Giving away pictures

I gave away about 800 four-by-six prints of my recent pictures at Daytona State College today, so if you are visiting because you received one of those, give me a shout in the comments! :smile:

While I haven’t attended the college besides online classes in a year, next year I am taking the pre-requisites for the education program, so I will be at the Daytona Beach campus four days a week. I met a lot of old friends today and am looking forward to working on DSC in Motion, the college newspaper, after being the Features Editor in fall 2009.

I got my driver’s license on Monday after having a learner’s permit for over a year, so now I can travel wherever I want in my father’s van. Previously, he would have to go with me, drive home, and come back to pick me up, which he only wanted to do if I had class, but not for meetings or socializing. The only downside to having a license is the ridiculous insurance costs, which are currently averaging to $87.26 per month for me. I’m going to try to go somewhere everyday, because if I don’t I’ve basically wasted $2.90 because that’s the daily cost of the insurance. I don’t even have collision or comprehensive coverage and I have the highest deductible, so I think $20 per month would be a much more reasonable price. We are using Response insurance, so please let me know if you know a cheaper company (Progressive quoted us at over $150 per month).

To recoup some of the costs of insurance I’ve added Infolinks to my blog, so if you see words double-underlined those are advertisements and I earn money when they are clicked on. Please don’t click on them unless you are genuinely interested in the advertisements, however. In one week, I’ve made $0.39 from these, so I might remove them soon because they are producing very little money.

13 thoughts on “Giving away pictures

  1. Congrads on your license. The top of the iternational, granada, and dunlawton bridges provide lots of amazing possibilities for photos.

    • Thanks Elizabeth, I will definitely go to those places and I’ve taken pictures of the Granada bridge already. I’m going to take pictures of the best Christmas light displays sometime next week. :smile:

  2. Regarding advertisements, I noticed that you’re having Adsense again. Did Google accept your plea about getting unbanned? Or wait, that’s an obvious answer there though.

    • Yeah, they said I’m unbanned as long as I don’t include my ads on other peoples websites… unfortunately, that was my main source of revenue!

      • Ah, now that’s a bother. But I thought it was okay to have your own Adsense on other peoples websites though. But I suppose that isn’t okay after all?

        • Well, you are responsible for all the content of their websites, so it’s very dangerous. Also, Google conducts audits every month where they check the domain registration records against the publisher IDs, and that’s how they “caught” me.

          • Well, as long as the content is fine I don’t personally see the problem. For example if you’d be guest posting at some blog, it’d make sense that you can collect the advertisement from your post.

          • I see. Then it is a little bit of a difference. But I must admit it is quite a smart way to push out ads, shame google didn’t like it.

            How well was the site doing for ya?

          • That was making over $200 per month and ads in the Tweet This plugin (enabled by user option) were making $150 per month, but now I’m banned from using both.

            I’m using AdBrite and on, but we’ll see if I get paid. If so, I’ll make $350 this month from

          • That’s pretty nice I must admit, since you don’t really have to do anything yourself to keep it running as far as I understand it.

          • Yeah, it was completely passive, all I had to do was keep the web server running which is easy and something I’m committed to doing anyway… it’s a shame Google doesn’t like this.

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