Responsible Environmentalism

On the surface, ensuring the protection of nature is a noble goal. But many people make it into something worse. It’s okay to recycle plastics, drink well water, and use compact fluorescent light-bulbs. It’s not okay to sleep outside or deny your children blood transfusions (note: the govt. has synthetic blood so get that if possible).

If we lived like apes, we would make no progress as a species. Apes don’t write books, create Internets, or mine metals. Humans used to die at 25 commonly, whereas now the average lifespan has surpassed even the three score and ten promised by the Bible, not because of fate, but because of hard work. Who would have though a fungus (penicillin) could be the solution to so many of life’s problems?

Humans are naturally at war with nature, and we’re supposed to be. Most people prefer to live in structures we call buildings, because living outside exposes you to all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and ailments due to a lowered immune system. Pushing your body too hard is stupid, because it makes you more vulnerable to disease.

In the same vein, it isn’t reasonable to demand everyone to stop using cars or burning fossil fuels, unless you have a logical replacement which takes us to the next level and works right now. Obviously, it is a good idea to research better solar power, wind power, and nuclear power, but until the technologies are easily implemented, we can’t begin real cutbacks on oil and gasoline.

Similarly, some of the solutions provided to us are worse than what they replace. CFLs produce the same number of lumens using far fewer watts, but they contain deadly mercury and the EPA actually recommends you call a Hazmat team if you break one. The Toyota Prius has a giant battery that goes bad after about ten years and needs replaced. Compact cars often result in more carbon emissions, because with one accident you become a vegetable for life. Instead of contributing to your safety, the plastic-and-Styrofoam car becomes your coffin.

If you are going to espouse the ideals of environmentalism, please do so logically. :)