The Cancer Myth

Our “treatments” for cancer are no good, kill everyone, and waste a lot of money. The cure for cancer is simple and has been widely known for thousands of years, but is kept hidden from the typical American. But first, let’s tackle some of the arguments for our beloved cut/burn/poison regimen.

Investment is nothing. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been “treating” people with cancer and letting people die. It doesn’t matter that we have billions of dollars and lives invested in our phony treatments, or how many relatives and friends you’ve lost through traditional treatment. No matter how far we’ve gone, we must turn back. There is no progress to be had on this path, no matter how we are invested in it. We were invested in alchemy too.

We are told there are many different types of cancer… and many different treatments… and no easy solutions. The best recommendation is to be constantly tested for cancer, to constantly avoid “known” carcinogens, to constantly fear everything. We have to check your skin, your breasts, your cervix, your ovaries, your prostate, your colon, and a whole bunch of other stuff, every year for the rest of your life. The most prolific unveiler of known carcinogens is the state of California. Everything causes cancer there. I bought a computer mouse with a tag on it warning that the cord has lead in it and can cause cancer, says California. Obviously, there’s somewhere the money is going. The money is going to the companies who produce the goods that continually replace the goods that are supposedly cancer-causing. Our cars cause cancer. Smoking causes lung cancer. Drinking causes liver cancer. Sunshine causes skin cancer. Radiation causes cancer, yet also kills it when it’s convenient to us. Really, what’s up with that? If radiation causes cancer, how does chemotherapy work? It exposes you to radiation. So the best it can do is riddle you with cancer, following the cancer industry’s rules. Pesticides cause new and exciting types of cancer. Cell phones cause brain cancer. Everything causes cancer.

Cancer is no ordinary disease. It’s a legend. You don’t overcome cancer like any normal disease. You “fight” a long and unsuccessful “war” against cancer, then die. Cancer makes you sick, tired, emaciated, and hairless. Really, none of this is the cancer. It’s the phoney-baloney treatment of cancer. You aren’t losing the hair from the disease, you’re losing it from being irradiated in the name of destroying it. The best it can do is kill off the cancer for a while, followed by its return (because it’s a vitamin deficiency). Then, we hit you with more gamma rays, and instead of the disease killing you, our treatment does you in. You’ve weakened, but the cancer is stronger than ever. Because it isn’t something that can be solved by treatment.

Cancer is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B17, also called laetrile or amygdalin. According to the Food & Drug Administration, vitamin B17 isn’t a vitamin anymore. It has no value, it does nothing, it could even be dangerous, it can’t be in stores, and doctors can’t dare recommend it. The vitamin isn’t added to our foods. In fact, if it’s there, that food is dangerous to us, and the vitamin is removed before we buy the food. You find vitamin B17 in the seeds of fruits, seeds like apricots, peaches, watermelons, and loquats. Common knowledge tells you that eating seeds is a dangerous, deadly thing to do. They have cyanide in them. Cyanide? Won’t that kill you? It’ll kill you the same way sodium chloride (table salt) kills you. The deadliness of the ingredients means nothing, because when they’re assembled in a different order, there is no danger. This is why your breakfast was delicious and didn’t make you sick, but if you ground it all up (milk and orange juice included) in a blender, and then drank that, you wouldn’t be feeling so well. It’s the same concept with vitamin B17’s cyanide.

We don’t eat seeds anymore. You parents probably told you to throw out the seeds from those apples. “Never eat the seeds,” they say. If you buy an apple pie at the bakery, you can bet the seeds have been taken out. At the same time, many victims of cancer get better from the chemotherapy. Why? Because they were deathly afraid of the disease, and while pursuing traditional treatment, they went to the local health foods store and ate everything in sight. One of those foods had vitamin B17 in it. The patient doesn’t even know what it was, but he continues to eat it as his miracle cure. Perhaps he bought a jar of pumpkin seeds. Either way, it works. But his doctor says, “it looks like the radiation finally started working!” That’s how chemo gets its 5% cure rate for cancer (otherwise it would be 0%). Yes, nineteen of twenty die, despite radiation treatment. What kind of odds are those? What other disease do you claim to be making great progress on, you pour a third of the nation’s medical expenses into, you have more people treating than suffering, and 95% of your people still die? Old age is the only one I can think of, and that’s not a disease to start with. The only effective treatment we have is to screen you constantly and then cut pieces out of you when we find cancerations.

But the seeds, the seeds are what you need to eat to cure cancer. But even if you don’t have cancer yet, you need to eat them every day starting now, or else you’ll get cancer. Cancer doesn’t run in families. People will say, “I got cancer because my father and grandfather had it.” But the fact is that they shared the same diet, a diet excluding B17, and that’s why they all got cancer. Just like if none of you eat oranges, you’ll get scurvy. But you probably won’t even get scurvy, because vitamin C is added to all sorts of foods by government mandate. Not the same can be said for B17. If you and your family has never gotten cancer, it’s because you’re eating something that has the vitamin in it, that is preventing you from contracting the ailment. You don’t “cure” cancer so much as you prevent it, just as you prevent hunger and thirst by eating and drinking. To keep from dying from hunger requires continuous action. You must eat food regularly or you will die, no buts about it. The same is true with cancer. No ionizing machine or ray gun is going to keep you from dying of thirst, just as no mechanical, ridiculously expensive medical treatment is going to save you from death by cancer. There is only one type of cancer, for which there is one cure.

Almost no one treating cancer knows its true cause. No conspiracy works when everyone has all the answers. But the answer has been known in other countries for thousands of years. Even the Bible tells you to eat the seeds of the fruits, and to eat your “daily bread.” Bread used to have lots of seeds in it, seeds that had vitamin B17. But now the seeds are taken out. There is no cancer-preventing vitamin to be had in our food. This is why despite plowing so much money into cancer, more people than ever are suffering from it. We’re told now that one in two of our children will contract cancer at some point in their lives. What kind of disease is this? Obviously one we have no idea how to treat. Whatever we are doing, it’s completely failing.

