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    The tough part is coming up with a memorable name that isn’t taken. Your domain can’t have hyphens, can’t start with “the,” and must end in .com. Any other choice is suboptimal. It can be done, but when you get big you will find yourself having to buy out the owner of the .com domain or the domain without hyphens, often at a ridiculous price.

    For example, started out as… and had to buy from Aboutface Corporation for at least $200,000 in Aug. 2005.


    If a user has JavaScript disabled, the shortened URL will still display fine but the AdSense iFrame will just show the “Hide this” link (which goes to the actual URL) without ads. There may be an issue with the Noscript add-on you are using. gets a lot of spam and has just hit 21 million URLs. It’s expensive to run, and those ads pay for it. Most URL shorteners lose money, but mine doesn’t, which means it will be around for a long time. Just look at all the URL shorteners that have gone offline due to money woes or “abuse”:,,,… the list goes on and on.


      In reply to Matt Mullenweg:

      “Cost is actually pretty high, and getting higher every year because of the way the system works. Most people sell them at a loss and make it up in up-sells.”

      I looked it up and it looks like you have to pay $2500 up front, $4000 per year, $500 per TLD, a variable quarterly fee plus quarterly TLD fee, 18 cents per transaction, carry $500,000 in insurance, and maintain $70,000 in capital. Verisign controls .com and charges registrars $7.34 per domain per year.

      I guess $7.67 for a one-year .com registration with GoDaddy is about as good as it gets, then.


      In reply to Keith Gaughan:

      “Not if you know what you’re doing with the registries, and hardly any registrars offer below cost domains except as a special offer. Registrars who *appear* to be selling for below cost aren’t: they have a special deal with the registry, and only have that because they have particularly good relations with that particular registry, and that only applies to registrations, not transfers or renewals. Transfers can easily end up cutting into margins due to support costs.

      Upsells help, but domains as loss leaders only work temporarily.”

      @Keith I just renewed 6 .coms for 10 years through on Oct. 21 for $76.60 ($7.66 / yr), using coupon code BTPS412. If you are right, that cost them at least $7.52, but certainly more counting overhead. They also failed to upsell me anything.

      If I were Matt, I would offer general domain registrations, renewals, and transfers of .com domanins for $7.52 a year, subsidized with revenue from Automattic’s other services. Perhaps that’s really bad business sense, but it would generate a lot of good will.


      In reply to Matt Mullenweg:

      “Nope, being a domain registrar has nothing to do with that. Automattic already runs a hosting service, it’s called” isn’t a hosting service… I can’t install plugins, edit themes, or use FTP there. J is asking if you are going to launch a hosting company like Netfirms or WiredTree.

      I guess the answer is no. :)


    How to get the directory a plugin is in?

    What’s the best way to get the name of the directory a WordPress plugin resides in? Currently I am using this:

    `< ?php $dir = str_replace(array('/' . basename(__FILE__), '.php'), array('', ''), plugin_basename(__FILE__)); ?>`

    This is to get the plugin directory ONLY, without slashes. If a plugin is in `/home/thripp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/my-cool-plugin/plugin.php`, this returns “my-cool-plugin”, which is all I want.


    Why is this function causing a white screen of death?

    I am writing a WordPress plugin with a function to run replacements on a string like “@richardxthripp [TITLE] [URL] – posted [DATE] in [CATEGORY] by [AUTHOR] on [BLOG_TITLE]” but limit the string to 140 characters for Twitter. However, this function appears to cause every public page (not back-end pages) to display only a white screen, after several seconds of loading. No errors are logged or displayed, even when WP_DEBUG is set to true. While the plugin contains many other functions, I did a diff against the last known working version and applied the changes one by one until the white screen returned, which was when I added the function below.

