Piano: Turkish Rondo, Rustles of Spring, and The Entertainer

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Songs by me on the piano at a recital on 2008-01-04. I’ve been playing for five years; Rustles of Spring is the newest one, which I started on a year ago. I still can’t play the middle part at tempo, but it’s coming along. The Entertainer is quite entertaining, and I’ve perfected an abridged version of Turkish Rondo (Alla Turca); the beginning is cut off as my Dad started recording too late.

Turkish Rondo, abridged [Mozart]
Rustles of Spring [Christian Sinding]
The Entertainer [Scott Joplin]

8 thoughts on “Piano: Turkish Rondo, Rustles of Spring, and The Entertainer

  1. Great job, Ricky! Is that (I know I’m going to spell this wrong) Harald Blanchard at 00:30? I’ve met him at the Piano Workshops he hosts! I actually played for him. You ought to come to one! :big-grin:

  2. Nice! I envy you :unsilly: – I still cannot play “Fr├╝hlingsrauschen” as well as you! Keep up the good work. :smile:

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