If you contract cancer, and you dare not to be “treated,” no one will support you. Your family will be against you. Your doctors will be against you. You must do things the “right” way. If you have any chance of living, it’s only by being cut, burned, and poisoned. You have to do it. If your below 18 or there’s any shadow of doubt about your sanity, chemotherapy will be forced upon you, because everyone wants to see you die.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In Central Florida, we have all these loquat trees with fruit (a.k.a. Japanese plums), and they have big seeds in them that have lots of the vitamin. My Dad and I eat a couple of them a day. We froze them when the fruits were in-season, and thaw them out bit by bit, chewing them up and swallowing them with water. So now I know I’ll never get cancer. I’ll never get cancer, so long as I eat seeds with vitamin B17 in them on a regular basis. Just like I’ll never develop a goiter if I eat foods with iodine in them. Salt has iodine added to it. No processed foods have B17 added to them, so you need to find it yourself. Just like you don’t wait till you’re dying of scurvy to start eating oranges, you shouldn’t wait till you’re dying of cancer to start eating seeds.

I haven’t covered the proof behind vitamin B17. Instead, I’ve focused on how our “normal” treatments for cancer are such blatant failures. Anything is better than what we have now, even if it does nothing. But B17 does something. It prevents cancer. We’re not eating it, and that’s why we have cancer. There’s no danger in eating seeds either way. I’ve been doing it for months. But there’s real proof that the vitamin stops cancer, because cancer is a metabolic disease cured by B17, just like beriberi, pellagra, and scurvy, are cured by B1, B3, and C. You can’t cure a metabolic disease with technology. Only restoring the essential food your body needs can solve the problem. I recommend these online pages for further information:

1. World Without Cancer
3. Laetrile / Vitamin B17 Treatment For Cancer
4. Cure and Prevent Cancer — B17
5. Laetrile and Information on Vitamin B17
6. Unapproved by the FDA — You’ll never see B17 at the pharmacy, because the FDA refuses to test natural chemicals.
7. Loquat nut any good? — An interesting forum discussion about loquat fruits. Notice how the early posters warn about how the seeds will poison you with cyanide. It’s a lie: I eat them all the time. But they’re just repeating what they’ve been told by the American Cancer Society, because it’s in their interest to keep cancer going. Then the later posters get into the truth: the seeds cure cancer, are not poisonous, and are used all over Japan to prevent the disease.

Good luck, and don’t live in darkness. All the things we say cause cancer actually have nothing to do with it. But that doesn’t mean those things are good. Sunshine still burns, smoke still irritates your lungs, and you still have emphysema to worry about. But if we can get the legendary cancer out of the way, then we’re well on our way to a healthier world.

One thing that definitely does not stop cancer, is happiness. You can’t laugh or motivate your way our of cancer. It just doesn’t work that way. There are plenty of things you can use your willpower on, like becoming smarter, more creative, more productive, more insightful, more courageous, or more disciplined. Curing cancer isn’t one of them. If attitude makes any difference, it’s 0.0001% of the equation, and the vitamin is 99.9999%. It’s so insignificant that it is completely unuseful. Apply your good spirits not to falsehood, but to truth.


I’ve learned more about cancer and included the section below in Becoming a Vegetarian (2008-10-01):

Vegetarians don’t get cancer

It’s true. You expect me to say that it’s because we have healthier diets overall, but it’s not that at all. You can eat meat all day and still never get cancer.

When you are injured, your body sends trophoblast cells to heal the wound. But sometimes it sends too many, and your body doesn’t have any way to deal with these cells. The healing cells can split very quickly… and they do, crowding out all the others to form a cancerous growth.

But nature has a remedy for this: amygdalin (a.k.a. vitamin B17) is found in the seeds of almost all foods, and it allows the body to break down the protective walls around the cancerous cells, gobbling them up before they become a problem. It also appears in dark green leafy vegetables, grass, and everywhere else. Most people get none of it because they only eat processed foods which have it removed, and that’s why they get cancer.

Vegetarians tend not to get cancer because they tend to eat more Earthly foods, BUT, you can easily avoid cancer by eating foods with vitamin B17 every day. That means you should eat apple, apricot, pumpkin, and watermelon seeds. Citrus seeds don’t do much. In Central Florida we get yellow, plum-shaped loquat fruits a month out of the year, which have big seeds with lots of the cancer-fighting vitamin. My Dad had frozen quite a few of these and I’d been eating them daily, but we’ve run out so I’m back with apple seeds now.

Cancer is a vitamin deficiency like scurvy, meaning that you have to change your diet permanently to avoid it. There is no “cure” so much as there is prevention. People will tell you not to eat seeds because they have cyanide in them, but in fact, the form it’s in does no harm. I ate two apples, complete with seeds, yesterday, and seeds the day before, and the day before that, and more, without ever feeling so much as a stomach ache.

And I will never get cancer, which is quite nice. If you don’t eat seeds, everything is in fact a carcinogen, because anything that causes the body to dispatch healing cells could create cancer. If you get stabbed or shot, cancer might form there. If you bump your head, you’re open for brain cancer. If you smoke, the irritation in your lungs causes too many healing cells to be assigned, which fester as lung cancer. If you stay out in the sun, you get sunburns which result in skin cancer. But when you’re getting the cancer-fighting vitamin, none of these are a concern. Not even radiation. Of course, it’s still bad for you because it damages your cells, just as smoking will merit you emphysema.

There is only one form of cancer with one prevention and cure. The Rise and Fall of Laetrile (laetrile is a purified form of B17) may say otherwise, but the fact is their testing was on people who had already been ravaged by cancer treatment. Their immune systems were spent, and cancer was festering inside them. That’s like saying your brakes don’t work because you can’t go from 60 miles per hour to 0 over a span of 5 feet. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you’ve ever took a dog for a walk, you’ve noticed he eats grass. It’s instinctive. The grass has vitamin B17, and your dog won’t get cancer. But dogs do get cancer, when you lock them up in an apartment all the time and feed them dog food. That’s because they’re being deprived of a weapon against cancer. Animals in the zoo get cancer too, while animals in the wild don’t, all because of this.

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  6. In australia not a year ago there was breaking news ‘a small pharmaceutical company discovered a fruit deep in the jungle that an cure cancer overnight’ it was said it could kill cancer virtually overnight like a burst balloon. Never heard from them or it again!

  7. I attended a seminar held by Phillip Day and he was talking about health in general but the apricot kernel topic caught my interest. Having lost a close family member to cancer I wish I’d known about the cancer curing abilities of these seeds earlier. I now have a sick cat – possibly cancer and am wondering if anyone can advise the correct of amount of kernels to give her on a daily basis and how to administer these. She’s lost weight and is now about 3kg (7lb) and vomiting regularly. She has an overactive thyroid so takes medication for that and has been given prednisone for the vomiting – which we can only give for a short period. The reason I suspect cancer is because I lost another cat to cancer some years ago who was vomiting daily also.I know that apricot kernels can be given to people who are healthy too so even if my cat doesn’t have cancer, I have nothing to lose. Any advice would be appreciated.

  8. stupid question!!!

    I am very interested in starting to incorporate b17 into my diet, and I just wanted to ask this!!!

    Can you just buy a ton of apricots and eat them whole (including the seeds) as it seems they are illegal to buy on their own. Do apricots in america have the full supply of b17 in the seed, and lastly is it even better to eat the seed straight from the fruit, or does it not matter if you buy a bag or seeds oversees??? I rather be natural and just eat apricots and then finish off the seeds daily.

  9. i totally belive in this i was sick for 2 months of stomach disease and after eating apple,cherry,papaya seeds i now feel like a million dollars.

    1 thing i dont understand it okay to eat fresh apricot seeds?
    and if it is, how many in day can 1 eat without damage to the body?

    • Well, I can’t give medical advice but I’ve eaten five in a row with no problems and my Dad has eaten more. You have to make sure you chew each one thoroughly before swallowing to avoid diverticulitis. I usually like to drink water or a drink while eating apricot seeds or apple seeds. :)

  10. Sorry I went out to do some shopping. Yeah the facility I was referring too assists in intravenous options when you’re knocking on death’s door you know?
    I don’t know if I could risk ordering tablets into the country. One person I know of who did that had the customs police arrive on his doorstep questioning him even though he had been granted the tablets.

    • I agree, it’s no problem in the USA but you’ll probably get a police investigation where you live. What a shame.

      As for intravenous laetrile, I’ve heard it’s much better than taking pills if the cancer is far progressed.

          • I’m an unemployed college student. I was making money with Google AdSense but I was banned out of the blue last week, so I don’t have an income now.

          • Ah well. That will teach you for spreading honest words!!!! Haha.
            What are you studying?

          • Yeah, Google is ridiculous, they won’t even tell me what I did wrong, just that I’m banned.

            I’m majoring in elementary education, previously computer science but I didn’t like all the math and hard courses.

          • Oh nice one. To be honest I think education is a farce anyway

          • Well, I’ll find out next semester… I’m taking all the education courses at once starting in January 2011 I should be done with my Bachelor’s degree in 2014.

          • i don’t mean it like that. i mean i see it as another form of programming the masses. you need it though in order to survive within the system created for us. i just don’t take education too seriously as a result of my belief. but good for you and i hope it works out for you.

            guess what!!!!!!??????!!!! i just got back from doing more shopping – i’m on a motorbike so have to make more than one trip – and i found seeded watermelon of this little chinese guy!!!! so excited. gunna go cut it up. will be the first one i’ve had in maybe ten years!!!! i’m so excited you have no idea

          • Wow, I didn’t think seeded watermelon was that hard to come buy in Australia! Usually, seedless is more expensive here.

            As for education, I don’t plan on being a teacher anyway. Maybe a tutor… I’m really choosing this major because the college near me offers it, the classes are easy, and I’m getting a lot of financial aid and scholarships.

  11. Hey Richard! I used to eat apricot seeds till only a few months ago. As a kid, we used to break the seeds with stones and extract the kernels and munch away happily. I did that till I grew up and read an article or a post somewhere one day which said not to consume those kernels as they contained cyanide. I even advocated the idea of not eating those kernels to a lot of people.

    Then, today I read your post about how I should actually be eating those kernals again.

    Now i can’t make up my mind! don’t know whether to believe the scientists or not. The world is turning out to be like a zoo full of paranoid people.

    Cheers mate!

    • I’ve been taking wheat grass pills lately, because they’re much cheaper than apricot kernels and they seem to have B17 in them.

  12. Hi Richard

    Hello from Australia!

    I don’t know if you are still there. I see the above was all written two years ago.
    I read your article and all the comments below, and I will go through your sources that you suggested.
    I think it’s fantastic. I’ve always been one to eat seeds. Interestingly I have no idea why. Probably the mottoe ‘waste not want not’, I’d just eat the whole apple core and all you know. I moved to the city eleven years ago. For work. That’s what they want of course. Bring us all in to one controllable mass. Your article made me think. I don’t eat like that any more. If I eat an apple sure. But that kind of food just isn’t around so easily. When I lived in the country there were fruit trees everywhere and I’d just eat randomly wherever I was. Now all the fruits they ‘manufacture’ are seedless.
    Anyway, I hope your family is still doing well; you spoke of your father and grandfather I think.
    Just a thought: A few idiots there told you to go and get an education and stop talking a load of crap. So you could be taught crap. Further more, if they have no beliefs aligned to this area I do wonder what they were doing on your page at all. They’ll tell us anything.