    * Performs replacements on a string for the current post in the loop.
    * @package tweet-this
    * @since 1.7.7
    function get_tt_parse_string($text = ”, $url = ”, $space = ‘ ‘,
    $service = ‘twitter’, $title = ”) {
    if($url == ”) $url = get_tweet_this_short_url();
    if($title == ”) $title = get_the_title();
    $author = get_the_author_meta(‘nickname’);
    else $author = get_the_author_nickname();
    $category = null; $categories = get_the_category();
    if($categories > 0) $category = $categories[0]->cat_name;
    $excerpt = get_the_excerpt(); if(strlen($excerpt) > 50) {
    $excerpt = substr($excerpt . ‘ ‘, 0, 47);
    $excerpt = substr($excerpt, 0, strrpos($excerpt, ‘ ‘)) .
    $matches = array(‘[TITLE]’, ‘[TITLE_SHARE]’, ‘[AUTHOR]’, ‘[CATEGORY]’,
    ‘[DATE]’, ‘[EXCERPT]’, ‘[BLOG_TITLE]’);
    $replacements = array(get_tweet_this_trim_title($title, $text),
    get_tweet_this_trim_title($title, $text, ‘twitter-share’),
    $author, $category, the_date(”, ”, ”, FALSE), $excerpt,
    $final_text = str_replace($matches, $replacements, $text);
    if($service != ‘twitter-share’ && strpos($final_text, ‘[URL]’) !==
    false && (strlen($final_text) > (145 – get_tt_url_service_len())))
    $final_text = substr(str_replace(‘[URL]’, ”,
    preg_replace(“/(40)+/”, ” “, $final_text)), 0,
    (136 – get_tt_url_service_len())) . ‘… ‘ . $url;
    elseif($service != ‘twitter-share’ && strpos($final_text, ‘[URL]’) ===
    false && strlen($final_text) > 140)
    $final_text = substr($final_text, 0, 137) . ‘…’;
    else $final_text = str_replace(‘[URL]’, $url, $final_text);
    return str_replace(‘ ‘, $space, $final_text);

    Any ideas? Incidentally, I have tested this plugin on WP 1.5, 2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7, and 3.0.1. It works fine on WP 1.5, but every newer version gives the white screen of death.


    I agree. You know you’re in trouble when your options page is 50KB of PHP/HTML and your plugin is only 100KB. You either have way too many options, a really inefficient options page, or a HIGHLY configurable plugin.

    I don’t bother with i18n either. I do implement it and include the .po file, but no way am I going to learn another language and translate my plugin. Also, my translation strings tend to include HTML and printf variables. :)


    I discovered this several years ago when trying to cook popcorn kernels that came in a jar with no instructions. It’s important to use a saucepan that is not much bigger than the burner and has a uniformly flat bottom and interior. I set the burner to high heat because the kernels won’t pop at lower settings.

    This is much healthier than microwave popcorn or Jiffy pop, and you don’t have to add any butter or salt. Unless you’re like me. :)


    Please consider using a serialized array for your plugin’s options as it is not a good idea to be inserting 51 options into the wp_options table, especially considering that those option values do not have a consistent naming structure.

    You can make this backward-compatible by adding the options as an array in your install function and then check the options table for old options:

    function wpt_install {
    $add_options = array(‘opt1’ => ‘value1’, ‘opt2’ => ‘value2’);
    foreach($add_options as $key => $value) {
    if($old = get_option($key)) {
    $add_options[$key] = $old; delete_option($key);}}
    update_option(‘wpt_settings’, $add_options);}

    register_activation_hook(__FILE__, ‘wpt_install’);

    $options = get_option(‘tweet_this_settings’);
    echo ‘Example of opt1: ‘ . stripslashes(htmlentities($options[‘opt1’]));


    Google has been changing a lot of stuff lately… first the weird logo that moved with the mouse and now AJAX search results which don’t always work right.

    The Tweet This plugin can add Delicious and Facebook links if you check the boxes under Tweet This > Options > Extended Services. :)


    I am using the Shorten URL in a text using PHP class by Muhammad Arfeen and I would like to replace his code with Philippe Leybaert’s code. The original PHP code is below:

    preg_match_all(’(((f|ht){1}(tp://|tps://))[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%_+.~#?&//=]+)’, $text, $hyperlinksArray);

    Here is the same code with Philippe Laybaert’s regular expression:

    preg_match_all(’b(https|http)://([a-zA-Z-:@.0-9]+)(/((([-;:@&=a-zA-Z0-9$_.+!*’,]*?))|[-;:@&=?a-zA-Z0-9$_.+!*’,]|%dd)+)?(?< ![,.;])', $text, $hyperlinksArray); Since he did not enclose his code in quotes, I used single quotes like in the original code and escaped the two single quotes in the regex with backslashes. My problem is every time this code is parsed it returns “Warning: preg_match_all() [function.preg-match-all]: Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash in [file] on [line]” and no replacements are made. Is this an issue with the regex itself, escaping, or something with PHP? I am using PHP 5. An example of $text would be "Check out this cool Wikipedia page:” and the last string is defined as `$hyperlinksArray = array();`.

