Old Gallery

Cherry Tomatoes Ketchup Ketchup 2 Ketchup 3 Assimilation Autumnal Leaves Rose of Orange Yellow Grasshopper Bubble in the Sea Flowers of Gold Yellow Sunshine The Yellow Symphony The Garden in Yellow Sky of Fire Ashes and Embers The Black Sunset Sunset in Motion Sunrays Implicity The Stuccoed House Golden Tapestry Symmetry Spring Sunshine The Green Vortex Leafy Droplets Leafy Droplets 2 Leafy Droplets 3 Leafy Droplets 4 Leafy Droplets 5 Leafy Droplets 6 The Sky's Ceiling Crystal Rain Sky's Camouflage The Sky's Camouflage Simplicity Complicity A Purple Evening The Red-Brick House Night Meets Day The Last Hour Two of Us Against the World
Branches of White
A Morning of Fog Common Geometry Modern Lightning The Lonely Ornament Wine Bottles Spores of the Sun Black Decor Raindrops Sunglasses The Rebel Get Back

Sky of Fire Implicity Sky's Camouflage Simplicity Complicity Branches of White beautiful flowers Leafy Droplets series inspiring black and white photography Photography by my cousin, JT

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  1. You are a great photographer. Are you going to become a professional when you grow up? I hope you do. You’re good at this stuff. :big-grin:

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