Tweet This Version History

This page lists the version notes for every version of Tweet This.

1.8.2: 2011-02-21 (mirror): A nonessential update to increase my revenue. ;)
* Changed AdSense option to Amazon Associates, since Google banned me.
* Changed donation links to differentiate between > $11.90 and < $11.90. * Changed the default URL service from local to, contrary to popular demand for, because now requires an API key. * Made Step 4 red under Automatic Tweeting to cut down on confusion. * Updated options to indicate credentials are now mandatory. 1.8.1: 2010-11-06 (mirror): Bugfix release for Twitter “Snowflake” status IDs.
* Critical bugfix: Tweet This gets the status ID from id_str instead of id to be compatible with the new Twitter “Snowflake” IDs rolled out Nov. 4, 2010. Before, an ID such as 549919521771520 would be stored as 5.49919521772E+14.
* Critical bugfix: I have tested the new usage of add_meta_box and have found it only works in WP 3.0 or newer. The Tweet This box would not appear at all on old versions of WordPress, so I’ve added a version check to return to the Tweet This 1.7.7 behavior on WordPress 2.7 – 2.9.2.
* Added “Insert Tweet This block before/after content” checkboxes to the Advanced Options, so you can insert links before posts, after posts, or both.
* Tweet This can now be hidden on RSS feeds in the advanced options.
* Posts can now be retweeted by checking “Send to Twitter again” when editing.
* The date of auto tweets are now saved in the custom field tt_tweeted_date.
* Reloading the Write Tweet page now forces all scheduled tweets to fire, even if it has been fewer than ten minutes since the last check.
* On the Write Tweet page, published scheduled tweets now display a link to the Twitter API XML file in the Status column. If the tweet failed, the HTTP error code is displayed when hovering over “fail” in the same column.
* If your blog uses www, it is now stripped from local URL, saving 4 chars.
* Bugfix: “Use full permalinks unless Tweet/Plurk Text exceeds 140 characters” caused malformed URLs on automatic tweets, so it no longer applies there.
* Bugfix: Single and double quotes manually entered into the Tweet This box on the Write Tweet page would be escaped with backslashes in previous versions. Now, the PHP function stripslashes is run on the entire tweet.

1.8: 2010-10-02 (mirror): Major release with many new features and improvements.
* Added Bebo, Diigo, FriendFeed, Gmail, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Mixx, Slashdot, Squidoo, and Technorati to the Extended Services, bringing the total to 20.
* Added “Public Display Order” field to the Extended Services section, so you can change the order in which the services are displayed.
* Updated the auto-tweet options on the Write Post screen to use add_meta_box() so you can move the box around. Changed the default position from “advanced” to “side” and changed the text input to a textarea.
* You can now use [AUTHOR], [CATEGORY], [DATE], [TIME], [EXCERPT], and [BLOG_TITLE] shortcodes in Twitter and Extended Services text fields.
* Scheduled tweets can now be deleted from the Write Tweet page.
* The icons directory has been organized into directories by language and service. Your options and icon display will be updated automatically. However, if you want the icons to continue to be accessible at the old URLs (i.e. for Feedburner email newsletter readers), please merge the new icons directory with the old directory instead of overwriting it.
* Added contrast and brightened some icons, and improved transparency.
* Added tweet_this shortcode which you can use in any post or page to display the Tweet This div including all links. You will have to add a custom field titled tweet_this_hide with the value of “true” to stop duplicate insertion.
* Added three buttons to the save section of the options page: “Reset All Options Except Keys,” “Flush URL Cache,” and “Completely Uninstall Tweet This,” which deletes all plugin options, custom fields, and database tables.
* Tweet This links now have the target=”_blank” and rel=”nofollow” tags added by default. This can be turned off in the advanced options.
* The “Don’t shorten URLs under 30 characters” advanced option is now “Use full permalinks unless Tweet/Plurk Text exceeds 140 characters” and it’s behavior has changed accordingly. This also applies to automatic tweets.
* Replaced tt-twitter2.png with the new official Twitter favicon.
* Added a JavaScript clock to the Write Tweet page based on the server’s time.
* Added “button-primary” class to the save and import buttons in the options and the tweet button on the Write Tweet page, so the buttons are blue now.
* Increased font size on /icons/tt-su-big2.png from 7 to 9 and moved arrow up.
* Increased the add_action priority on tweet_this_css, tt_shortlink_wp_head, and tt_html_comment to 9 so they have priority over other plugins.
* Updated the icon selection and extended services section in the options to display properly at 1024×768 resolution on WordPress 3.0.
* Changed default CSS to include a 2-pixel margin on the left side of icons.
* Added @package and @since PHPdoc tags to Tweet This functions and classes.
* The number of options modified and the number of cached URLs flushed is now displayed after saving the options.
* You can now rename the /tweet-this/ directory and tweet-this.php file.
* Bugfix: Selecting “Share Links” for Twitter did not work at all in 1.7.7.
* Bugfix: get_tweet_this_url() now wraps URLs in urlencode() for Plurk to prevent http:// from becoming http:. Plurk has been completely unusable in all previous Tweet This versions for some time.
* Bugfix: Fixed Yahoo Buzz links which did not work in all previous versions.
* Bugfix: URLs containing a subdirectory with an underscore followed by another subdirectory would be shortened incorrectly on the Write Tweet page. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Each instance of the Twitter “Editable text box” now uses the post ID in HTML element IDs and JavaScript functions, to prevent invalid HTML and allow multiple text boxes to be displayed on the same page without conflict.
* Bugfix: get_tt_shortlink($post_id) is no longer affected by the option “Use ‘www.’ instead of ‘http://’ in shortened URLs.” It always uses http:// now.
* Bugfix: In 1.7.4 – 1.7.7, I accidently included the line “remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_shortlink_wp_head’, 10, 0);” which removed the canonical link and shortlink from wp_head on all posts.