    The problem with the original regex is that it does not work with parentheses and it includes periods, commas, semicolons, and close parenthesis at the end of a URL in the URL itself, which, in all cases except semicolons, is NOT what Twitter does. Since I am shortening URLs with, using the original code on my example will produce a short URL for the long URL instead of as it should. Philippe’s code would solve these problems and several others if I could get it to work.


    I am using the Shorten URL in a text using PHP class by Muhammad Arfeen and I would like to replace this code with yours:

    preg_match_all(‘(((f|ht){1}(tp://|tps://))[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%_+.~#?&//=]+)’, $text, $hyperlinksArray);

    I tried copying and pasting your code between the single quotes and escaping the two single quotes in your final regex:


  11. Aisha Ali Mohammed Bilal

    Manama, Ajman
    United Arab Emirates
    Mobile No: 050-9953678
    Email address:

    My Objectives

    I am seeking a responsible position as a Receptionist/ Secretary in a well reputed organization.

    Personal Details

    • Date of Birth: 31-8-1981
    • Nationality: Pakistani
    • Gender: Female
    • Address: Al Manama, Ajman

    Educational Experience

    • 2004 – Completed ICDL Course a Comprehensive computer course in general computer operations
    • 2002 – Graduated from Al Naimia Secondary School with 87.6% marks in Arts Stream (Arabic Medium)


    I speak four languages: Arabic, English, Urdu and Baloshi.

    • effective team working skills;
    • a high level of organizational skills;
    • ability to multi task
    • diplomacy and sensitivity when working with clients;
    • IT literate
    • Excellent telephone manners
    • Good stress and anger management ability
    • Motivated and Quick learner
    • Sincere hard worker

    Computer knowledge:

    • Microsoft Office Excel
    • Microsoft Office power point
    • Microsoft Office word
    • Microsoft Office access
    • Microsoft Office outlook
    • Typing ability in Arabic and English
    • Internet search engine

    Professional Experience

    Swiss perfumes industries:
    Receptionist: April 2009 till date-
    • Meeting, greeting, and welcoming visitors
    • Entering visitors details into the visitors log book
    • Assisting new employees as well as old ones in some cases with provision of ID badges, time sheet, photocopying, sending fax messages, posting notices and mail distribution.
    • Taking incoming telephone calls, dealing with such calls promptly in a professional manner, and re-directing appropriate calls to other individuals or departments within and outside the establishment
    • Translate documents
    • handle basic enquiries
    • Dispatching and accepting mails and couriers services (parcels)
    • accept deliveries
    • Ordering taxis for visitors
    • Keep the reception area tidy.
    Contactopia FZC
    Customer Service Agent: April 2008 till January 2009
    • Answering phone calls to provide quality customer service
    • Promote company’s services
    • Receive complaints and handle them professionally
    • Responding to customers’ queries.
    • Data entry of each call into the system
    • Attempting to solve matters myself before escalating complex matters to the supervisor
    • Constantly working on my call handling skills in response to the feedback provided by the management to improve the service level, performance, efficiency and customer’s experience in my calls

    I have started my career with internship to gain experience where I worked as:
    Secretary for Al Manara Al Khairiyah School 2006
    Substitute teacher of math for Al Naimia Secondary School 2005
    Receptionist for a local hospital 2004

    I thank you in advance Sir/ Madam, for taking time to considering my application, and looking forward to meeting you in person to further reveal about myself.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Aisha Bilal


    Steve, it sounds like you’re having a mid-life crisis… I’ve been following your blog diligently for a year, I’ve read your book, and most of your archives. I started blogging about personal development because of you (my writing is awful though). In this post you talk about decisions you made with your wife, but it sounds like it’s all you. It’s you who wanted to date other women. It’s you who wants to run away from your children. How can you be sure you’re raising your consciousness? You could be regressing.

    If you’re going to break up, I suppose you should go all the way. Move six women into those six bedrooms and become one of those David DeAngelo types. Make sure you charge them rent to pay that mortgage + child support. Then in a year you’ll want to be back with Erin and the kids. ;)

    I wish you good tidings and I hope you find what you’re looking for.


