Going Incognito: Essential Street Photography Tips

Why Playing Poker Is One of Them

Street Photography When you take a stroll around Neukolln, you’ll see Berlin’s hippest neighborhood flourishing with galleries, cafes and unique haunts around Reuter Quarter and you can easily capture the zeitgeist of the streets especially its locals. What makes Neukolln or any up and coming neighborhood an interesting subject for street photography is you really don’t need to scavenge through the labyrinthine streets because any moment and any subject even the most mundane ones are worth photographing. Well, this all depends if you have the eye for it. If you want to turn on your creative juices and keep them flowing, some basic photography know-how is most beneficial but you really don’t need expensive equipment like the latest Mamiya. When it comes to street photography, there are a few exceptions that can be most suitable for outdoor shooting as opposed to shooting in the studio and your weekly poker night can help you become better at it.

Poker is a high stakes game that involves careful strategy and you will soon find out that it doesn’t only improve your mental speed but you can also incorporate it with the basic elements of photography as well. For example, take a look at Germany’s top professional poker players like Pius Heinz, Tobias Reinkemeier and Niklas Heinecker. You’ll observe that they are just waiting for the opportune time to strike and this involves a lot of practice by playing online and joining all those professional tournaments such as the World Series of Poker, the European Poker Tour and BWIN’s partypoker.com events. Cool, calm and collected, these poker players are discreet and use their wits and cunning and that’s ingenious strategy right there. In photography, you can use this skill by observing certain rules and regulations first. Germany is considered to be strict in their photography laws when it comes to protecting an individual’s privacy. If you post someone else’s photo without their permission on social networking sites, you can either get an email or worse, a “cease and desist” order. You can also get more information about these laws from Photo.net.

Street photography is definitely not taboo, you just have to be sly and crafty like those professional poker players. Why not take a cue from Helmut Newton who is one of Germany’s most revered photographers and is also known as a provocateur and voyeur of the art and photography world. From street photography and fashion photography, he is known to be one of the world’s greatest masters and it’s no surprise that there are a lot of museums and institutions have his permanent collections like the Museum fur Fotografie. Who knows, Helmut Newton could have been a great poker player too.