    Good luck champ


    • I was wondering if anybody here has heard of The Health Alliance? The founder is Dr. Rath. We have a saying that we are trying to end the Business with Disease. I know there are many ways of naturally curing cancer. His program has been successful with over 30 types of cancer. I came down with undiagnosed testicular cancer 3 years ago this month. I can’t say I had cancer but I had many similar symptoms as Lance Armstrong. Some of the most painful symptoms I have ever experienced in my entire life. I took his cancer program which is available at participating health food stores. 4 months out, pain vanished. People who were in hospice have used his program and are alive today and in perfect health. His program also deals with diabetes, AIDS,HIV, strokes, heart attacks, alzheimers, high blood pressure and many more diseases. The one way to prevent metastisis is to increase collagen production. If you strengthen the collagen of the tumor wall, the cancer cells can not spread because the collagen digesting enzymes cannot eat through the strengthened cell wall. The tumor eventually dies. I would like to talk more and hear of others experiences when they give up the chemo crack pipe. Thanks and all the best

    • Hey, I was just through old comments and found this one. Are you Jo from Polyester Books in Fitzroy? I’m sure my father has told you all about cancer. I got my ideas from him.

      • Hey hon,

        No I’m Jo from Sydney Australia. I’ve been spreading your word anyway or your father’s word. I’ve got loads of people buying apricot seeds. Just wish I could find natural seeded watermelon as I love watermelon.

        • Wow, there are a lot of Jo’s in Australia! I’ve seen watermelons with seeds at Walmart, but seedless is actually becoming more common now. It’s a shame, because watermelon seeds are a source of vitamin B17 and seeded watermelons are sweeter.

  13. Though you seem to present a few good points in your article, I have found, through my own research, many of your points to be ludicrous. The idea that cancer is simply a disease caused by the lack B17 is proven wrong by your own theory of how to incorporate it into your diet. My great-grandmother lived in the early twentieth century on a small farm in the country. None of her foods were processed, or in any way altered from their natural form. It is almost certain that she had B17 in her diet. However, she died of breast cancer at the age of 40. If you continue this trend, you will find that of her children, three died from breast cancer as well. All of them died long before processed foods overtook everything natural. They also died before our current, acceptably cancer treatments were invented. However, her remaining daughter recently contracted the same disease, and underwent chemo therapy. She is now in remission. In fact, the majority of my great-grandmother’s descendents who contracted the disease after the advent of modern cancer treatments have survived. They all went under the ‘cut, burn, and poisoned’ treatment. In recent years, we have discovered a gene in our family’s history that caused the cancer. It is a mutation in our genome, not a lack of ‘seeds’ in our diets. Your calous dissapproval of the treatments that have saved many mothers’ lives in my family is wrong, disrespectful, and ,frankly, ludicrous. Please, if you want to talk about this subject, get your degree in oncology, not photography. Then, perhaps, you will have the creditials to support your fantasy.

  14. The world nowadays is full of things and food and sensual over-stimulation and people lose their sense for the natural, people eat without thinking about it and they overlook one important thing which they should have learned from handling foods, the first sense which we develop as a fetus, the smelling sense.

    Smell can be an accurate danger estimator because the brain processes the sense of smell without connecting it to the other senses, it does not get processed in the thalamus where the other senses do connect, it goes straight to the amygdalae which basically processes fear and aggression, (in ideal situations, situations without danger, without a reason for fear and aggression they can move on to other processing).
    At young age doing a smell check on things or food would connect to imagination and a guessing how the brain and body would react to a substance or a meal or anything, for instance smell on something healthy and the brain should go yumm, furthermore imagining to swallow should enhance the sensation (try when not sure), smelling on something unhealthy would cause an emetic reaction, the difference is clear when you compare the sensations of food and hygienic products.
    However with time the brain and body store more immunity information than they were given genetically and the guessing becomes way more accurate because the organism has got to know a larger variety of substances and mixings.

    Kids should be encouraged to ‘try the trying’ before stuffing things down their throat, you know how they sometimes swallow toys, it is because they don’t know about it, hence they should be shown but nowadays people would give anyone a weird look who would sniff on a meal in a restaurant for instance and a common mother wouldn’t dare to teach such behavior because for one thing she wasn’t taught herself and for another thing because of the fear of the reactions of other people.
    People expect food to be safe but without testing they wouldn’t know until it may be too late and within sensual over-stimulation the storage of memories blurs so that trying and imagining and guessing does almost get lost.

    As all this is an instinct that is deep inside all humans the common human is confused simply because it is great always available and harmless but nobody uses it so the idea blurbs somewhere in the unconscious and the memories of processed foods and radiation and whatnot do pent up and the memories do boil. When the brain represses and does not want to remember a certain thing it turns physical in the body as a reminder or a key for unconscious processing of something unwanted.

    So more and more data does add up and the sensual overload can not be summarized briefly and it leads to a thalamic overload and a confusion about the storage of information and about priority of memory followed by a radical hippocampic reaction (hippocampi are the memory center in the brain) and the brain and the body find a way to physically demonstrate mental failure and it may manifest in excrescences such as tumors to somehow store the unwanted but relevant information, usually at a place in the organism which relates to the mental fallacies.

    I suppose in general eating seeds or roots could be of quite some help for the common human to reconnect to nature and the origins of life.

    Life has come a long rough way and the bitter or not so nice taste of these things could be a good reminder and show alternatives to the stuck common ways of thinking in these times, however it is a mental thing after all and has a lot to do with how the conscious mind interacts with the physical side of living and the errors do mostly stem from how we unconsciously go about things. The danger lies in not knowing or in forgetting Why the unconscious part of the mind has made certain decisions.

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  19. Great info. Also look into vitamin D, magnesium and idoral. Most people can’t get enough of these with a normal diet. I’m looking to cure my dog of cancer- not a lot of info out there for natural cures that work. I’m going to feed her the seeds ground up with fresh meat. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone with success in this.

    • Wheatgrass read an article that cured elkhounds and they lived twice as long.

          • Yeah I’m watching them now. Might go and have breakfast first though.
            I suppose if I go out and find watermelon seeds to grow from they will be seedless hahaha. I miss the sweetness.
            Yeah I’m originially from New Zealand. All the others probably are too! Hahaha

          • Oh wow. You’re just past your tea time. It’s great being able to talk to you in almost real time anyway. Whever I mention this 80 percent of people think I’m an idiot. I’ve then asked those same people if they have a t.v and what they watch. I think now, after looking at this, that same 80% love drama. They’re hooked on the underworld shows or village drama shows and ‘reality t.v’ etc you know.
            How’s your photography going? I checked out your work last time and it was great. Don’t know if you ever got round to checking out my art –

          • Same here, but I think it’s worse in Australia because the government is so against alternative treatments there. You have to put disclaimers on everything.

            The real test is when someone loses a family member to cancer… then they either turn around or become even more defensive of traditional treatment.

            I saw your paintings which are interesting, but is there any way to comment on your website? I accept comments on all my photos here…

          • B17 was banned in the 70s and now you can’t get it past customs, the tablets etc. You can only get via a special request once you have tried everything else and they have already killed you.

            When you open up my page you click on Eroticism to see those pieces or Art in series to view those pieces etc. They only way to message me is to go to Contact us and email me there. Which you are more than welcome to do. But no comments are actually left on my page.

          • That’s awful, it’s banned here too but you can still order it from Mexico which we have done many times. As for your page, accepting comments is a personal and technical choice which would generally require blogging software (I use WordPress). Spam is always a problem, but Akismet is good at filtering it out.

          • yeah I remember reading about a large facility in new mexico or something where if you’ve got a spare 250K you’ll be cured. i’ve told many people to get on a plane and take a holiday in germany. you get bottles of 100 tablets for a 100 eur or something. you can probably still get seeded foods from the farmers there too. they don’t seem to be as heavily drugged as us. i think they’re so well controlled anyway they don’t need it anymore. they also have hardly any fluoride in their water anymore compared with the likes of America or China. Not sure of our content. I often get in rainwater from a friend in the country. It’s illegal to have water tanks for drinking closer and in the city.

          • We just have a well and the water is good here, but across the street the water is bad. We are lucky.

            You don’t need to spend $250,000 for B17; we’ve ordered the tablets from and they are just $84 for a bottle of 100, made from apricot kernels. They even smell like apricots.

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  21. Laetril has not been proven by the FDA because the research behind it isn’t there. Vitamin Supplementation is effective for certain diseases not cancer. Sure there is a relationship with cancer and vitamin D. But we dont even understand this yet. Amygdalin has been proven, however, to be ineffective. The NIH produced a study of Amygdalin that showed no improvement. The cancer of most of the patients progressed; a couple even got cyanide poisoning. Amygdalin has to be taken carfully,
    Advocates for Laetril and its Amydgdalin derrivative continually fail to produce the scientific facts to back their claims but there is no shortage of persnal testimonies. Cancer is not a deficiency, I assert, carcinogins are the real culprits here. Your claims that vegetable eaters don’t get cancer is bogus. Your understanding of Kimo Theropy is incorrect. Kimo works because the malignant cells are more succeptible to radiation(thier genetic material is messed up). It kills the good and the bad but mostly the bad. And you are horribly mistaken on cancer cells being (or caused by) healing cells that have gone bad. They are cells which posses a defect that results in failed growth factors. The number of people swearing by this treatment bothers me as it is best to treat cancer as soon as it is found. Surgery, chemo, and kimo therapy have been proven to work and prevent metastasization. Alternative medicine needs to show that it has consistently good results in order for any good doctor to condone it or have the FDA approve it. It is best to seek proper medical advice. If something looks malignant a doctor can look at it and perform a biopsy to determine a course of action.

    • Cancerous cells are genetically defective cells that divide uncontrolled. Of course cancer results from injuries… and every injury is a carcinogen. That’s why George Harrison got cancer after being stabbed in the chest.

      You have to eat certain vegetables and fruits, such as apples and apricots (specifically, the seeds), wheat grass, dark green leaves, watermelon seeds, loquat seeds, noni fruit, etc. You can easily be a vegetarian and get cancer. It’s up to your diet.

      My Uncle and Grandfather had terminal cancer and are still alive. They’re on seeds. That’s a better cure than any laboratory can put out.

    • Why is it that wild animals are found to never possess cancer or signs of cancer in the wild.But as they are domesticated cancer is apparent in selected animals thru human feed .

  22. “Radiation causes cancer, yet also kills it when it’s convenient to us. Really, what’s up with that? If radiation causes cancer, how does chemotherapy work? It exposes you to radiation. So the best it can do is riddle you with cancer, following the cancer industry’s rules.”

    Wait, what? “Getting stabbed by a knife makes you sick, so how can surgery possibly make you bettery? They’re just cutting you open and stabbing you over and over again!”

    Also, you’re confusing chemotherapy, which involves dosage of specific chemicals, with radiation therapy. Radiation therapy works since cancer cells are less able to repair radiation; if you use a low dose, then healthy cells can repair the damage, but cancer cells can’t.

    • Radiation generally stops healthy cells from undergoing mitosis (splitting) in addition to stopping cancerous cells from splitting. Since the cancerous cells split at a far faster rate (uncontrolled cellular mitosis), radiation slows down tumor growth. But it’s not a long-term solution because mitosis of healthy cells is inhibited too, so eventually your immune system crumbles and you die of something basic like the flu.

      Obviously surgical knives are used in a targeted way to repair tissue… making a knife both a weapon and a tool. Similarly, all medicines are poisons and all poisons are medicines, under the right circumstances. My contention is that radiation is not a good tool. Using radiation or chemotherapy to stop cancer is like performing open heart surgery with a rusty butcher’s knife. It doesn’t work.

      Cancer cannot be stopped by surgery because it is a metabolic disease. A vitamin deficiency. Eat your seeds and you will not get cancer, just as you eat your oranges to not get scurvy.

  23. Great post. Thanks.

    Cancer is obviously a very sensitive topic and even more so when someone you love is affected by it. However, in my field, thyroid treatments, I discovered a common question about people who have have a lump in their thyroid area & wonder whether they have cancer.