    Wow… sexy. Very good for self portraits. Just watch out for vertical or horizontal distortion, such as pic 2 where you are squished along the x-axis (horizontally). The original image is fine but your theme is not preserving the aspect ratio.

    Are you a nursing student at Daytona State College? (Thinking of your comment on my blog.) If you ever have time you should model for me. A lot of other DSC students have.

    If I ever need a nurse I’ll call you, hehe.


    In reply to this comment, by dazzle415:


    I’m getting the same thing too,

    For instance, I’ve created an ‘Events’ page that is essentially blank. I’m using exec-php within the pages to display specific posts. For some reason I’m getting the Tweet-This underneath the page title as well.

    I’ve checked ‘hide tweet this on pages’ but it’s still being inserted.

    So you have a custom-coded WordPress loop on that WordPress page using the Exec-PHP plugin? The Tweet This links may appear below the posts in that loop.

    For the page itself, Tweet This should never appear on pages if you check “Hide Tweet This on pages” under Settings > Tweet This > Advanced Options.

      • Download it here and unzip it to your web server. There are technical considerations and you need to have virtual subdomains enabled (wildcard DNS entry). There are also lots of customization options such as WordPress plugins and WPMU DEV plugins, some of which are hard to implement.

        You need a MySQL database and every new blog registered creates 8 MySQL tables in the database… so 1000 blogs = 8000 MySQL tables. This sharding of data makes WordPress MU geared toward many disconnected blogs that are practically different sites. BuddyPress might be an option.


    Passive income is great. Fewer people are writing about it now. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Google AdSense. I guess you’re targeting businesses with a product to sell, but AdSense is great for blogs and information websites.

    I went to school Thursday (2009-09-24) and found I’d made $10 from AdSense when I got home… without doing any work on my site! That’s the definition of passive income. That was all made through people checking the “Insert Google AdSense ads to support Tweet This” option in my Tweet This plugin for WordPress. Still good though. :)


    The nice thing online is you don’t have to worry about getting beaten up. If someone wants a fist-fight with me in real life, I’ll run away… even if I “should” defend my honor… because if I fight I’ll get beaten up because I have no experience fighting. No reason to get beaten up… I’m going to live a long time. I don’t want to lose teeth.

    Online, it’s totally different because apart from psychos who want to take disputes to real life, you don’t have to worry. Still, it’s good to maintain manners and courtesy. Often commentators spoiling for a fight will be totally surprised when you don’t give it to them. Also, there is time delay. A few hours after a comment war you may have a totally different perspective based on logic rather than emotion.

    I liked the “severely retarded” thing more than the Swiss drunk guy, but you couldn’t use it as your hook because it’s a bad headline. I looked at your post and you were wrong because you grouped idiots with retards. “Idiot” is no longer used for mental retardation… the mentally retarded work as hard or harder than us, but they have problems with their brains that make life harder for them. Not their fault!

    Don’t get too caught up in politically correct language… I don’t like “mentally challenged” because it diminishes the severity of the problem. It sounds like it can be overcome, but physiological problems can generally not be overcome.

    I hope to read more articles on Copyblogger by you in the future!


    Nice portraits! I like the second because you can see her nipples, but the first is better because she has a nice smile. Her facial expression in the second isn’t as good.

    I too have been prone to under-exposing a person or object to keep the clouds from clipping. I didn’t do this in 2004-2007… it’s something I started doing in 2008 because I was becoming a “better” photographer. And now I’m undoing that! Let the sky wash out if it isn’t the subject. Great tip.


    Robert’s explanation of QWERTY keyboards is more plausible. I don’t find the design slowing me down much, though I use an unusual keyboard most of the time (Microsoft Ergonomic 4000).

    However, I hear the Dvorak layout (no the home row isn’t DVORAK) is much better once you get used to it. Getting “used” to it takes many years, so almost no one makes the jump. I’ve been typing on a computer since I was 10… which is 8 years. Giving up 8 years experience is a big deal. Usually you should just be conventional.


    Glad to see you’re looking for grounding. You gotta stay grounded, man. I’ve written several dozen articles (1000s of words each) that aren’t grounded in reality.

    There are always practical considerations. No success or failure is of unequaled or eternal magnitude. Most of what you’re doing now is actually quite small and insignificant. Don’t feel bad! I’m doing small stuff too, like posting a photo to my blog every day this month and “teaching” a supplemental “class” at college. If you keep moving with the small stuff, eventually (think years), it will become a movement. Something very big.

