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Hello! I’m a photographer named Richard X. Thripp, and this is a collection of the thirty best pieces from my photo-blog, spanning three years of work. I’ve also released all of these as a public resource for anyone to use or build upon; check out my free stock gallery. Click here to download a ZIP archive with high-res stock copies of all 30 photos (70MB). Thank you and enjoy.

Cherry Tomatoes Ketchup Assimilation Sunrays Rose of Orange The Yellow Symphony Spring Sunshine Yellow Grasshopper Flowers of Gold Symmetry Yellow Sunshine Autumnal Leaves The Red-Brick House Leafy Sunset 6 The Garden in Yellow Implicity Leafy Droplets 4 Leafy Droplets Sky's Camouflage Blue Marbles The Sky's Ceiling Speed Complicity Simplicity Pink and Purple Sunset 3 Two of Us Against the World Black Decor Liquid Suspension Raindrops Illumination

You may browse this alternate version, which shows the thirty photos in reverse chronological order of publication, with inline descriptions and notes.

This is the 2008-05-16 version of my portfolio. Changes from the 2008-03-17 version (unpublished): Blue Marbles replaces Blue Marbles 5: Diagonal Bias.

If you want to link to me, here are two descriptions you can use:

My best work: 30 photos of raindrops, leaves, sunsets, roses, bugs, and still life, representing three years of work. I arranged them so all the colors flow together nicely. Hope you enjoy them.

There are a lot of trite nature photos, but these ones are intriguing for their unusual compositions, clarity, color, and beauty. For bonus points, you’ve got to see the great grasshopper, and the Warhol-esque arrangement of ketchup bottles.

The second I wrote for digg: Brilliant Collection of Flowers, Raindrops, and More. Vote for it if you enjoy my work.

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8 thoughts on “Photography Portfolio

  1. Gosh ! love your shots ! and the raindrops photo is like OMG
    thank you for the zip archive :)

  2. Some fantastic shots there Richard, very impressive, exceptional post production too! Gotta say leafy droplets 4 is my favourite, but they’re all excellent, keep up the good work! Rob

  3. I Like Sunray , it remind me the beauty of nature when i climb the peak of the mountain. You great photographer… thumb up!! :smile:

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