Virtual Subdomains

I’ve set up some virtual subdomains for pages on that used to subdirectories. All the old URLs 301 to these new URLs. Check out the first batch of subdomains:

All of these are for me only and are completely part of In 2008, I intended to be a social network built on WordPress MU with subdomains for each user, but that never worked out so I feel comfortable owning the * namespace for my own projects now. I will never be changing the URL of this blog from since it’s been that way for so long, though.

This was actually very hard to implement. I’m using WordPress MU 2.7 and the WP Subdomains plugin, but I had to do hacking on both and I can’t get any subdirectories on these virtual subdomains to work so I have to use query strings. For example, is paginated so page 2 is because I couldn’t get to work. However, I’m glad I set this up since I will be using subdomains for many pages and ad campaigns in the months to come.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Subdomains

  1. Interesting. Although as I recall it it was quite simple to setup back in the days, but using WordPress I suppose it becomes a lot harder. I’m probably even missing some important point that made is possible back when I did it ^^

    I must admit that I probably won’t use it, but it is always fun tampering with.

    However if you look at SEO perspectives Google treats all your pages as different websites if you do it like that though.

    • Well, it’s complicated by the fact I’m using WordPress MU with other blogs like and If this were a normal site, it would be simple. But I prefer WordPress.

      Google no longer treats subdomains differently, because it gave unfair advantages before. It really doesn’t matter much. I’m only making a handful of pages on my blog into subdomains, and the old URLs are doing 301 redirects so it should all smooth itself out.

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