Gallery of Free Stock Photos by Richard X. Thripp

The gallery of free stock photos has been removed since I can no longer get the plugin to work. Please visit this category instead.

I’ve mirrored some of these—just my portfolio—to ImageShack. They’re a measly 2 megapixels because of their size restrictions, though.

Click “Page 3” below to see older photos.

48 thoughts on “Gallery of Free Stock Photos by Richard X. Thripp

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  4. You, sir, are a real photographer unlike those puny “idiots creeping around you with an SLR the whole time” :D Keep it up man.

  5. This is fantastic! I’m very glad I found you. I manage a few sites and am always looking for unique and creative photography to fill in the pages/branding. I’m hopeful that you’ve got enough here to work for some if not all of the projects I’m currently working on. Thanks for sharing Richard!

  6. Wow, these are excellent photos. You truly have talent in photography. It’s really nice of you to give them away for free. -Mark

  7. What I love most about your work is the terrific range of subjects and the obvious time and care with which you have chosen your scenes.

    Choose any human emotion, and somewhere we will find it sensitively portrayed in your work.

    For example, Stormy Sunset is beautiful. It portrays loneliness, vacancy, and impending doom. Looked at in one way, one can feel cozy; and in another exposed.

    And, then when we find out where the photo was taken, there is a certain sense of humor involved as well.

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent with the rest of us.

  8. Nice pics, but most are “artistically” composed. Let’s have more “natural” pics, how about that?

  9. I liked the abandoned car crashes. Very symbolic. When something ceases to be the right people throw it on the arbitrariness. Thanks for the gallery, took me 3 photos on the memory

  10. Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work and the fact that you’re offering your photos for free is great. I hope I get to use some of them sometime (with proper attribution, of course ;). I really like your use of various colors, and many of your photos seem to evoke a nostalgic feeling for me. Just curious though, how do you find models? Are the people in the photos friends of yours, do you hire them, or do they volunteer? I’m assuming you get a model release form from all of them. I’m thinking about asking my friends to fill one one but it does feel a little weird. Thanks again for the photos!

    • Thanks Daniel! All the models are at the Daytona State College main campus… in Fall 2008 I’d go around on my lunch break finding women to take pictures of and telling them to pose in certain ways… sometimes I’d even bring props like a framed photo by me or a leaf. I got each model to sign a comprehensive release form and I gave some 4*6 prints of my photos as compensation assigning them a value of $1.95 each. I don’t know why, but 90% of the women I photographed and 100% of the men were fine with signing over all their rights… I guess I approached it in a non-creepy way.

  11. I love your photography! I just bought myself a Canon EOS 40D, and but a fish eye lenses. It’s an upgrade from the Rebel I had before, now I want to get more serious about photography.

    • Very nice. I’m still working with my Rebel XTi with no plans of upgrading, but I’d like to go for the 50D or whatever the hot new thing is in two years. Fish eye lenses are interesting, though they’re usually better rented than bought. You’ll use it for a couple days and then go back to a normal lens.

  12. Thankyou very much Richard for providing this awesome resource, i’ll make certain to credit you :)

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