    Keep working, stay hungry, stay foolish.


    Cool advice! I just use the navigator’s zoom buttons, and I drag the red box to move around the image. Sometimes I use the scroll wheel to move up and down.

    I tried the “zoom with scroll wheel” option, but it is not implemented nearly as well as PhotoFiltre (I love it there), so I don’t use it.

    If I use some of your tips I might save a few minutes in a big editing session. Thanks!


    I support you all the way with editing; I edit every photo I publish in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Camera Raw 5.0. Mostly it’s global editing like curves, contrast, white balance, saturation, blackness levels, adding vignetting, and highlight recovery, but I’ll do some localized dodging, burning, desaturation, and healing too if needed.

    However, you’ve gone too far. Your goal is this: non-photographers should not be suspicious of your work. Photographers are always going to look for your edits, but outsiders won’t think about editing—unless it’s plainly obvious your photo has been “Photoshopped.” Here, it’s plainly obvious. Tone it down!

    In fact, an easy way to tone down the yellow edit and the lime green edit would be to overlay it on the source image at 50% transparency. Bam, 50% less editing. These photos will be more realistic then.

    Check out my portfolio (nature shots) for examples of significantly edited photos that don’t arouse suspicion among non-photographers.


      In reply to this comment by Elizabeth Halford:

      @Richard: hi thanks for reading! One can never tell an artist what their goal is because that is their own journey. My objective wasn’t realism I wanted ‘heavenly’ or somewhat ‘other worldly’. Photoshop is just paint. One could never critique a painters work the way people critique photography. The objective is whatever the photographer wants it to be! :)

      @Elizabeth: You obviously don’t know me… I would tell a painter the same thing! I have the right to judge your photography… I judge these photos to be over-edited… What you do with that judgment is a choice I leave to you.

      Notice that this post has 21 comments and only 10 are significant. 4 of those say you’ve over-edited. A lot of people will leave good comments but if they don’t like your work they’ll stay silent… that means most people think you’ve gone too far.

      Please try this: open the final version of these photos in Photoshop and check the gamut warning (View > Gamut Warning). Then soft proof to CMYK (View > Proof Setup, View > Proof Colors). Notice that your photographs CANNOT be reproduced accurately in print. That could mean a.) your colors are over-saturated, and/or b.) you’ve chosen color tones that are hard to print. In this case it’s a.) only.

      I looked at your blog and your flickr photo stream. Good work, mostly over-edited, not as over-edited as the Doublemint stuff. The new photos of the baby are great, and are not over-edited. Your problem is with over-saturated colors but you also have some highlight clipping in many of your photos, usually in one channel. For example: this portrait. Most of the girl’s skin is clipped in the red channel (R value of 255). That’s bad.

      When you add contrast through curves or levels in an RGB colorspace, you have to desaturate afterwards. Use the gamut warning or soft-proof as a tool to tell you where to use the desaturation brush, or do global desaturation under Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Note that in Lab colorspace this does not apply. Make sure to edit in 16-bit/channel mode in one of these colorspaces: Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, Lab, Grayscale.

      Keep working! You have a lot of potential.


    That is a great idea! This is something I need to think about for my blog because it’s all over the place… I guess since I’ve been making a goal of posting one photo a day this month (and meeting that goal), that my audience is art-lovers and possibly amateur photographers. I talk a bit about each photo when I post it. A photo-blog.


    At the end of 2007 I opened my site. I chose WordPress and I’ve been using it ever since. I chose to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL on my own at that point, which took many months, but the long-term benefits have been huge. I don’t need a web designed or developer. Not that my site is that flashy. :D

    There are more themes and plugins available now than two years ago, and they are generally of a better quality. The bar has gone up, and the WordPress developers have made plugins and themes easier for the non-techies. You can make a nice WordPress blog with no knowledge of PHP or HTML.

    I use to manage static HTML sites; as you’ve found it’s a real pain. While a WordPress site has a higher up-front investment, it pays off once you’ve made a dozen posts or pages.


    I’ve never smoked and I don’t intend to, but this article makes a lot of sense to me. Some people quit smoking cold turkey, while others have great difficulty, even with the best nicotine patches and 12-step programs in the world. It’s easy to dismiss those people as undisciplined, but for many of them it is extremely difficult to end the addiction, as you have discovered.


