Switched to Google Apps Email

I decided to switch my email over from Gmail to Google Apps Email. I have the same email address (richardxthripp@thripp.com), but Google uses my domain now, so when I send out emails it won’t say “on behalf of richardxthripp@gmail.com.” And instead of just forwarding all thripp.com email to my old Gmail account, I can set up separate accounts with different credentials under thripp.com, while using a catch-all for everything else. There’s some good info and discussions about this here: What Does Google Apps for Your Domain Actually Do?.

If you want a thripp.com email account, leave a message with the name you want (the part before @thripp.com), and I’ll email your password to your old address (add it in the email field on the comment form, or if you’re logged into your thripp.com account, I’ll get it from your profile). Then you can sign on at mail.thripp.com. :grin: