Beliefs into Action

If your beliefs conflict with your actions, it’s hard to progress toward your goals.

It’s hard to be a successful murderer if you believe human life is inherently sacred. However, if you believe the world is over-populated, it becomes all the more easier.

Your beliefs must be aligned with your goals for optimal operation.

If you believe you need to be rich to be happy, you won’t be happy till you’re rich. Your belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, it is important to train your mind for success.

I had to do this a lot when I used to pursue price-match and rebate combos. While other people may have believed a 200GB hard drive was worth $70, I had to adjust myself to believe its worth to be $20 to get good deals. Then, getting such a hard drive for $10 or nothing after rebate would show up on my radar, whereas a normal consumer would dismiss it as impossible or not even notice it. What raises a red flag for a normal person would raise a green flag for me. Sometimes I’d be burned; I can recall losing $100 in rebates to a company called Connect3D; but most of the time my sense for good deals would win out.

Beliefs like “you get what you pay for” and “nothing in life is free” will harm the amateur couponer. Indeed, companies like Wal-Mart give away samples, including free shipping, every day. This makes “nothing in life is free” a fundamentally flawed belief. Holding that belief will also cause you to receive fewer donations and gifts, because you won’t even acknowledge their offering.

If you believe you are undeserving of tips or gifts, you will repeatedly turn down free money when offered it. While you make think you’re doing this for the good of the other person, in fact they want to give you money and will feel hurt that you reject it. In fact, if you accept their gift and reciprocate with an equally valued gift, even though the net result is the same, your relationship will be on much better footing. The mere act of giving and receiving begets bonding. If you instead believe that you should accept gifts offered to you out of good will, you will enjoy better relationships and material abundance.

The belief that work is tied to money is also flawed. In fact, you can work for a time and then receive unending compensation for your fixed quantity of work. For example, I earned $150 from this website last month without writing anything. I was not merely coasting on my past efforts, because my old articles were providing value to a brand new audience. In this manner, I can enjoy continual abundance without continual efforts. However, if I closed my mind to this possibility, it would be unlikely that it would manifest on its own.

Whenever you come across a limiting belief in your mind, morph it into an empowering belief. Instead of believing that success requires suffering, believe that success requires passion and enjoyment. Instead of believing that people are greedy, believe that people are generous. You’ll find that with the former belief more greedy people will cross your path, while with the latter you’ll encounter shocking generosity.

Instead of believing that it is hard to earn money because of our failing economy, believe that it is easy to earn money because people are in demand of essential services.

With time, this process will become ingrained and you will have more success with less effort.

10 thoughts on “Beliefs into Action

  1. Hi

    As a copywriter I truly believe in my work and I couldn’t do it other way. I agree that success comes enjoying and believing in what you do. It’s easier to make others like your work when you like it too! So, try to do something you really like or motivate yourself to like what you do and success will come!

    All the best

  2. I agree – it also applies in sales too. If you believe in your product and genuinely have a passion for it, your enthusiasm will wear off on some and optimise your sales. You also have to understand your product or goals. I believe that passion, understanding and belief are three of the most important things when working towards your goals in life.

    • Yes. You believe it is your duty to advertise your product as people may miss out on its great benefits if you do not. In your mind, advertising yourself to others does not impose upon them, but rather blesses them. Starting with this belief, action follows (or the other way around).

  3. I agree 100% with what you say.This is how life works.
    I found this page because i believed in optimism and positive visualisation.
    Else i would have never found this site!!

  4. Interesting post. One thing I’d disagree with is:

    ‘as web layouts are supposed to be fluid’

    I’d say they’re not *supposed* to be anything – in fact, WCAG accessibility guidelines mention that text should not exceed a certain number of characters/words per line, which a fluid layout would break.

    • Those are probably out of date then, because screen resolutions vary so widely. Of course, you only want your webpages to be fluid to a point; mine maxes out at about 800 pixels wide so lines of text do not become too wide to follow.

  5. Great job!

    It is important to translate your dreams (beliefs) into reality (action). Thank you for sharing this post :)

    And remember…Success is not by chance, it’s by CHOICE!

    • You’re welcome! There are always actions that can promote your success or failure… You just have to choose correctly and take action.

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