1.7.7: 2010-09-20 (mirror): Bugfix/compatibility release with no new features.
* Extended backward-compatibility to WordPress 1.5, but automatic tweeting still requires WP 2.7 and I am not changing “Requires at least: 2.7.”
* Added information about upgrading and backward-compatibility to the “Installation” section of the readme.
* The Services_JSON class has been moved from /lib/json.php to /lib/wp/class-json.php.
* Fixed HTML, styling, and database errors on the Write Tweet page.
* jQuery is now included in the /lib/js/ folder in case WordPress doesn’t have it. jQuery is only used on the Options and Write Tweet pages in wp-admin.
* Added get_tt_parse_string($text) function to perform [TITLE], [TITLE_SHARE], and [URL] replacements on a string.
* Added tt_service_array($array) function to return an array of all services.
* Changed get_tweet_this_link_text(), get_tweet_this_title_text(), and update_tt_options() to use foreach loops, reducing code bloat.
* Added tt_html_comment() function which inserts version and debug information into wp_head to help me answer support requests.
* Added more information to the plugin and readme headers.
* Bugfix: Fixed critical bug causing index pages to display no post content in WP 3.0 if “Insert Google AdSense ads to support Tweet This” was checked.
* Bugfix: Prevented short URLs from being created on unpublished pages.
* Bugfix: Prevented short URLs from being created when constructing the rel=”shortlink” meta tag when viewing unpublished posts or pages.
* Bugfix: Due to an oversight, CSS would never be inserted in Tweet This 1.7.6.
* Bugfix: Created tt_enqueue_script($script) function so jQuery will be included below WordPress 2.6. Without jQuery, the “Test Twitter OAuth” button and the “Write Tweet” page are completely broken.
* Bugfix: tweet_this_short_url() and tweet_this_trim_title() would not pass any parameters to get_tweet_this_short_url() and get_tweet_this_trim_title() in all previous versions. Fixed.
* Bugfix: Link to refresh the page after scheduling a tweet is now JavaScript for compatibility with old versions of WordPress.
* Bugfix: Replaced $wpdb->insert() and $wpdb->update() with $wpdb->query() so scheduled tweets work on WordPress 1.5 – 2.3.3.
* Bugfix: Fixed bug causing author ID to always be inserted into wp_tweet_this_scheduled as 0 on WordPress 1.5 when scheduling a tweet.
* Bugfix: tt_store_post_options() and tt_auto_tweet() now use get_postdata() if get_post() does not exist, to prevent crashes on WordPress 1.5. However, automatic tweeting works only in WP 2.7 or newer due to database differences.
* Bugfix: Added version checks to uncheck “Enable automatic tweeting on posts” and “Enable automatic tweeting on pages” if Tweet This is being installed for the first time and the PHP version is below 5.0.0 or WordPress is below 2.7.
* Bugfix: Added warning messages on the options page if we are below WordPress 2.7, below WordPress 1.5, and/or below PHP 5.0.0.
* Bugfix: Tweet This now refreshes the page automatically after importing options below WordPress 2.5. Before, the new options would not be displayed.
* Bugfix: In 1.7.5 I changed the default title text for Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, and Reddit from [Site] to “Post to [Site]” but forgot to do this for the default link text.

1.7.6: 2010-09-17 (mirror): Added a Twitter Updates widget and made some other changes.
* Added “Twitter Updates” widget to Apperance > Widgets (requires WP 2.8 or later). This lets you show the latest tweets of any Twitter user in your sidebar. I copied the code from Automattic’s Wickett Twitter Widget plugin.
* Added ability to use URL shorteners other than on the Write Tweet page. You can now specify “URL Service to use on posts and auto-tweets” and “URL service to use on the Write Tweet page” in the Tweet This options.
* Bumped minimum version from 2.3 to 2.7, because automatic tweeting and the Write Tweet page don’t work in WP 2.6 or earlier.
* A link to a tweet published from the Write Tweet screen is displayed in the confirmation message, i.e. “Tweet published to Twitter successfully. (24413804918)” (the status ID is a link).
* The usage of the tt_tweeted custom field on posts and pages has changed from “true” or “false” to the tweet URL or “false”. Example: “”. If the URL is present, a link to it will be displayed in the “Tweet This” section on the edit post screen. This change is fully backward-compatible.
* The usage of the tt_response column in the wp_tweet_this_scheduled database table has changed from the HTTP response code to the tweet status ID (i.e. 24413804918) if the response code is 200, or the original behavior if the response code is not 200. This change is fully backward-compatible and will be built upon in future releases.
* Changed tweet_this_link_text(), tweet_this_title_text(), and tweet_this_css() functions to echo instead of return and added get_tweet_this_link_text(), get_tweet_this_title_text(), and get_tweet_this_css() for the old behavior.
* Added get_tt_read_file() and get_tt_display_limits() as aliases to the normal functions. The original functions still return rather than echo. Note that get_tt_option() was added in 1.7.
* Gave better credit for functions borrowed from Muhammad Arfeen, Joe Dolson, Alex King, and Jeff Roberson in Tweet This source code.
* Bugfix: Tweet This would not activate on WP 1.5. Now it works in WP 1.5, but OAuth, Automatic Tweeting, and the Write Tweet page are broken.

1.7.5: 2010-09-13 (mirror): Added the Twitter Share API and fixed eight bugs.
* You can now choose between Web Links and Share Links for Twitter. Web Links are what Tweet This has always used. Share Links use Twitter’s Share API, shorten URLs automatically through, can display related users after the tweet is made, and are posted as “via Tweet Button” instead of “via Web.”
* You can now enter [BLANK] for the Link Title Attribute in the options.
* Added two Twitter icons (tt-twitter5.png and tt-twitter6.png).
* Other subtle changes to options page.
* Modified the get_tt_shortlink and get_tt_shortlink_wp_head functions so they create a short URL on the spot if there is none in the cache, instead of returning a local URL as they did in 1.7.4.
* Bugfix: Outputted links are now enclosed in a div of class=”tweetthis” instead of just a paragraph element.
* Bugfix: get_tweet_this_url($tweet_text) will not fail if $tweet_text is set.
* Bugfix: URL service options will now display and be cleared properly when the service is selected in the options page, including the use of the arrow keys.
* Bugfix: Missing closing /label HTML tag on de/tt-twitter-micro4-de.png icon in options fixed.
* Bugfix: Link text for Twitter and all Extended Services would be set to [BLANK] when a self-explanatory icon was chosen even if the user deliberately specified the default link text, i.e. “Tweet This Post” or “Post to Facebook.” This has been fixed.
* Bugfix (Related to above): In 1.7 I changed the default link text for Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, and Reddit from [Site] to “Post to [Site]” but forgot to make the same changes in the code that changes the link text to [BLANK] if a self-explanatory icon is chosen without changing the link text.
* Bugfix: Invalid HTML output with “align” attribute on paragraph element changed to CSS. All previous versions of Tweet This insert invalid HTML.
* Bugfix (Since 1.7): Tweet Text will no longer end in “…” if the last character of the post title is not alphanumeric.

