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    I like this article, but it might be better with some interviews of men who have turned their lives around in quote form. Also, I was expecting a website with more articles when going to Daniel Offer’s site, and suspect this article was written by a woman using a pseudonym.


    I think the real problem is monopolies — consolidation of power always leads to poor customer service, because the holder of the monopoly feels you have nowhere else to go. “You don’t like poor customer service from your cable company? Too bad — just try to find another.” In Central Florida, we really only have AT&T and Brighthouse for Internet service, and AT&T charges far more than in the Northern and Western regions because they can get away with it.

    When the barrier for entry into a field is too high, the leaders often become complacent and apathetic.


    I think it’s best to build either one blog that is about everything your interest in or a bunch of blogs that are about each topic you are interested in. The former is largely a blog about you (a brand image), while the latter is a purpose-oriented blog (can also be a brand image). Topic-oriented blogs have more potential for pay-per-click advertising and short-term profits, but person-oriented blogs have the potential to build long-term, loyal, dedicated readers, so long as you don’t jump the shark.

    Many people feel they can’t write about something because they don’t have a degree, expertise, or credentials. They feel they have to either write authoritatively or write nothing at all. This is utter hogwash. The other option is to write about your experiences, one step at a time, and if you do this you will find other people have the same issues as you.


    It really depends on what country you live in. If you live in a third-world country, you probably live a hand-to-mouth existence so you don’t expect people other than family to buy you anything, and you can barely find enough firewood to cook your food or lumber to build your hut or enough arable land and seeds to grow food. If you live in a first-world country, life is much more complicated and esoteric.


    One good way to build the self esteem that makes you immune to negative forces is to develop talents that make you above average as compared to other people. It’s often better to develop a wide range of talents in playing different musical instruments, reading and writing in multiple languages, computer skills, housework skills, empathy, sympathy, meditation, yoga, etc. You should never feel obligated to develop your talents; instead you should feel motivated to for your own benefit and self-interest, or to teach others or your children, or both.


    I think the important thing is to get a core group of 1-10 real-life friends who have passion for life that is consistent across time (disciplined). They don’t necessarily have to have the same beliefs as you, or exist only for your benefit, since you wouldn’t want it that way anyway. Every person is a sovereign child of God, and we are all in this together, even if many people don’t recognize that. Just stay away from bad people.


    Hey Michaela, I think the peptidoglycan layer consists of sugars (glucose, fructose, etc.) and amino acids and forms the cell wall in domain bacteria, and possibly domain eukarya, but definitely not domain archaea. In gram-positive bacteria, the cell wall is about 20 to 80 nanometers thick, but in gram-negative bacteria, it’s 7 to 8 nanometers thick, which makes gram-negative bacteria harder to kill with antibiotics for some reason. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. 1000 nanometers is a micrometer, which is one millionth of a meter, and 1000 micrometers is a millimeter, which is one thousandth of a meter, and 1000 millimeters is a meter, which is 1/10,000,000 the distance from the equator to the north or south pole of planet Earth, or about 39.37 inches, which is longer than a yard which is 36 inches (3 feet). 1000 meters is a kilometer, a common unit of distance in Europe which is distinguished from the Imperial mile, which is 5280 feet. Therefore, each kilometer contains one trillion nanometers.


    I’m looking for a programmer to help architect and engineer ideas I have for new and old websites, projects, PHP projects, WordPress plugins, HTML, MySQL, CSS, and a little JavaScript.

    Preferred candidate is a Renaissance man or woman who is a quick typist with a wide range of interdisciplinary skills.

    We will be collaborating on integrating monetization strategies including, but not limited to, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Infolinks, and affiliate connections.

    You will get co-development credit in all projects and all revenue will be received in my name, from which I will deduct web hosting and domain expenses and give you 32% off the remainder, taking 68% for myself.

    Preferred candidate has the ability to turn off his/her critical thinking ability to get a job done, or do critical thinking when I’m having mental blocks.

    Place of employment will be my house, your house, any public place except Daytona State College with a lot of computers, or any place we can take our laptops with free Wi-Fi.

    If you do not have a laptop, one will be provided for you.

    Please email me with your phone number if you are interested, and I will call you.


    Photography Services, $50, Ormond Beach, FL

    I am offering my photography services at a rate of $50 per hour (minimum 1 hour). I have over six years experience and I will take pictures of your events, art, pets, or teach you, or work with your computer files, if you live within 10 miles of Ormond (a $0.25/mi. travel fee will be assessed for excess distance).

    Additionally, I will provide a free CD including the digital negatives (RAW files) by mail or server upload at no additional cost, and you will be allowed to use these unlimited for any noncommercial purposes (a $0.01/impression fee will be assessed for commercial use).

    I am also an experienced web developer, musician, writer, and math tutor. You can find my photography work at . Please note that I do not have a studio.

    If you want to contact me, call or text 386-675-5746, email, or use .


    I love blogging with software, not because it’s easier, but because I don’t have to worry about being censored or moderated like I do on Twitter or Facebook. Since I have WiredTree as my webhost, and I pay them a bundle, they don’t care what I do as long as I don’t break the law or their servers. That’s about as close as you can get to pure freedom on the Internets. ;)

  11. Volusia County

    I think Volusia County should have an ordinance against decoy fire hydrants. Someone on the block next to me has a fire hydrant for a mailbox, and even if the owner is a fire fighter, it sets a bad precedent because people may get confused and think they have a fire hydrant right nearby.

    For this reason, we should ban fire hydrant decorations. I would not go so far as to say we should ban decorative wells, because most people know those don’t pump real water.

  12. Daytona State College

    I have always procrastinated on chores and when I was younger, video games held most of my attention. In reality, procrastination is a sign you are on the wrong path, because if you procrastinate, that means you don’t value the work you must do. You need to change your work, change your values, or a combination thereof to eliminate procrastination. Any other solution is a mere stopgap.

  13. Daytona State College

    I believe zero tolerance policies are an abomination intended to turn us into machines. We’re human beings, and human beings make mistakes every day, hour, minute, second, and year. However, if you work in the system, you have to follow the system’s rules, so I can’t fault principals and superintendants for following orders. I can fault them for changing their values to match the system, or being discordant with the values of the system, however.

    Zero-tolerance policies appeal to high-strung, tin-foil hat types of people. The fact is, it’s a very rare event for someone to bring in a pocket knife or a drink with a few grains of alcohol in it with the intention of causing harm. 99% of the time, such people just forgot or made a simple human error. Not only should they not be expelled, but they should not even be punished. At most, their parents should have to come in to pick up the article in question, and more often than not, the child will want to not tell his parents because he won’t want to shed bad light on himself.


    You’re right, sometimes it’s just necessary to believe something untrue to motivate yourself to do the work you have to do. The important thing is to be able to reverse the belief later. We live in an age of incredible technology and psychology is becoming far more in-depth.


    Did he write that? It’s on several websites including

    Either way, if I wanted to marry a girl and she did that I would not marry her because purging into a pot for ten days is gross and creepy. I don’t really get the point of this story, because I would describe the body as a vessel, not a machine. When I think of a machine I think of gears and steel, not a heart and lungs.

    I disagree with the theory that “currently the soul is covered by the material body.” The soul isn’t even present on the material plane, only the spiritual plane. You can steal a man’s heart, but not his soul, because that always belongs to him. If you sell your soul to the devil, you are still the legitimate owner of your soul. It’s sort of like selling slaves… slavery is wrong, so the whole concept of owning a person is flawed, just as the concept of a tangible soul is flawed.

    Skin is one of the most important organs of the body and the most painful to damage. Just because the body is full of blood, bile, and mucous does not mean it’s ugly. The body is more than the sum of its parts — it is the temple of the Lord.


    The worst diseases are viruses because they never go away… No one is honest all the time, not even with their spouse; everyone tells white lies at one time or another, and some commit adultery.

    As for the clock batteries, you should check out the new AA charger for alkaline (disposable) batteries from Rosewill! I got two but I haven’t opened them yet… I’m thinking of giving one away as a gift.


    Lexmark C534n Color Laser Printer – Needs New Fuser – $50 (Ormond Beach)

    This is a beast — a Lexmark C534n Color Laser Printer that has been lightly used and is displaying the error 120.10 Service Fuser. This means the fuser isn’t getting hot enough, but you may be able to fix it easily if you are good with color laser printers, or you can buy a new one for under $250.

    The printer is 3 years old and has printed under 500 pages — the 4 starter cartridges are still in place with 90% of the toner remaining.

    Asking $50 or best offer. The cartridges could be recycled for $12 store credit at Office Depot and the parts alone are worth more. This was a $700 printer when purchased in 2007.

    Please call Richard at 386-675-4472 or email me.


    I’m using W3 Total Cache on WordPress MU 2.7, and if I enable enhanced disk cache, URLs like don’t forward to (I use trailing slashes in my permalinks). HTTP 200 is returned instead of HTTP 301. However, with the standard disk cache the redirects work fine.

    Is this an Apache issue, a W3 Total issue, or a WP issue? Upgrading from WPMU 2.7 is not an option, so please don’t suggest it.


    I am also experiencing this problem, but I am using W3 Total Cache on WPMU 2.7 in a subdomain blog using WP Subdomains to create virtual subdomains for pages on my subdomain blog in the root namespace alongside the WPMU subdomains. I hacked the core to accomplish this — wpmu-settings.php to be specific. However, I would still like W3 Total Cache to work on these subdomains:

    As you can see from looking at the HTML source, the W3 Total Cache HTML comment is being inserted at the end but it isn’t optimizing the page at all. Compare to the source code of my home page,, which is minified, gzipped, and fully cached.


    Knowledge is more than the sum of its parts. It’s very hard to gain inner wisdom if your job involves a narrow specialty and you don’t enjoy research, because you need broad experiences to become an old wise man.

    However, most people either specialize too much or generalize too much. Dabbling in different professions is very bad ― it costs a lot of money and leads nowhere. Most people just give up on programming, or music, or writing when the going gets rough. Then, they claim to be a programmer-musician-writer extraordinaire when in fact they suck at ALL of them.


    I have the Feedburner email service, but only about 25 people use it and it just emails my blog posts. I’ve been looking for a good WordPress plugin to run a mailing list on my server, because I don’t want to pay $19 a month for just 500 subscribers. I may have to write a plugin myself or adapt another.

    I’ve always read that email is much better than websites or even social networking. When someone follows me on Twitter, where do I find out about it? My email, not Every website and web service sends emails to its users, and they are usually read and saved rather than closed and deleted.

    I’m not sure if you’re fussy about typos, but I think I found four in your post:

    * First paragraph: “For many bloggers, myself included, the thought of a mailing list is the furthest thing from their mind” — “mind” should be plural.

    * Under #4, “they new about it” should be “they knew about it.”

    * Under “What to Give Away,” the sentence “what about, instead of a product, you give a service instead.” should end with a question mark.

    * Under the same heading “why not offer a free mini-consultation in exchange for opting in for my mailing list.” should also end with a question mark.

    I enjoyed this article!

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