Photo: Blue Marbles 3: Smiley

Blue Marbles 3: Smiley — marble art: a smiling face

This is marble art! I made a smiley face out of a bunch of dark blue marbles. Amusingly, I ran short and used some light blue, translucent marbles at the bottom. This is on a yellow table outside; it was a challenging shoot because the wind swept through and blew the marbles away a couple times. I persevered to compose and capture this, fortunately.

I added contrast through curves, removed the worst dirt specks on the table, and cloned out the umbrella pole that was at the top-left. I’m experimenting with vignetting here: I made the left corners darker, and the right corners brighter, inspired from the less overt gradations in the original photo.

Fujifilm FinePix A360, 1/119, F2.81, 5.8mm, ISO64, 2006-03-30T15:01:54-05, 2006-03-30_15h01m54

Download the high-res JPEG or download the source image.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Please credit me as “Photo by Richard Thripp” or something similar.

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2008-05-24 Update: I made some new smilies. :smile2: :smile3: :unsilly: :wink2: :xx: :smile-left: :small: :smile-right: :smirk-left: :smirk-right: :blindfold: :arrow-up: :arrow-down: :arrow-left:

I added smilies: :smile: :frown: :silly: :grin: :cool: :big-grin: :shocked: :surprised: :neutral: :confused: :wink: :angry: :evil: :help: :tormented: :?: :!: :arrow-right: :idea:

These ones I made: :smile: :frown: :silly: :big-grin: :surprised: :neutral: :wink: :angry: :evil: :help: :tormented:

These ones are my derivative versions of the WordPress defaults: :grin: :cool: :shocked: :confused: :?: :!: :arrow-right: :idea:

There is a row of these smilies above all comment boxes; click one to insert its code into your comment. No smilies will appear until you post or preview the comment. I set up multiple smiley codes and have listed them below.

:smile:     :smile:     :happy:     :happiness:     :)     :-)
:smile2:     :smile2:
:smile3:     :smile3:
:frown:     :frown:     :sad:     :sadness:     :(     :-(
:silly:     :silly:     :silliness:     :tongue:     :tounge:     :razz:     :p     :P     :-p     :-P     =p
:unsilly:     :unsilly:
:grin:     :grin:     :D     :-D
:cool:     :cool:     :sunglasses:     8)     B)     B-)
:big-grin:     :big-grin:     :biggrin:
:shocked:     :shocked:     :shock:     :eek:     :bug-eyes:     :bugeyes:     8O     8-O
:surprised:     :surprised:     :surprise:     :o     :O     :-o     :-O
:neutral:     :neutral:     :indifferent:     :|     :-|
:confused:     :confused:     :confuse:     :confusion:     :???:     ?:|     ?:-|     :?     :-?
:wink:     :wink:     :winking:     ;)     ;-)
:wink2:     :wink2:
:angry:     :angry:     :anger:     :angered:     :mad:     x-(     X-(     :x     :X     :-x     :-X
:evil:     :evil:     :evilness:     :twisted:
:xx:     :xx:
:smile-left:     :smile-left:
:small:     :small:
:smile-right:     :smile-right:
:smirk-left:     :smirk-left:
:smirk-right:     :smirk-right:
:blindfold:     :blindfold:
:help:     :help:
:tormented:     :tormented:     :torment:
:?:     :?:     :question:     :question-mark:
:!:     :!:     :exclaim:     :exclamation:     :exclamation-point:     :exclamation-mark:     :exclaimation:     :exclaimation-point:     :exclaimation-mark:
:arrow-up:     :arrow-up:
:arrow-right:     :arrow-right:     :arrow:
:arrow-down:     :arrow-down:
:arrow-left:     :arrow-left:
:idea:     :idea:     :bulb:     :lightbulb:

Two of these I’ve released before: Tormented (2005-11-19) and Help Me (2005-12-06) on deviantART.

:arrow-right: Enjoy :big-grin: , and :!: use smilies responsibly. :wink: :silly: :grin: :cool: