New shop with beautiful, framed prints

2008-06-03 Update: The sale is over. Thanks everyone! :big-grin:

sixteen wonderful photos in frames

I’ve printed up and framed sixteen of my favorite photos as 8*10’s. You can buy them in the new, special photography shop for the brilliant price of $49.95 each. :grin: There is only one of each, so hurry! 2008-06-17 Update: gone now.

Speed, and Sunrays 3 are new here. I’ll have a formal release in a couple weeks, but you can check them out by those links now. 2008-06-17 Update: The shop is gone (read Everything Old is New Again), but check out Speed and Sunrays 3 anyway. and Just one week of school left to go, and then I get a week off, and then six weeks of summer pre-calculus. I’ll be presenting my photography portfolio for my black-and-white film class on May 8th at the college (The Gaze, The Rebel, Wine Bottles, and film versions of Modern Architecture and The Stuccoed House will be included). I’ll throw in a few of the new digital prints. :cool: