The Pyramids were Built by Aliens

Hello folks. I haven’t been doing much of anything recently. I’ve been working on a summer course in computer programming and doing photography on and off.

My spring project was an open-source integrated library system (ILS) in PHP called Bookley. It allows you to manage patrons, items, check-ins and check-outs, renewals, fines, records, cover scans, and more. Try it out if you want to set up your own public or private library. It’s over 4000 lines of code and took 120 hours to program. has been going down a lot lately, but I fixed this today by removing lists of URLs and hit counters (resource hogs). This site and will be rock-solid now.

I will be blogging, Twittering, commenting, and posting photos regularly again. In fact, I think I have more than ever to blog about.

If you haven’t heard, there is a lot of evidence that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by aliens. Mainly, it consists of two million stones weighing 5000 pounds each quarried five miles away. The theory is they rolled them on logs to transport them, but the logs would be worn after each stone and would likely get bogged down in the sand. This means new logs would be needed for each of the two million stones, which is unlikely because Egypt is a desert with few trees. If it was built in 13 years, this means one stone was added every three minutes and thirty-five seconds, which I find implausible. If they stopped working at nights, that means an even faster pace. Aliens built it before they were here. Egyptians kept no records of the construction of the Pyramids.

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  1. no i havent but i look at the fact that all these civilisations that had no contact with one another all came up with something big something life changing and something that will change the world as we know it now happening in 2012 alot stating december,,it is definitely no coincidence

    • What were the other civilizations? I thought 2012 was just the Mayans. Either way, I think it’s just a coincidence… there was a mathematical formula they used to get Dec. 2012 as the end of the calendar — the other civilizations probably used the same formula.

  2. aliens have been here and influenced human evolution and buildings,,look in central america,,buildings built like pyramids funy how civilizations thousands of miles apart decide to build pyramids when they have no contact with one another,,also pictures from mars show structure of a pyramid coincidence i think not,,also in central america is a building where the blocks r so big so heavy and so finely cut with grooves in them so straight and precise that only machines could of done them, it was also built on land where no crops can grow no trees grow so there goes using the logs to lug the ricks about theory,,so with no crops and water near by how did the workers eat and drink, no trees how was these huge blocks moved, the only rock capable of cutting the blocks used was diamond and there was no diamond mines there

    • All of the other pyramids are inferior to the Pyramid of Giza… they’re much smaller and lighter, and some of them are even crooked. I believe humans have built pyramids in South America and elsewhere, but not the Great Pyramid.

      • look at Chichén Itzá that was built for the gods that descended from the heavens and where are the heavens the sky,,the mayans were so in touch with the stars, they knew just as much as we do now if not more and we have better technology than they did better telescopes,,yet thats what scientists and historians will have u believe,,look at how complex they are, in fact you just got to look at the whole history of gods, every civilisation even thos who have had no contact with one another or so we think, all start the same gods descend from the heavens(sky),,its no coincidence, i believe humans were either a,brought from other planet/s or was genetically enhanced by aliens,,we can clone, we can genetically enhance species, we create organic life, we mess with dna all the time so whats to say an intelligent being never did it to us,,why is it on this planet we are the only species on this planet to evolve so much,,i say with help,,how is it that there is pyramid built on mars,similar to those in egypt, how is that there was a skull found on the moon, there is stories that on the dark side of the moon there is or was structures u look at the moon through a telescope u can see where structures once were too. people say there is no proof of aliens they need to open there eyes and see the proof, people are so afraid to lose what they believe and know, nasa try hiding things goverments cover up alien visits, why cos they dont want people panicking they know also if it was to come out then religion would be changed, the idea of aliens creating us to be slaves for mining and so on will kill religion

        • I like the Mayans, they were very advanced even for today’s standards. But I don’t believe the world will end in 2012. They probably just ended their calendar in 2012 because that was so far in the future.

          • but why make a calander that goes so far in the future to just stop,,,they were so devoted to it all they wouldnt just say forget it i cant be bothered now,,its not just the mayans the i ching in china points to something huge happening in december of 2012,,the bible even has things pointing to 2012,north american natives have same beliefs,,alot of ancient civilisations have so many similarities to just be coincidence alot of religions and ancient civilisations all point towards something huge happening in 2012 ancient greek oracle told of 2012, these are civilisations that had no contact with each other till along time after the predictions were made cant be a coincidence there is to many prophecies pointing at 2012 to be a coincidence,,,only time will tell anyway,,oh yeah also there is a civilisation called the sumerians from iraq was called mesopotamia back in there days,who also talked of gods from the heavens descending they called the aliens annunaki from a planet that they said orbits the sun every 3,600 years and the next time it is meant to come is 2012,,soo i dont know,,

          • so all these civilisations with no contact with one another jus all came up with 2012 and all wrong,,to be fair they dont all say the world will end they dont actually say what will happen just something huge that will change the world as we know it

          • yeah, exactly… I think something big might happen in 2012, the U.S. dollar might fail, but the world will keep going and the population is going to be 7 billion soon

          • i mean something huge to change the world lol the us dollar fail is not huge i mean something thats gunna destroy alot of this planet and people and animals on it might not kill everything and be end of the world but i think it sure will change the world massively

          • ok so the possibility of it is so unimaginable that it just cant happen,,,i bet the dinosaurs and the world back then didnt think they were gunna be killed too by a huge cataclysmic event

          • Past events plot future trends. There hasn’t been a cataclysmic event recently, and there’s no legitimate evidence there will be one in 2012.

          • how do you know,,governments especially the usa cover things up and keep things top secret, and why cos they dont want panic and dis order in the world they want to be able to prepare for the worst and save the rich and powerful and scientists without fuss from the public, they know they cant save the world so they need to keep it secret, only things r leaking slowly and eventually the public will find out the truth just may be to late for them to do anything about it, after the governments around the world r ready and they have everything prepared for the rich and powerfull they will tell people cos it wont really matter if the world goes to sh*t and riots and looting begins they will just tell people its coming so find any means to save yourselves while the rich and powerfull go to were things have been prepared

  3. first of all…wow thats the worst theory ive ever heard
    seconf of all…it took at least 25+ years to build not 13
    oh yeah and theres drawings in the pyramids that show them building them

    • it was 23 years and woulda took 9 mins for each stone to be cut transported and placed which is just impossible the egyptians found them and took claim to them and made out they built them,,and yeah they did to drawings of them building it but i could draw the empire state building being built by me does it mean its true???

      • It’s like we have films of our astronauts on the moon, but they were faked and we didn’t go to the moon. I agree with David, they Egyptians probably just took credit for the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  4. What about the fact that even though the sides of the base of the pyramid are some 757 feet long, it still forms an almost perfect square? Every angle in the base is exactly 90 degrees. In fact, the sides have a difference in length of something like two centimeters, which is an incredibly small amount.

    • I read that too; I only mentioned a few convincing facts, but there are far more. On the summer solstice the sun sets directly between two of the pyramids, and on the winter equinox it sets directly behind the head of the Sphinx (all built by aliens). If you draw diagonal lines the Pyramid of Giza intersects two large rivers… something about the base divided by height being pi to the 15th decimal place. It goes on and on.

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