    Obviosuly, if anyone notices a lump in that area, they should consult with a physician immediately. However, only 5% of patients with lumps actually have cancer. The rest are harmless.

    • My Grandma had a lump in her thyroid a few months ago. She had it biopsied and it is benign. She doesn’t believe apricot seeds prevent cancer.

      There are dozens of studies by universities and cancer hospitals saying seeds don’t work, but there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence saying they cure cancer. I’ve seen it work in my family. I’ll go with what works. Radiation does not work.

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  26. Using saccharin, drinking fluoridated water and using deodorant have all been cited as possible cancer causes. These myths about cancer can be harmful or misleading. Sometimes reports or articles link certain products and other activities to cancer when, in fact, there is no evidence-based research to support the claims.

  27. i have read several articles on this b-17 thing. i actually came acroos it when one of my employees told me his wife had been diagnosed with cancer. what threw me off is the way he talked about it like she just had a cold. he told me he told her to not worry he would work on her when he got back home(he is an over the road truck driver). now no disrespect but the guy probably didnt finish the third grade and was damn near illiterate.curiosity got the best of me so i had to ask- what the hell do you think u are gonna do when u “work on her”. he proceeded to tell me he had a remedy that had been known for years.(note:this guy is from the deep south and probably lives in the woods lol)he said he would wrap “salt meat” around the cancerous area on her skin and that it would draw the cancer out like an infection. he said she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor about 8 years ago, in which they gave his wife 3 months to live.he said he kept bandaging the meat to her scalp and changed it every 24 hrs. he said after a few weeks it began to drain through her eyes,nose , and ears and after about a month the tumor was completely gone. i dont know, u can hear some crazy stuff from truck drivers so i hopped on the net to see if i could find anything- and thats how i got on the trail of this b-17 thing. i used to smoke so cancer has always been in the back of my mind. so i figured what the hell i will give this eating a few apple seeds a day thing a try.i told my wife about what i found about jason vale and how i was gonna begin adding a few apple seeds to my daily diet- i mean what could it hurt its a fruit seed. in revealing my discovery i had mentioned to her that i had read that 5-7 seeds a day were recommended. she seemed naturally skeptical, so i didnt give her every detail of my findings(like how i had read warnings about gradually working ur way up to that many seeds a day and that u should not start out eating that many at a time). well my wife,before i had started them in my diet, decided at lunch the other day to eat all the seeds in her apple,which was 6(note: i have a young daughter and we incorporate plenty of fruit into her dailey diet- her favorite being apples and grapes, which she and my wife eat daily).she sent me a message saying she didnt think that the seeds would help. i asked why, what had she read. she then proceeded to tell me she had eaten 6 apple seeds and it had given her a severe headache and stomach ache almost to the point of vomiting. she also told me she was dizzy and experienced some tempoary blurred vision. my wife is 23 years old, 6 feet tall, and probably wieghs about 155 pounds. the reason i say this is to depict the fact she is relatively young and healthy- no known existing health problems.its been a couple of days and the symptoms i described are not completely gone. now she is not remotely as ill as she was but im concerned that she may have been slightly poisened by the dose she took. i started eating the seeds a couple of days ago (2 a day) and have not felt bad in the least little bit.i am 6’2″ 215 and a double collegiate athlete- so i feel my body should be able to handle more of anything than hers. so i did more research and found some articles on how the cyanide in apple and cherry seeds can cause major health problems and even death. it wasnt from the cancer institute, im sure u have seen these articles as well. my question is have u ever heard of anybody else getting sick from eating less than 8 apple seeds, and are u somebody like me, who just came across this information or do u have some sort of credentials or just first hand witnessed the effects of the seeds- how old are u if u dont mind me asking.thanks and i hope u will find time to respond

  28. Hi, hope this comment gets through I’m still somewhat new to this whole blogging thing.
    nice post! I discovered your blog while
    searching for other people’s weight loss stories. I’ve actually just started blogging about
    my weight loss success story – I lost over 30 pounds in a month
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  29. I purchased a pound of apricot seeds 11.10.08. I researched that I should take 2-3 seeds a day. How long will it take b4 it is working. Are there any withdrawals if I should decide to stop? I’m 59 yrs old, is it too late?

    • If you could eat all the fruits the seeds are in, then it’s safe to eat that many seeds. I could eat three or four apples if I wanted to, so eating three or four apples worth of seeds is fine. Eating a bowl full of apple seeds, on the other hand, might make me sick, because I couldn’t eat a bushel of apples.

      You can eat 10 apricot kernels a day safely. Probably much more. But if you have cancer now, eat 10 every day for the next six months. Chew them up well and swallow them with water or juice. There’s no withdrawal symptoms if you stop because it’s just a vitamin. Just like there are no withdrawal symptoms from vitamin C (except scurvy). For B17 it’s cancer, and the cancer will appear where you’ve had some other injury (i.e. brain cancer if you’ve had a concussion).

      If you’re recovered after six months, eat two a day for the rest of your life. Or two apples with seeds, or loquats, peaches, watermelons, cherries, not citrus. It’s just like you have to continuing eating niacin (in milk, eggs, soybeans, meat, yeast, etc.) to avoid pellagra.

      Don’t go with chemotherapy or radiation, because that’s poisonous. If you have a cancerous tumor in you, you may still need it removed, because it will remain after the cancerous cells are killed.

      Keep me posted. :smile:

      • Great information thanx. I got heartburn the first day. I chew up 3-5 apricot kernels a day. I dont have cancer. Never did. I have ‘people’ who do have cancer and I’m trying to invite them into a world outside of medicine. They’re ultra conservative and stubborn. I am always looking for alternatives and always looking like the ‘nut’ case, no pun intended (seeds?). I’m stumped and its like talking to air, they don’t get it. But I will keep on making my case. Even though I truly have nothing hard to back it up, just hope, I pray for their health and mine, regardless….. :grin:

        • You’re welcome! If you’re prone to heartburn this could aggravate it. My father used to get heartburn often, but he doesn’t at all now since he stopped drinking soda and lost 50 pounds. Apparently, extra weight puts pressure on your stomach.

