Carbon Taxes

Proposed in the United Nations and the U.S. Congress is a tax on all carbon dioxide emissions. Whenever we light our wood-burning stove to heat our house, carbon atoms in the wood are being oxidized to release heat and carbon dioxide. Whenever we breathe in and out, we convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. A carbon tax is no more than a slave tax—a yoke around the necks of industry which will kill a billion people in the third world. Gasoline and power bills will easily go up 10%, and the cumulative effects will be even worse at the supermarket and the office stores.

The Carbon Tax Center postulates that “a permanent and increasing U.S. carbon tax is essential.” The theory is that burning carbon causes the Earth to become warmer, and that any influence we have on the Earth’s environment must be negative. Therefore, the ultimate solution is human extinction. We all know the Earth would be completely perfect without our presence. Short of that mass suicide, modern feudalism to our elitist overlords for our carbon sins will do (carbon is one of the four major organic molecules along with hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen). The mindset is we are a cancer upon the planet, and every time a baby is born mother Earth weeps. Environmentalism is an excuse to take away our sovereignty, our property, and our wombs as gifts to the state, in the name of saving the Earth. This is why popular media promotes euthanasia, abortion rights, and one-child per family policies. Human life is cheap because we don’t belong here anyway. We evolved from monkeys as an evolutionary mistake, because monkeys were never supposed to be this smart.

The science anthropogenic climate change rests on is shaky. Emails leaked from the Climactic Research Unit in the University of East Anglia reveal that the Earth’s temperature has been declining since 2000. Scientists there have to come up with tricks to “hide the decline” in temperature—also known as fudging the numbers or cheating, to support the global warming agenda. Then the U.N. takes the C.R.U.’s reports and cites them as the excuse to enslave humanity. During the Medieval Warming Period, It was far warmer than it is now. The sun goes through warming and cooling cycles and right now we are in a cooling cycle. There is nothing you can do about that. More carbon dioxide does not cause global warming; global warming causes elevated carbon dioxide levels. Besides, the warming of the planet by 1 or 2 degrees F would be better for farmers. The Earth is too cold. Sea levels may rise one or two inches. Not 50 feet. The Great Lakes are not preparing to drain into the Gulf of Mexico, nor will San Francisco be 50 feet underwater by the 50th presidential election.

Our carbon output amounts to about 0.28% of the planet’s. Volcanos go off all the time. Florida is supposed to be on fire half the year. Polar bears are not dying and penguins are swimming better than ever. If you want to talk about damaging the environment, talk about the 200,000 troops we have bombing Afghanistan, killing citizens for no reason other than bloodlust. We fight wars with no enemies against people who have no weapons besides the weapons we give them, and then at home we talk of instituting crippling taxes and killing off the elderly. The only terrorists in this country are the elitsts on Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and several others, who continue to ram fascism down our throats.

The Constitution is dying and our freedoms are disappearing. The police dress in black and engage us as enemy combatants. As the artificial dollar bubble bursts, property taxes, mandatory car insurance, vehicle registrations, garbage pick up, sewage and water services, and power and phone services skyrocket. The people are being trodden over. Motorcycle cops are mere tax collectors, and we never question them, lest we be tased or clubbed.

We are headed for national socialism. With carbon taxes, even more of our money will go to the state and we will have to count on the state to take care of all our problems. It won’t happen. Healthcare is going to get even worse. You better pray you don’t get sick. They want to kill us with fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines, and barium in the chemical trails they continually spray on us (with no remorse for mother Earth). Some 2000 nuclear weapons test detonations in the past 70 years have done far worse for the environment than smokestacks or gas-guzzling SUVs.

Wake up and watch the Alex Jones channel. Start eating apricot kernels to avoid cancer. The green movement is death-worship, and we must thwart the death-worshipers before they kill us all. Population control starts with you.

Carbon taxes are the secular version of the Catholic indulgences of the 1400s. Carbon taxes will be used to set up a global government with Pope Benedict’s blessing, and there will be no escape. Buy your shotguns now.