1.7.4: 2010-09-10 (mirror): Numerous refinements to URL and options handling.
* Tweet This 1.7 – 1.7.3 actually required WordPress 2.7 minimum (not 2.3) because I was using the WP_Http class to get URLs when the user had entered API keys. This usage has been removed and we are back to using file_get_contents or Curl, in order of availability.
* Added option to use alias for URLs, saving two characters.
* Added the URL shorteners and
* Added an advanced option “Pass shortened URLs to WordPress via the get_shortlink filter if the URL service is not set to Local.,” enabled by default. In WP 2.9.2 or earlier this will only add a rel=”shortlink” link to wp_head. In WP 3.0 or later, it also hooks into the “Get Shortlink” button on the Write Post screen and the wp_get_shortlink($post_id) function which may be used by other plugins.
* In the options form, changed Callback URL to “OK to change” since it isn’t used anyway, and made “NOT the default” bold after Default Access Type.
* Removed warning about Tweetburner requiring Curl from options page, because the user is now expected to have Curl.
* Added compatibility with Shannon Whitley’s Twit Connect plugin by checking if the TwitterOAuth class already exists. If it does, Tweet This 1.7.4 declares a new identical class TweetThisTwitterOAuth and uses that. Twit Connect makes an old version of the class without the essential get() and post() functions. This also extends compatibility to the TweetPost plugin.
* Deleted the tt-icons.png and tt-icons-big1.png sprites from the /icons/ directory, because they weren’t actually being used anywhere.
* Swapped tt-twitter.png and tt-twitter2.png because the default icon looks awful on dark backgrounds. This means the default Twitter icon has changed.
* Added style=”margin:0;” to Twitter icons and style=”margin:0 0 0 2px;” to Extended Services icons when inserted into the blog. This fixes a years-old bug that causes the “Tweet This Post” text to be below the icon on blogs with themes that put margins around all images, and puts two pixels of needed space between each service.
* Much better URL recognition on Write Tweet page, thanks to the regular expressions from Jeff Roberson’s Linkify URLs script.
* Added a to-do list to the readme.
* Changed shortener to and added option to use one of their domain aliases:,,, or Changed options keys and form elements from “snurl” to “snipurl” and added code to do this retro-actively if upgrading to 1.7.4.
* Bugfix: Choosing would not work for the past year because SnipURL’s API now requires HTTP POST with authentication. Fixed this and added mandatory fields for SnipURL username and API key.
* Bugfix: Long URLs are now sent URL encoded to the chosen short URL service.
* Bugfix: Fixed link on Write Post screen if OAuth keys have not been entered.
* Bugfix: URL cache is flushed when switching between and URLs.
* Bugfix: URL cache is flushed when changing username, API key, or Adjix API key, and message is displayed saying “URL cache flushed.”
* Bugfix: Whitespace is now trimmed from Adjix API keys.
* Bugfix: Tweet This no longer discards shortened URLs over 30 characters in
length if a custom URL service is specified, as it did since 1.6.

1.7.3: 2010-09-06 (mirror): Added a “Write Tweet” submenu under the Posts menu if you have provided your Twitter OAuth keys. You can write a tweet directly from this page, or schedule one to be posted at a future date (will create a MySQL table wp_tweet_this_scheduled). Your latest scheduled tweets will be displayed here (up to 100), but it is currently not possible to edit or delete them so you will have to use phpMyAdmin (or delete the tweets from your Twitter account after they are published). 1.7.3 also includes miscellaneous refinements.

