The New Way to Do Things

Saw this poster for Post-It Super Sticky notes at Office Depot:

Post-It Super Sticky poster

Seems like a reasonable advertisement, tasteful, with examples, etc. But look closer at one of them:

Post-It Super Sticky close-up

“Sherri, Let’s team up for the civics report!” Since when is teaming up allowed? It would make high school and college so much easier for me.

I think this poster represents a general lost of respect for the education system… because it’s generally less deserving of respect. My Dad taught me at home, but if I went to public school I would’ve been home-schooled too. No real learning goes on at school; the teachers just say “go home and learn this.” Also, you’re forced to spend time on a lot of garbage when you should be focusing on just three things: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Everything else will flow from that. And no, arithmetic is NOT mixing numbers and letters. It’s practical stuff.