Information Concerning The Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Certification Examination

The Adobe Acrobat 9 examination will test your knowledge when it comes to modifying, creating, and printing documents that are put into PDF files. PDF is an acronym that stands for Portable Document Format. Individuals will be required to have the skills to perform document reviews, security protocols on the documents, as well as creating different forms.

Successfully passing the examination will make an individual an ACE professional. The examination consists of fifty questions that reviews over various topics such as:

-Navigation and viewing of PDF formatted documents
-Combining documents that are in PDF format
-Creating PDF documents
-Managing security for the PDF documents
-Collecting data and creating PDF document forms

In order to obtain a certification for taking the examination, an applicant must receive a minimum passing score of seventy percent or higher. Registration for the examination can be done through a PEARSON VUE center. Scores will be electronically reported at the completion of the examination.

However, applicants taking the examination will be required to wait two to four weeks from the date that they have successfully passed the examination to receive the certification that goes along with it. Aside from the certification that an individual will receive, they will also be given a Welcome Kit that will congratulate them on successfully becoming an ACE professional.

This certification can be used to apply for various sources of employment with companies that require the assistance of an ACE certified individual. Various study materials exist to prepare applicants for the examination.