Old Website (2007–2012)

This website is from my teenage years. Please visit this website for newer materials.


I support artists with free photography.

As of May 2014, I have moved my operations to Thripp.com. Please visit there for my latest work.

As of October 2014, I have disabled the ability to leave comments on posts and pages on richardxthripp.thripp.com. As an alternative to adding CAPTCHA images, since everything on this site was written years ago, disabling commenting eliminates all comment spam.

Feel free to contact me through this form, or send me a tweet on Twitter.

53 thoughts on “Old Website (2007–2012)

  1. Your talent in photography is exceptional, I wish to have the same expertise, too. Great pictures, really!

    My blog: American Rag Clothing

  2. You’re very kind enough to share your photos for everyone from around the world, great images. keep up the great work!

  3. You had a great photos, Richard! I like all of it! Honestly, I am also collecting different pictures, but I am not a photographer, my best-friend’s. She was really good taking pictures, like you. She was good in sketching too. Thanks for sharing these marvellous pictures of yours.

  4. Wow, what a great idea!

    And your photos are really, really good – are you happy with the Fuji-cam? Was thinking about upgrading from an old Nikon film camera ;-)

    • Thanks! I’m actually posting photos from 2005, newly edited. I have a Canon Rebel XTi with a flash and several lenses. The Fujifilm FinePix A360 broke years ago!

  5. Wow! Your site was pretty cool! I like all of your photos. Awesome! I guess you are a nature lover, because I noticed you always took photos about living things, like insects and leaves. I also noticed that you love horizons, like what you did with marbles, tomatoes and bottles of ketchup. It really looks great! You have a creative mind. You make little things into beautiful and appreciative one! Keep it up Richard. I’m looking forward for more photos.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I enjoy still life and nature photography a lot. I do many portraits too, but don’t post all of them on here because a lot of my friends are shy.

  6. hi….i come search with google, and i found your site. wow your site is very nice, can we make a friendship in web?. if you have a time, maybe you can visit my blog too. thanks

    Gi. Joe

    • Nice to meet you! I don’t affiliate with sites that have pop-ups or JavaScript pop-ups that occlude the page… they’re too annoying.

  7. Hi!

    Hello from SF! Love your site and your work – and I’m very impressed with the free photo initiative! That’s a very nice thought and I’m thinking about copying you ;-).

    Do you want to branch out to California?


  8. I went over to your free photography I I really appreciate them. They look so lively especially the “snake” . It must be hard for the photographer to capture this kind of picture. And the flowers are in their perfect shot. What an amazing photography that are shared for free. Thank you for that and I am looking forward for more free pictures soon.

  9. Diggin the site and the theme of what you’re doing with your photography work as well as your blog. I look forward to following your posts.

  10. Wow! Richard you are doing a great job and i am sure this would be bringing great metal relief to you always.

    It is not always necessary to work for a cause by giving money. A good way you have found is by giving away your photographs..

    Loved your blog and enjoyed those pictures very much!

  11. Are you really of the age that is shown in your pic?? Or is this the pic when you were kid?

    I doubt because knowing this much requires time and dedication and at this age this is not easy to get involved in such activities…I think you are going to be another genius…

    Best of luck for your future…

    • Thanks Kevin; my photos are around Daytona Beach, Florida, as I don’t travel anywhere. The flower section at Wal-Mart or Lowe’s is where I’ve shot many roses and other flowers. Editing in Photoshop for color and contrast helps.

  12. You took so many pictures at the Club Wars today! I cant wait to see them! You even got a shot of me! Thanks!

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  14. Hey Richard! I am really diggin’ the site and art. Brilliant! :cool:

    See you in Quanta..

    Shannon :smile3:

  15. Hi Richard,
    i spent a lot of time on your blog. It’s a really great site. I love your pictures, absolutely gorgeous. (I really like the yellow grasshopper). I like the way that you give an answer to all your comments. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to see your next post.

    • Thank you Natascha! Most of my photos are stock so you can use them for whatever you like too. I enjoyed your website; nice design.

  16. Hey man, you really do have alot of talent in taking photos, I use to develop photos, it was quite fun, but thats about it as far as my talents go in photography.

    Till then,


  17. It´s nice to see someone so passionate about what they do. I especially like the second picture there.. very studious!!! One of my good friends is a photographer as well and it´s great when he shows me his new photos. He has actually just entered a competition – I hope he does well in it!! Keep snapping! :-)


    • Thank you! I will, I put you three new pieces today. Always love to share with others.

      Let me know how your friend’s photography contest goes. Nice meeting you, Marina!

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