Human Nature

Human nature is to be able to oscillate between polarities without changing states. Men naturally suppress this and women naturally embrace this, which is why women tend to engage in backwards post-rationalization and most men choose not to understand why.

One of the reasons why you see more acronyms, initalisms, innuendos, and euphemisms now is because our controllers, be them space aliens, the Pentagon, the European Union, Queen Elizabeth II, or Pope Benedict XVI, want to polarize the people between clean and dirty minded, kill the clean minded people, and foster the dirty minded people. This is either a Really Bad thing or a Really Good thing, depending on your current State of Polarity.

Most people adopt a neutral state of polarity that is either positive or negative, but never neutral. I choose a neutrally negative state of polarity (like an electron instead of a proton), so I see the New World Order as being a very bad thing.

Throughout your life, you have the free will to choose whoever and whatever you want to be. Because of advanced technologies, new and unprecedented freedoms are emerging for humanity. For example, you now have the freedom as a man to have sex freely (contraception + social acceptance), marry other men (Massachusetts), dress up like a woman (Ed Wood as Johnny Depp), or even become a woman, and if you do not have the money to afford sex change surgery, you can choose to increase your income or petition the State. As a woman, you have even more freedom, because you can choose to either be soft or rugged, i.e. a princess or a tomboy.

At the same time as these new freedoms emerge for humanity, new and unprecedented responsibilities emerge, legitimizing the philosophical argument that humans do not have free will, but instead, we have a collective, singular will. This would be the best State to present ourselves to space aliens with, but because there is a backlash against this, nationalist movements are emerging, which you see now in Egypt and the Middle East. In fact, according to Alex Jones, gas is going to go up to $4-$5 a gallon by the end of this year and we are going to see the collapse of the U.S. federal government unless a significant change in course is immediately procured. The 1990s brought us the Internet, which kept the U.S. afloat throughout the 2000s, despite the significant real estate bubble, but it’s possible another, more advanced bubble is about to form in the 2010s, thanks to companies like Google, Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Microsoft, Raytheon, and Lockheed-Martin. We will definitely be seeing a roller coaster ride in the price of precious metals including, but not limited to, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, copper, and zinc (editor’s note: in reality, all metals are infinitely precious compared to greenbacks).

All great freedoms are actually both great freedoms and great responsibilities simultaneously, because with freedom comes power and with power comes responsibility. A person incarcerated for life in a supermax prison has either the minimum or the maximum freedom depending on his oscillating state of mind, because he can choose to be a slave or he can attempt escape, which would be next to impossible. This is why in the Mission: Impossible television series the viewer is told to believe in the impossible, by believing that the good guys will win despite the title of the TV show indicating that their mission is impossible. In reality, their mission is squarely possible, but it is necessary for them to adopt the state of mind that it is impossible in order to accomplish the task.

One example of a great freedom that also has great responsibilities is tattooing. In Central Florida, tattoos are an integral part of redneck culture, because you have the freedom to instruct your tattoo artist to tattoo anything on your body, but once it’s there, it’s very difficult if not impossible to remove. In all matters of great important or suspicious unimportance, great caution or no caution must be used. The body is the Temple of the Lord.