10 Ways to Get Your Camera Stolen

1. Wear that “Canon EOS Digital” neck-strap proudly so the whole world can see what expensive equipment you have.
2. Take the camera on a plane; no need to keep it in your carry-on bag because you won’t be using it. If it doesn’t magically disappear, I hope you like broken glass.
3. Keep all your gear in your fancy new Lowepro bag, then leave it at a restaurant table to go the the bathroom. Don’t worry, it’ll only take a minute!
4. Use a lens with a big red ring around it.
5. Leave your big red ring and “EOS 5D” logo open for the world to admire. Some black tape and a Sharpie marker just doesn’t fit in your budget.
6. Stash your camera and pricey lenses in your hotel room. What could be more secure than a hotel room?
7. Leave it on a beach towel; you have to go surfing after all. Or, for extra safety, walk back to the car and put it in the trunk, then wonder how someone knew it was in your trunk.
8. Have a friend hold your bag. Oops, I forgot about your stuff! It wasn’t anything important, right?
9. Oh no, your brand-new DSLR has dust spots! No matter; just send it back in a big box labeled “Camera Repair Dept.” for warranty service.
10. Family portrait, no one to snap the photo? Just get one of the local bums to assist. Oh wait, he’s backing away slowly… must be to get the most compositionally pleasing shot.

5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Your Camera Stolen

  1. haha, nice list.

    I love my new 7D and want to show it off, but you’re right, I need a Sharpie…

    If you do get your camera stolen, you can search for it here:

    The database is small at the moment but then I only started it last week. :)


  2. Man! You won’t believe me when I say that my camera got stolen only a week ago. And you won’t believe me further when I say that I left it on a restaurant table to use the loo and when I came back…it was gone!

  3. my camera just got stolen, i had a party and one of my dirtbag friends stole it!! what do i do! :frown:

  4. Talking about stolen camera? It reminds me of once I order from beachcamera.com an over $400 Nikon camera. When Fedex delivered it to my door, the box was crushed. I had to send it back to beachcamera and they replaced with one that only lasted for a few months and stopped working. Worse, when I took the case to Nikon, it was too late. They said warranty has expired and it cost $200 to repair it. Worrying about even it’s repaired, how long it will last, I’m stuck with it and it’s still sitting in my drawer. Don’t buy from beachcamera.com or Nikon unless you are sure what you are getting in to.

    • I haven’t ordered from Beach Camera, but it’s always better to buy in-store if the price is the same, as you don’t have to worry about the item being damaged in-transit, and returning/complaining is easier. Nikon usually has 180-day warranties, while Canon is one year… The cameras always end up breaking just outside the warranty. :confused: Thanks for commenting, Mom. Say hello to Rachel for me. :smile:

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