The New

I’ve been absent from blogging lately, but the past two days I’ve been working on programming the new, a photography community. You can sign up there and upload your best photos to a gallery so other members can comment on them. The new replaces the old WordPress MU blogging service, and I deleted all the blogs and accounts I deemed as spam. The old (this) is closed to new registrations, and the 80 blogs it has will remain in place.

I posted 34 photos to You can comment on them and other users’ profiles, there’s a page that shows all the comments you’ve received, and you can choose your own display name. Please sign up and post your best photos.




6 thoughts on “The New

  1. You are back! It makes me really happy that you are here once again!!!!
    I hope you start posting comments asap and makes us happy as always :)


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