Spamming Everyone

I was contemplating how to get the word out about the resource I’m developing here at Brilliant Photography. I decided to send an email to everyone know a.k.a. mass spamming. But it’s not spamming, because it’s relevant. I don’t know where the idea comes that messages that aren’t personalized are spam; do we expect the same from the newspaper, television, or even blog articles? Certainly not. Here’s the message, anyway. It outlines what I’m doing here quite well.

Hello everyone!

This is one of those super automated emails to everyone I’ve known over the past four years. I wanted to let you know the great progress I’ve been making at my website, Brilliant Photography by Richard X. Thripp, at . I’ve been working hard on my writing and photography, completing a portfolio of my 30 best images: clichés like roses, sunsets, raindrops, bugs, and still life. Mine are different because I always try to be sharp and innovative. I have a nice gallery section showing every photo I’ve ever posted, and I’m writing more informative articles on photography; stuff like How to Always Get the Perfect Shot, How to Use Zooming for Explosive Photos, How to Brand Your Prints, and my 4500-word novel, How to give file names to your photos, which arcs across photography, library science, cataloging theory, and the evils of Daylight Saving Time.

Two days ago, I was thinking "how could I make my website an even more useful resource?" It didn’t take long to think of it; I’ve done the unthinkable by releasing my entire portfolio (my life’s work, if you will) as a free stock resource. If you are a digital artist of any sort, or want a nice photo for a birthday card or to print for your wall, this is great news.

Though it’s a divergent topic, I’ve begun writing about personal development, because it fascinates me. I’ve also implemented affiliate advertising which generates revenue per click or purchase, in the case of the photography gear I sponsor. Someday, I will be able to support my passion full time, just from sharing it with the world on my website.

If you’d like to stay in the loop as I publish more photos and articles, you can subscribe by email here, or if you know about RSS feeds, add this one to your feed reader. I’ll be at forever, so you can also bookmark it or come back to this email when you’d like to see what I’m up to.

Thanks and happy travels. Send me an email back so we can keep in touch.