1.7.2: 2010-09-03 (mirror): Recommended update:
* Auto-tweeting now works on WordPress pages.
* Added options “Enable automatic tweeting on posts” (on by default), “Enable automatic tweeting on pages” (on by default), and “‘Send to Twitter’ defaults to checked on unpublished pages” (off by default) to Settings > Tweet This > Automatic Tweeting.
* Added ten entries to the FAQ (all noes).
* Credited Alex King, Joe Dolson, Michal Migurski, Andy Smith, Abraham Williams, Sascha Assbach, and Graham Smith in the readme.
* Added HTTP error code message in the Tweet This section on the Write Post screen if automatic tweeting fails.
* Bugfix: Customized auto tweet text will not be overwritten when a post or page is updated after being published.
* Bugfix: All custom fields are now deleted when a post or page is deleted.
* Other small changes.

1.7.1: 2010-09-01 (mirror): A small update.
* The Twitter API policy team has warned me that directing Tweet This users to title their Twitter application “Tweet This” with a link to the download page is not allowed. The suggested name, description, and website in the options is now your own.
* Options menu redesigned with horizontal rules and Automatic Tweeting section.
* Whitespace is now automatically trimmed from OAuth and keys.
* Bugfix: Hashtags fixed for real in Tweet This links and automatic tweets.

1.7: 2010-08-30 (mirror): Added OAuth support, API support, and fixed many bugs.
* Added OAuth support and removed basic authentication.
* Added support for the API; enter your username and API key in the options.
* Extended compatibility up to WordPress 3.0.1.
* Local URLs like replace as the default URL service.
* Added warning that adds advertising in an iFrame above your website.
* Added warning that using a custom URL service may add hundreds of URLs to that service’s database.
* MySpace links no longer append “Powered by Tweet This.”
* Added tweet_this_manual() function to insert Tweet This manually into your template files.
* Added donation suggestions at bottom of options.
* Short URL lengths updated: is now 20 characters (was 19), Snurl is 23 (was 22), and TinyURL is 26 (was 25).
* Default link text for Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, and Reddit is now “Post to [Site]” instead of just [Site].
* Retweeting a post now only requires deleting the tt_tweeted custom field instead of changing the values of two custom fields.
* Bugfix: Automatic tweeting fixed in WordPress 2.9 and later (thanks Kieron Atkinson).
* Bugfix: Duplicate custom fields will no longer be created on posts (thanks Michael Tully).
* Bugfix: Hashtags are now properly rendered in automatic tweets (thanks kgagne).
* Bugfix: get_tweet_this_trim_title() is now prevented from truncating a post title in the middle of a multi-byte Unicode chracter (thanks Thomas Parisot).
* Bugfix: Tweet This URLs will no longer start with https:// if blog admin is using SSL (thanks Puneet).

1.6.1: 2009-09-27 (mirror): Bugfix release:
* Bugfix: Automatic tweeting now works on scheduled posts! In 1.6, it would only work on posts set to “publish immediately.”
* Bugfix: Double quotes work in “Send to Twitter” box on Write Post screen.
* Bugfix: Single and double quotes now work in Twitter “Editable text box.”

1.6: 2009-08-24 (mirror): Version 1.6 makes these changes:
* Feature: Automatic tweeting of new posts to Twitter.
* Feature: Can specify custom URL shortening service.
* Feature: Clickable radio buttons in options menu.
* Feature: Better documentation and screenshots.
* Bugfix: Since 1.2: The cached URL for a post would be deleted when a comment was added. Now it remains.
* Bugfix: Since 1.2: Tweets would get cut off around 125 characters if titles were too long. Now they can go all the way to 140.
* Bugfix: Since 1.4: When link text for Twitter was not [BLANK] but link text for another social network was [BLANK], “[BLANK]” would be displayed. Now no text is shown.
* Bugfix: Since 1.5: Pressing enter in a text field in the options form would trigger “Import Options” button. Now it triggers “Save Options” as it should, because the Import / Export section has been moved down.
* Bugfix: Since 1.5.3: When Reddit icon was changed but link text was left as “Reddit”, it would not get changed to “[BLANK]”.
* Removal:,,,,,, and have been removed from the URL shortening services.
* Removal: The buggy “Tweets about this post” RSS feature is gone (previously only accessible by tt-config.php option).
* Removal: WordPress 1.5 – 2.2.X no longer supported.

