would you do? I would end the Federal Reserve, return us to isolationist policies, and provide grants for the opening of new factories and power plants.

Feel free to post your ideas in the comment section on this post.

Open Comment Thread

I just wanted to say I haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been sick, but I’ve had a lot going on with school, work, and family too.

Does anyone want to add a comment on this post? Just go to the comment form and leave your name, email, URL if you have one, and a comment of any length.

Please use your real name and email. I delete all advertisements, non-English comments, and spam on sight, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you.

You can talk about whatever you want — my website, my photography, your website, your photography, your life, school, work, family, whatever. Just keep it interesting and don’t post one big block of text — use paragraph breaks by inserting a blank line between paragraphs.


Welcome to the Thripp Republic

The Thripp Republic is a new micronation founded by Richard X. Thripp on Jan. 3, 2011 in Daytona Beach, Florida with its own constitution and currency (the Thripp Dollar). In the future, there will be a Senate, Supreme Court, citizenship applications and benefits, free markets, and other fun yet serious things.

The Thripp Dollar is backprinted on 4×6 prints of artistic photographs by Richard X. Thripp. Currently, over 8000 one dollar notes have been printed and are generally distributed by Richard X. Thripp himself to students and faculty at Daytona State College.

The Thripp Dollar is worth 1/5000 troy oz. silver. This means that as of Jan. 3, 2011, one U.S. Dollar is equal to about 160 Thripp Dollars.

For more information, please visit the website I have set up at :smile:

Welcome to Thripp Photography


My photo

I support artists with free photography.

Links:, my portfolio, personal development articles, Tweet This, Composer’s Journey.

As of May 2014, I have moved my operations to Please visit there for my latest work.

As of 2014-10-03, I have disabled the ability to leave comments on posts and pages on As an alternative to adding CAPTCHA images, since everything on this site was written years ago, disabling commenting eliminates all comment spam.

Feel free to contact me through this form, or send me a tweet on Twitter.

Lauren Axelrod’s Archeology Review

I met Lauren at Daytona State College in the fall of 2008 at one of my math classes. She’s a dedicated blogger and archeology student who is attending DSC with the goal of becoming a Doctor of Archeology. In fact, she is so sure she will accomplish this that she’s calling herself a doctor already! That is misleading, but I admire her dedication and I hear she makes a good income through freelance writing.

You can see all of her articles on her Triond profile page. I like her article, Did Christianity Cause the Fall of the Roman Empire?, where she concludes in layman’s terms that the Roman Empire fell because of mismanagement, not a change in religion. It’s much like how the United States is going to fall by completely ruining the U.S. dollar over the next few years (buy gold, silver, firearms, and canned goods quick!).

Here’s her main blog, which has some interesting links and information:

The Ancient Digger

She also wrote a short post about me and my photo, Bongos for Peace.

If you’re studying to be a journalist, an archeologist, a psychologist, a photographer, or whatever, one of the best ways to get your name out there is to start a blog and write lots of useful articles. You don’t have to do original research. Analyzing or even summarizing concepts in your field of study will be useful both to yourself and others. If you use WordPress and pay for your own hosting like I do, you’ll pick up a lot of web development skills along the way (there’s no other choice!). If you’re studying to be an archeologist but writing an archeology blog makes you sick, you’re in the wrong field. For Lauren, this is definitely not the case. Don’t sit on the sidelines just because you have 40 hours of college coursework per week. :wink:

2009-11-11 Update: Lauren gave me and some other bloggers a Best Blog Award. Check that out!

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