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  1. I like the way you write. Man I have diaries full of such tirades from my teenage days. Richard, I like your teenage angst. This is what we all need – teenage angst. We need teenage angst even in our adulthod. I think this is one thing that we should carry from our youth. As soon as we leave the threshold of teenagehood and enter adulthood we simmer down and become like regular spokes in a wheel. It doesn’t matter whether the giant wheel loses one spoke, because it shall easily be replaced with another.

    Global warming is a Hoax; I agree with you. Half of our knowledge is chock-full of lies.

    Cheers mate

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. We are in first steps/solutions on the long road to environnemnt protection. Carbon Taxes is not the miracle solution but at least every one will be aware of this problem.

  3. Interesting post. I consider myself an open-minded person. I have learned some stuff from your article. For one thing, I had no idea that humanity accounted for such a small proportion of the earth’s total carbon emission.

    I am not well read in this subject so I honestly am not qualified to write a response. But I think there is a need to account for cleaner fuels in the pricing. For example, we recently bought a propane boiler to replace our oil one. Propane is a far cleaner fuel than oil. This means less smog, less respiratory problems in the aggregate (not to mention that the US has a ton of natural gas reserves and doesn’t have to import it.) These external benefits should somewhat be reflected in the price.

    My 2c.

  4. the ultimate solution is the extinction of man … why not? But a little extreme:) :big-grin:

  5. They aren’t doing it to tax your breathing, kill your babies and rule the world, holy shit man, are you the same type of person that believes the video Loose Change? You’re 18 and writing this type of stuff: you honestly know absolutely nothing about anything. Back when I was your age I had a teacher that always told us that when he was in high school, he thought he was super intelligent (national merit finalist, skipped a year, high grades etc,) but when he got to college he realized his stupidity. In all honesty, you sound like a person who is SO SURE of himself that he will not change his attitude. Am I correct in assuming you will always think you’re right?

    My guess is that you’ve never held a menial job. Do so, soon, as it will be the first step towards realizing you’re not the best. Also, read about intelligence, theories, and psychology. I hope we share some inkling of mindset in that if you do read these you’ll learn something about yourself. I also just read your dumb, smart, and smarter article: all wrong. First and foremost, any “smarter” person does not go and post about how other people are dumb or under them in smartness, i.e. intelligence. Second off, a theme for your “smarter” people is to be manipulative and the apparent lack of need for others. An actual “smarter” person would realize how one cant do everything with ones own means.

    Even your picture speaks to your elevated ego and super confidence: crossed arms, a determined look and “hard” facial expression off to the side of the camera? Please, if you didn’t care so much about how others viewed you, you’d take a picture of yourself in a natural state, and since you cant do that when you’re photographing a portrait, you’d take a random snapped photo somebody took when you weren’t looking.

    Travel the world before you talk about it- you’ll learn why poor people are poor and the hippies act the way they do. Honestly, if you just look at pictures of the ice caps over the past 50 years you’d see they are receding. If you traveled through the haze of Hong Kong you’d begin to advocate for less emissions. You sound like a typical ultra conservative.

    Dear Jesus, kid, I could vent more but, in all honesty, I don’t care much more than what’s above. I just hope you grow up soon, and, in the process, learn something.


    • Oh, I’m not sure of myself anymore… the people who act the most confident are the ones who are most immature inside, and I’m definitely one of them now. False fronts serve no one.

      Watch some of Alex Jones’ films and you’ll see that carbon taxes cannot possibly benefit the people. They are an excuse to cheapen human life. We’re being penny wise and dollar foolish. It was so windy out last night… if every house in Daytona Beach, Florida had a windmill on its roof, we could’ve sold enough power back to the electric companies to pay all our bills. But instead we get government intervention which tends to stifle the free market and starve and imprison people. Don’t keep believing what you hear on CNN or the nightly news.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post about carbon taxes! Thanks for sharing and i hope you’ll continue to write such quality content! I wish you all the best!

      • A tax on the breath would be THE cash cow for the government, but i think we all have to reduce our carbon footprint, so thanks Richard for this enlightenment.

    • Thanks Tracy! Carbon taxes are an excuse to impoverish the people and establish world government. Don’t be wasteful, but don’t support carbon taxes.

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