1.5.3: 2009-08-19 (mirror): Version 1.5.3 fixes these problems:
* Bug preventing quotes and other special characters in text fields fixed.
* If you change images but not the link text, it is set to blank automatically.
* Importing options properly flushes the WP object cache without page reloads.
* Import options box REMOVED on WP 1.5, because it never worked there anyway.
* load_plugin_textdomain updated to WP 2.6 standard, with backward compatibility.
* No more links on drafts and previews. The previous code for this was broken.
* On WP 1.5, resetting options requires a page refresh. This is now forced.
* Short URL lengths in URL services list updated. Many have become longer.
* The wp-content directory is no longer hard-coded.

1.5.2: 2009-08-15 (mirror): This version adds German Twitter buttons, fixes the CSS that removes image borders, and eliminates the cross-product bug reported by Gareth.

1.5.1: 2009-08-03 (mirror): You can now customize the CSS that is automatically inserted into your blog in the options menu under “Advanced Options.” has been added to the URL shorteners list.

1.5: 2009-07-30 (mirror): Now you can customize the link and title text for services other than Twitter. The options form has been streamlined, and you can now import and export options. “Insert Tweet This message in footer” defaults to unchecked. You can change the image and link CSS classes. The buggy “Tweets about this post” feature has been removed, though it can still be enabled in the new tt-config.php file which includes advanced features that should not be included in the options menu. Previously, the URL cache would be cleared whenever you saved the options. Now, it is only cleared when you change URL services or formats. The options menu has been moved to the external file /lib/tt-options.php which is referenced in tweet-this.php. Finally, I updated the screenshots.

1.4.1: 2009-07-17 (mirror): Added Facebook and MySpace support. Removed from the URL shorteners list as the site is gone.

1.4: 2009-07-15 (mirror): This release adds stability, not features. Many deprecated functions have been removed. There are two small additions: you can choose to make links open in new windows and you can have the rel=”nofollow” tag added to Tweet This links. As I’ve fixed performance issues with and removed the phoning home of user data, Tweet This 1.4 is faster and more secure. The code has also been optimized for readability and I’ve improved the documentation through in-line commenting. You’ve determined “Display ‘Tweets about this post’ list below Tweet This links” to be buggy so it is now disabled by default. If you have it enabled from a previous version you are recommended to disable it unless it has not caused you issues.

1.3.9: 2009-02-20 (mirror): Tweet This now outputs properly encoded ampersands and valid HTML. Added warning about’s case-sensitive URLs.

1.3.8: 2009-02-19 (mirror): Added support.

1.3.7: 2009-02-18 (mirror): Fixed two bugs: tt-twitter-micro3.png could not be selected in the options menu in v1.3.6, and choosing local URLs and checking “Use “www.” instead of “http://” in shortened URLs” would result in URLs starting with “www.www.” on sites using the www. prefix already. Added three Twitter icons to the options menu.

1.3.6: 2009-02-18 (mirror): Much better handling of URLs: if allow_url_fopen is disabled in PHP, Tweet This attempts to use curl. If that is disabled, Tweet This defaults to local URLs and a warning message is shown in the options. Error messages for fread and curl are now suppressed. Added two small Twitter icons to the options menu.

1.3.5: 2009-02-17 (mirror): file_get_contents error messages are now suppressed, and if file_get_contents() is disabled, fread() is used. Added “Insert Google AdSense ads to support Tweet This” option.

1.3.4: 2009-02-16 (mirror): Added “Only show ‘Tweets about this post’ list when viewing single posts or pages” and “Limit ‘Tweets about this post’ list to XX [2-15] tweets’ options. Got rid of tt_plurk_this() and similar functions, combining them under the tweet_this($service) function. The old functions are now deprecated, to be removed in Tweet This v1.4.

1.3.3: 2009-02-15 (mirror): Added,,, and to the URL services list. Added “Don’t shorten URLs under 30 characters” checkbox in options.

1.3.2: 2009-02-10 (mirror): Added custom arguments to core functions, for manual insertion into your theme. Added “No icon” option in the settings. You can now disable Tweet This links while enabling other services such as Plurk and Digg.