          I put a lot of links in the middle of this article about it, try searching YouTube for some videos too. I have some living proof, because my uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 1999. They couldn’t do anything for him, so an elder at the church recommended he drink Noni juice as it is known to cure cancer. He’s done that every day since, and the cancer has been in “remission” for nine years (which really means it won’t come back as long as his diet is right).

          The reason Noni juice works is because it has lots of vitamin B17 in it. It also tastes like vomit…

          My grandfather, given two months to a year to live with terminal lung cancer, started on laetrile pills three months ago, which is the purified form of B17, illegal to be marketed as a cure or supplement for cancer. He’s not wasting away. He’s getting better.

          I’m always surprised at how people don’t want to let go of cancer. They don’t want to believe it can be easily cured, even if they’re dying from it. That’s why I wrote this article more on a psychological level. It’s tough being told that the whole industry is wrong and all your family who died painfully could’ve been saved, but the same thing happened with the cures for scurvy and pellagra. There’s no use holding on to false beliefs for comfort.

          • Holy Cow! Unbelievable!! First, I’m on a diet, ridding weight (goal 25#’s) and sugar. Sugar being the cause for all ‘dis-ease’. I eat pickles for heartburn, awesome, quit prilosec. Tried the Noni Juice years ago, really BAD, I’ll have to get used to it. Drinking Acai right now, not too bad.
            Best for last… Bless your family and it’s monumental returns for sticking w/B17’s. How thrilling it must be to have this first hand miracle in your ‘face’!! It just proves how we have to empower ourselves. I will continue to believe and bang heads with my dr.’s. My cardiologist freaked out on the Apricot Kernels to the point of a CA-125 blood test for cancer that 3 other doctors wouldn’t give me because I ASKED for it, so she ran the test just to ease my mind. I have a clean bill of health to work with at this time, so they say. However, I have H cholestral, H blood pressure, an under active thyroid and early arthritis, all of which I have High hopes to rid off with ridding sugar and weight.. One ailment at a time. I’m planning on reaping more bene’s from B17’s than just cancer prevention..
            I am talking to much but it’s all I think about and fight for.. thanks for being there, it means alot….

          • Wow, great, you’re really doing well there. To lose weight, keep a journal of everything you eat! My Dad does that, and it keeps you accountable. You just have to remember to write everything down and be honest with yourself.

            I was talking to my uncle recently, and he thinks he needs to “lose 10 pounds” when it’s more like 50. I grinned at him and told him it wasn’t like that, and then he told me how hard it is when he loves red meat and such… I couldn’t even understand him, honestly. It’s amazing when you do something that seems so simple yet it scares other people. Not having to worry about cancer ever is nice (watch “World Without Cancer” if you get a chance, I forgot to mention it). Not having to eat meat ever is nice. I ate some chocolate today though… I can see how food becomes addictive.

            You’ve got to have cool projects going on for the benefit of others that keep you from falling into quick-sand like vices. Start a blog like this if you have to! It is a lot of work though…

            What most Americans eat isn’t very healthful. You can cure a lot with better food, probably your high cholesterol / blood sugar too. Steve Pavlina has some good articles on diet and raw foods; I haven’t gone as far as him, but you should check them out.

            Happy belated Thanksgiving, by the way!

          • Happy Belated TD to you too!! ‘I sowed some seeds’ my sister and her husband can now make their own decisions. I brought some kernels with me to MD. They were hesitant but respected my efforts. I am doing great on the sugar busting and was using Agave nectar, glycemic index of 32, until on 11/24 on I read an article ‘Agave Nectar The Health Food Fraud’. That ended that. I read package ingredients and if any kind of ‘-tose appears in the label before the fifth ingredient its trash. So yeah, I am writing down everything I eat and the calories. (Something I did in my younger days.) I found many negative calorie foods in the vege and fish dept. I’m lovin’ it! -8#’s and not stressing. I’m constantly being told that my genes are whats responsible for my ailments and any efforts to change it with diet will be futile. Can you believe that BS!! I know there’s a fine line but I’m going for it!! My younger sister just got diagnosed with Hushimoto Thyroid. She’s a mess. I have an underactive thyroid, use .075 Synthroid. 4 generations of thyroid disease. I remember my greatgrand father with his eyes bugging out. That’s not good. So far all our women have some level of thyroid imbalance. My goal is to be prescription free by 60. This week I was alerting people to ‘Sugar Sweet Poison’ links. What can ya do? My dear friend is a chocolatier about sugar addictions. She won’t give me the time of day if I bring it up. So I’m on my way into another day of enlightenment and research. Again, always a pleasure.. Always good stuff, Later

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  33. Wow, I have never heard of this vitamin B17 thing. Although I’m naturally skeptical of anyone claiming such an easy cure for cancer, I know that vitamin C does work for scurvy, so this is worth checking out. If this turns out to be true and the word gets out there, it will certainly cause some interesting ripples in the medical establishment.

    • Thanks for commenting; check out some of the links toward the end of the article for other sites that have more proof. There’s no risk, because seeds are good for you even if they don’t cure cancer. The cyanide in them is locked in the molecular structure in such a way that it doesn’t hurt you at all. The same cannot be said of traditional treatments, which hurt your body a lot.

      The top dogs in cancer treatment don’t want you to know, because cancer makes a lot of money. There are more people ‘treating’ it than curing it, and we spend 1/3 of our money on it; more than any other condition. The list of ‘carcinogens’ just keeps growing.

      Cancerous cells are actually rogue healing cells which haven’t been assigned a duty. They split quickly and crowd out the good cells, so your body can’t function. Healing cells come in times of injury. B17 breaks down the ones that have gone astray. This is why people who hit their heads get brain cancer: they don’t eat enough B17 so the body can’t eradicate the roguish cells. It’s also why smokers get lung and/or throat cancer: the irritation summons healing cells, but some of them start reproducing without end and without care for the body. You can smoke all your life and not get cancer if you eat seeds.

