10 thoughts on “How to give file names to your photos

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  2. Nice article! I have only 15 gb of photos but I found this guide very helpful. I use Picasa to browse my photos and Canon Zoombrowser to auto-import them (YYYY / YYYY-MM-DD / dcm…jpg

    I would like to migrate my photos to a Linux system. I have been searching for import tools with automated import settings into folders (YYYY-MM-DD). Do you know of any linux apps for that? And what do you think about naming folders like I do (YYYY-MM-DD) compared to your way (YYYYMM – i.e. without sorting in days)?

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  4. Did you really write all of that on…
    wasting time?!


    • Oh yeah, you better believe it. If you can get this issues out of the way, you’ll be less encumbered as a photographer and in your life, for the rest of your life. :cool:

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