1.3.1: 2009-02-09 (mirror): Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.3 where images wouldn’t show up if your blog isn’t in the root directory.

1.3: 2009-02-08 (mirror): Yahoo Buzz, Reddit, and StumbleUpon support added, and added to URL services, alignment option added for Tweet This links, RSS feed import as “Tweets about this post” added (tweets displayed below Tweet This links), footer message added, tweet_this_big() removed, options condensed to a serialized array, internationalization support added, streamlined code. Default format is now “[TITLE] [URL]”. If you’re upgrading, deactivate Tweet This and delete the tweet-this folder, then upload the new tweet-this folder and activate. Your old settings will be converted to the new format.

1.2.3: 2009-02-02 (mirror): Digg and support added: Digg and Ping This Post links and buttons can be enabled in the settings.

1.2.2: 2009-02-01 (mirror): Plurk support added: Plurk This Post links and buttons can be enabled in the settings.

1.2.1: 2009-01-31 (mirror): 6 Tweet This buttons by Sascha Assbach added, added to URL services, and local fallback code added in case an external URL service goes down.

1.2: 2009-01-30 (mirror): Full customization options added, local URLs now allowed, Metamark and Tweetburner added, Twitterific bird replace with Twitter logo (by Corey Marion’s request) which is moved to bottom-right, small link is now default, “Hide Tweet This on pages” option added, “www.” prefixing option added, replacement logic for characters like ” (“) added, cleaned up code.

1.1.1: 2008-09-11 (mirror): I fixed an oversight from 1.1, so tweet_this_small() now works properly. If you stick with 1.1, you have to use echo tweet_this_small() instead to get the link plus icon to show up in your theme.

1.1: 2008-09-11 (mirror): Added a ton of stuff. Short URLs are cached now, you can disable automatic insertion, tweet text includes post title, and there are configuration options. Also, the icon is 24-bit color. This bumps the file size up (10KB from 4KB), but it looks much cleaner.

1.0: 2008-09-01 (mirror): First release, simple plugin with no config options.

11 thoughts on “Tweet This Version History

  1. For some reason scheduled tweets stopped working for me in December. What should I check? Differences I made that may have something to do with this: PHP is now running as Apache module, it was running as FastCGI before, I have limited MaxClients and ServerLimit for Apache, and I am also temporarily restarting Apache every 5 minutes. Any idea?

  2. Hi Richard
    Thanks for this great plugin I use it on all my sites. How can I get rid of the css for the button it is messing up my js on the page. Thanks

  3. I updated my TweetThis and now I get this message:

    The file that constructs the options form, /tweet-this/lib/tt-options.php, is missing.

    How do I fix it?

  4. Hi. I am trying to configure auto tweeting, and Twitter delivers a different set of parameters than your plugin requests. Specifically, you are asking for the access token secret on the app page I created it does not show that. Can you tell me where I can find that? Thanks!

    • Cancel – I missed the step about clicking the link in the right column. Sorry!

    • Step 4: Click “My Access Token” on the right, and then, copy and paste Access Token and Access Token Secret below.

      Go to, click your application’s name, and then click My Access Token on the right side of the page. If that isn’t showing, click “Edit Application Settings” and make sure the application is set to “Read & Write” access.

      Good luck, Roxanne!

  5. I love the concept of this plugin, but I am really struggling with how to trace down authentication errors. I’ve copied and pasted the keys in precisely as they are on the Twitter page, and it simply will not authenticate. Where can I find information (in logs particularly) that will help me to trace down the failure? My Twitter account shows the app I created as approved for posting, but the authentication test fails every time.

    Any ideas where to look?

    • Trying making a new post with “Send to Twitter” checked, then look at the Tweet This box on the edit post screen to see what HTTP error was returned (or check the custom fields). If it’s 401, that means the OAuth keys are wrong. 403, 500, or another code means something else is wrong.

      Make sure you are not mixing the keys up, i.e. entering the Consumer Secret as the Access Token Secret or vice-versa. Next, try creating a new Twitter application with a different name, as there may be a problem on Twitter’s end with your current application. Make sure to select Read & Write Access, not just Read Access.

      Where is your website?

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