      If only George Harrison would have know, he’d still be alive. He got cancer from his lack of B17 combined with the unwanted healing cells produced from his stab wounds.

      • Cancer’s are not rogue healing cells. Cancer’s are mutates cells, whether it be brain, skin, cardiac, bone, marrow, etc. What happens is that the DNA in the cells mutate, and they reproduce out of control. Many things causes cancer. UV radiation, certain particles, many things. That is proven fact. But you are young, so I can inderstand your misinformation. And no, eating seeds does not cure cancer. My grandmother tried it when she had ovarian cancer, she died from ovarian cancer three years leter after starting her ‘seed’ treatment. I get hit on the head all the time, I do not get cancer. Getting harmed does not increase your chance of getting cancer. How you got that misguided info is beyond me, but you need to get a Ph.D and study it a little more. Maybe you’ll learn something.

        • You didn’t read my article. I gave a list of sources. Start at

          How do I know your Grandma didn’t die of radiation or chemotherapy? Or she was too far gone, or she didn’t eat enough seeds. If you cut vitamin C out of your diet until you’re at death’s door with scurvy, no amount of orange juice can save you. It’s the same with cancer. Be proactive. That doesn’t mean getting regular check-ups. That means eating a dozen apricot kernels every day, or two ounces of wheat grass juice, or apple seeds, or watermelon seeds, or better yet, a combination of many raw foods. You don’t have to worry about scurvy because cereals and many fruit juices are fortified with vitamin C, but you have to worry about cancer because none of our foods are fortified with vitamin B17.

  34. Your article is very concise. It doesn’t matter who refutes it out-of-hand. It doesn’t matter if the article “The Rise and Fall of Laetrile” is cited to counter you. The truth is that cancer is on the rise and the people who ingest seeds DO NOT contract this chronic, metabolic disease.

    • Thanks. The mainstream studies are designed to make B17 look ineffective at all costs, because revealing a cure of cancer that cannot be patented and is available everywhere would ruin the business. The same is true with The Rise and Fall of Laetrile. The great thing about seeds is even if they somehow didn’t cure cancer, there’s no danger in eating them and it’s good for your health either way. We should all be eating them.

      • My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he took radiation, and oddly enough the cancer went away technically. But his psa levels rose 3 times in a row, but 2.0 each time. So the doctor said it has likely spread to the bone. well we KNOW we are not going to do chemo. So i researched much like you Richard, trying to do anything we can do to save our beloved.

        As far as cyanide in apricot seeds.. yes, praise God for that. BTW my father eats close to 40 apricot seeds a day, just to avoid my mom and I from getting on his case. He is not only doing apricot seeds though.

        He is doing :
        – Budwig Protocol (cottage cheese and flax oil to promote healthy cell growth and protection)

        – 40 apricot seeds daily (NO ill side effect whatsoever – don’t let these brain washed people tell you your going to get sick) like 30 bucks for a 1 pound bad lasts more than a month or 2.
        – He takes drops of MMS – 19.99 for a 6 month supply
        – Hemp Oil – not Hemp seed Oil – HEMP OIL with high contents of THC
        – Alkaline diet (cancer cannot live in an alkaline state – as per research)
        – Exercise

        My father has had no cancer pains, no cancer signs, his PSA is currently 0.53 having risen slightly but not signifigantly, but well below normal. he has been going back and forth the the Oncologist for 5 years, with no progression in cancer whatsoever via scans or visable lumps or prostate problems or bone pains)

        Having read about a diet that is Alkaline. I decieded I was going to lose some wieght. With regular daily walking 3-5 KM a day, i’ve now to this day lost a total of 117 pounds. But of course, If i read all the crap everyone else was saying about apricot seeds, and ignored the many testimonies that I might add include email address’s and phone numbers and full names often for personal followups.

        But maybe were crazy huh? perhaps we should STOP what were doing now and take the conventional methods like chemo or radiation again? and perhaps watch my father kill not only his healthy cells, but his bloody organs he need to fight the damn disease!

        I’m happy to see your consistency Richard. Its often times an up hill battle when everyone is against you but those that are actually going through it.

        The way i look at this, some cancers can be considered to far along for many alternative methods. But when caught early and if you become aware of the dietary changes that MUST be made, and start overdosing(loosly used) on these alternatives. Then you can fight, and give yourself the best possible chance at treating, fending off, or curing your cancer.

        As a side note on Hemp Oil,
        the factual and scientific studies are not out on hemp oil, the jury is not out, its in. The facts are there for hemp. It does have a direct effect on cancer. Evident by the oddly placed and purchased patent of US Government on cannibinoids. Go figure.

        Educate yourself, and give your head a shake! and if your a doctor reading this and are sending your patients to get chemo, shame on you!

        • That’s great! The telling thing about chemotherapy and radiation is that the medical industry provides no five-year followup testimonials for the treatments… and you can bet the few patients who do live that long made immediate changes to their diets by loading up on spinach leaves.

          Prevention is the best method, which means eating foods with amygdalin every day–not regular scans.

          • I hear ya Richard. They sit there tell you your going to die. You tell them ” hey i found these not hundreds, but thousands of testimonies of people having success with this ” doctor says ” don’t be foolish, don’t waste your money, these just simply do not work, so when can we schedule you for chemo with no proven track record and a record that many doctors are starting to realize and reject its ‘treatment’ ?”

            Ya if only, right? – Intereting Richard I’ve been conversing with a man who has a PhD is in Linguistics. He did some interesting research and wrote some articles on the approved studies on Laetrile from the past that I really think you should see. What is your email, I can email them to you. He really has blown the lid off these tests. I’ve been quite impressed. He mentioned I can pass them along to anyone I want to.

            I think you would probably enjoy the read and be able to better refute these false claims of the Mayo clinic studies.

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