    The third point is the most important. Three years ago, I thought that if I just had a new computer and a new camera, I would be a much better photographer and get a lot more done. I had a junky point and shoot camera and my computer was so old, it would take 4 seconds to load a 4MP JPEG. I was taking photos like this.

    When I got my new computer and camera in 2006, I didn’t get any better. My work actually got worse! It’s been that way ever since! I’m just now becoming as good with expensive tools as I was with cheap tools. Oh, the irony.

    I turned 18 last month, but I didn’t consider it a milestone. Sure, my life is changing and I now live 80 feet from my parents instead of in their house, but nothing big has changed. Change only comes from within.


      In reply to this comment, by Phil Lynch:

      I agree that point three is the best. I emailed it to a friend because he talks about “there” looking better than “here,” but then you get “there” and it becomes your new “here” really quick.

      There’s a saying for that: “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Once you get to the other side of the fence, which is better equipment in this case, you prefer what you were doing before! It’s happened to me. My most popular photos were taken with a cheap junky camera.


    “She” is now the universal pronoun? Umm, what? “He” is and always has been the default, going back to the Bible. Using “she” doesn’t do any justice to women nor does it make any sense. When we say “mankind,” we don’t mean just men. We mean men and women. Using the man as the universal gender produces shorter sentences and maintains historical continuity.

    Even when the politically correct cover both genders, they say “he or she,” not “she or he.” If they use the latter, it is a gimmick and they do not use it consistently.

    I hate when people say “I am going to meet my doctor. I hope they are friendly.” Use “he or she” or don’t be politically correct at all. Don’t use awkward and improper grammar, or we will put you in the chimp category.


    I used to litter my articles with outbound links, including pre-configured Google search queries and links to any sites or bloggers I mentioned. I’d link to Wikipedia whenever I mentioned an obscure or even mundane topic. Now I rarely link out, even when mentioning someone, unless the entire post is about an external site.

    I do more internal links now, for posts on my site or my other sites. But I do far fewer links overall, making my posts much easier to read. I no longer feel obligated to explain concepts or words. A year ago, if I was mentioning the opossums in my yard, I’d link to the Wikipedia article on that animal. Now I would include no link. If you want to know about something, look it up yourself. There is no reward for laziness.

    Most people link out too much. Make your blog a DESTINATION not a portal.


    Fujifilm FinePix 2650 [2004-10 / 2005-07]
    Fujifilm FinePix A345 [2005-08 / 2006-08]
    Canon PowerShot A620 [2006-08 / Present]
    Canon Rebel XTi [2007-08 / Present]
    Canon PowerShot SD790IS [2009-03 / Present]

    I’ve used all of these cameras extensively. The first two broke. The last three work. I don’t use the A620 anymore. I use only the XTi with two low-end lenses, or the SD790IS when the DSLR is inconvenient.


    The real problem is the bureaucracy. We have the worst of both worlds. The government doesn’t pay our medical bills out of our taxes, but we pay extreme costs for all medical services because of government regulation. Doctors have to carry a ridiculous amount of liability insurance. As much as a third of their patient load is taken on only to pay their insurance bills.

    If you break a bone, 98% of the time the hospital spends on you is for paperwork. They have to write hundreds of pages about your case which go to different departments, the government, their insurance company, etc. If doctors could enter into private contracts with their patients and the red tape and government fees were removed, healthcare could be affordable for all. We wouldn’t need a lottery scheme to pay for it.

    Socialized medicine is far inferior to the free market. People blame capitalism for the high cost of medical services in the U.S.A., but the fact is, we already have a socialist system. Hospitals are in the free market no more than public schools, and our public schools are awful too.

    The only way to benefit from this system is to sue a doctor. This is NOT the way it is supposed to be. Full socialization will be even worse. Did you know that Congress is taking millions from Medicare to pay for this new system? My Grandma is losing her medical coverage right now!


    I wanted to start writing about my hobbies and I wanted to be heard. Secondarily, I wanted to make a living.

    Over a year later, I’ve done all these things, but none of them very well. I’ve written a lot, but not much recently. I get 20,000 visitors per month, but I’m not sure if they’re readers because I get almost no comments. I cleared $118 last month, which is hardly a living.

    It’s better than having no blog.

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