New Feature: Richard’s Picks

I added something new today: posts throughout the site will display a random photography-related product from that I’ve chosen. I pick the products (cameras, lenses, accessories) if they have good reviews, are good quality, and priced reasonably, plus using my own experience in the field. They’re all displayed on the Richard’s Picks page (12 so far), and a random one shows next to the 2nd, 7th, and 10th post on each page. So you won’t see them on an individual post or page like this, but you will be seeing them on the home page, and tag and category listings, like the free stock photos section.

If you buy anything, I get a 4% commission from, which will help me support this site. I’ll get that bonus even for other things, so if you’re looking to make any sort of purchase from, click here to share with me. Thanks. :smile: