Tweet This Custom URL Services

Tweet This 1.6 or later lets you specify a custom URL service. Here are the text strings to enter for the four existing URL services that have been removed from the plugin:

These URL services no longer exist:

11 thoughts on “Tweet This Custom URL Services

  1. Hello. I wanted to congratulate you and thanks you for this great pluging.

    I’m using HootSuit to manege my social networks and track my links. I’d like to us the service so i can keep tracking and getting reports from hootsuit of the automatics tweets.

    I actually dont know if support GET and how to know it.

    Is it possible to us this?

    Thanks again, nice job :)

  2. Does your extension offer support for a custom install of

    I have a custom service @ and I want to use your plugin on the blog for the same site,

    There is an API for yourls that supports GET, but when I enter it in to the config, it doesn’t work. It may be because they are on the same server, not sure.

    My custom url to the API is and when I type it into my browser (replacing the [LONGURL] of course), it returns the plain text shortened link as expected, but it doesn’t work with your plugin.

    Could it be because it is on the same server? If so, (and assuming you don’t want to add this), what can I edit in your plugin file to make it available? Yourls has it’s own wp to twitter plugin, but I like the fact that yours has all the extra services as well.

    • Also, I just installed it on another blog that is on a different server ( ) to test it there – and it didn’t work either. So I don’t think that the shortening service being on the same server is the issue.

      • Ok – couldn’t wait for a reply, but I was able to do some hacking, although I would still like an official release with the issue fixed (if we can even determine what the issue is.)

        What I did is edit the tweet-this.php and directly placed in the api link code.

        case ‘custom’:
        $url = tt_read_file(‘’ . $purl);
        // $url = tt_read_file(str_replace(‘[LONGURL]’,
        // urlencode($purl), tt_option(‘tt_custom_url_service’)));

        And that did the trick.

        One other question, assuming you don’t want to update your plugin to support this properly, seeings as your plugin is GPL, could I add support for and release it on my blog? (I wouldn’t submit it to I know you are mainly just supporting the large URL shorteners, but I would like to see this work as well.

        • Donald,

          Where you able to get this to work? When I use the code you have there I get an error:

          Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in /home/content/x/d/r/xdreamwalker/html/wp/wp-content/plugins/tweet-this/tweet-this.php on line 221

          Am I missing something?

          Thank you.

          • I did get it to work. I can send you the file if you would like. Email me @ mactimize at gmail dot com an I’ll send it over.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the plugin.

    I am using “Pretty Link” plugin to generate short URLs for posts on my domain name itself ( The plugin’s web site is this.

    Kindly tell me how to use such created URLs automatically with Tweet This.

    Thanks and regards


    • You can’t. The custom URL service is only for public short URL services with a public API (no authentication except HTTP GET). I’d have to add code to support the Pretty Link plugin. I’ll consider it.

      • Thanks for your response, Mr. Thripp.

        The following is the response from the author of the “pretty Link” plugin:

        //Since Tweet This is a WordPress plugin, the best thing it could do is access my API directly (no need for get or post — it’s a simple function call in PHP).//

        I thought this info may be useful to you for integration of the two. Pretty link URl is this:

        I like the ease of using Tweet This and I’ll be happy if I could use a customized short URL on my domain for Twittering with that.

        Thanks and regards


        • You’re welcome! I know that. I meant that the custom URL service code is only for HTTP GET requests. Obviously you wouldn’t want to make one of those across the same server. But that would be the only way for you to use Pretty Link in Tweet This now before I update the plugin.

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