September 17, 2011 Update

Hello, I haven’t posted here in a long time.

I got back from California 2 months early since I didn’t like it out there, though it was nice to see my mom, sister, and their family.

I got a job working as a secretary for a masonry company, which is pretty interesting. I did receive my A.A. degree in early June.

I haven’t taken many pictures in the past few months, but I still have all my photography equipment so I may start again soon.

I’ve been practicing the piano a little. I will probably copy the more important content on my websites to or somewhere else over the next few months since I’m not going to renew my web hosting.

I became a Mormon while in California, and transferred to Daytona so I’ve been attending church here.

I am going to start using my deviantart account again when I get back into photography.

Thanks for reading.