Why Abortion is Wrong Even if it’s Right

I’m going down a hypothetical path where abortion is ethical and just, despite knowing it isn’t. I will prove that even if my knowledge is false and abortion is ethical, one who goes down that “ethical” path reaches a dead end, the end result for which is tenfold worse than believing abortion is unethical. Finally, with plain-old logic, I’ll prove that abortion is the wrong choice either way.


First, let’s make the definition of “fetus” really clear. The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines it as this:

“In humans, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth.”

They say “unborn young” instead of “unborn baby.” But what is a “young”? In the American Heritage Dictionary, the only definitions of “young” as a noun are these:

1. Young persons considered as a group; youth: entertainment for the young.
2. Offspring; brood: a lioness with her young.

Young persons could be anyone up to eighteen, which is fairly broad. But we know what the lioness is with. She’s with her “young,” so she’s also with her “babies,” because the words are synonyms. Offspring and brood are both babies in their infancies. This means that fetus == unborn child, regardless of a pro or anti-abortion stance. It’s just meaningless semantics.

Now that we know that a mother carries an unborn child, we have to decide if he (or it) has human rights. And yes, I use “he” to mean he or she because I don’t use gender-neutral language.

The human rights question

There are three angles to human rights for unborn humans. They are:

1. The unborn baby has human rights regardless of his mother’s opinion.
2. The unborn baby has no human rights regardless of his mother’s opinion.
3. The unborn baby has human rights if the mother wants to keep him, but no rights if he is unwanted.

I’ve never heard anyone use the third one. No matter which side you come from, human rights don’t fluctuate on a whim. With #3 eliminated, #1 and #2 remain.

#1 is what pro-lifers hold. Even if the mother wants to kill her unborn baby, it’s wrong because he has rights.

#2 is what pro-choicers hold. If the mother wants to kill her unborn baby, that’s fine because he has no rights. If she wants to bear him, that’s fine too because it’s her choice.

The “truths” abortionists hold to be self-evident

Most abortionists hold two beliefs which confirm abortion as ethical, should the mother choose to execute her right. They are:

1. Abortion is mostly harmless: There is little risk to the mother’s body in extracting the unborn baby. The risks in carrying the child to birth are surely higher. Because the child does not yet have human rights, any pain caused to him during the killing does not matter. Most abortions are performed before the fifth month, where the child has not yet formed a human-like brain, so he likely comprehends no pain anyway.

2. Abortion is generally good for society: We have too many people, so it’s good to eliminate a lot of them before birth. Most abortions are performed on babies who would have fewer material possessions and creature comforts if they were born and raised, because their parents are under-funded. This would mean they would have a lower quality of life than other children, which would be unfair. If a to-be-aborted boy was born and raised despite this, his mother wouldn’t love him as much, because if she did, she would never have considered aborting him, instead pressing forward no matter what the difficulties. This would be quite saddening for the boy. Also, teenage mothers receive the most abortions, and because becoming pregnant in your teens is now frowned upon, the child would be socially stigmatized if he was born.

Pragmatism vs. idealism : debunking the myth

The common belief is that the pro-choice vs. pro-life debate can be summed with two words: pragmatism versus idealism. Pro-abortionists are pragmatists, meaning they’re down-to-Earth and practical, while anti-abortionists are idealists, subscribing to over-arching, unmovable values, usually rooted in God, whose existence cannot be scientifically proven. Pro-abortionists believe human life begins once the human-like neural pathways are formed about six months into the pregnancy, while anti-abortionists believe human life begins when life beings: at the point of conception. Some pro-abortionists think it’s alright to kill a baby two minutes before he pops out, but that’s extreme; most concede that if he can survive outside the mother, even with human help, he has human rights.

You may have read all this. You may be thinking it’s pretty reasonable. But actually, it’s just a difference of six months. I know in my heart that human life starts at conception, but both are arbitrary and idealistic. You can’t say one is pragmatic because neither is.

The hidden dark side of abortion

We already know the dark side of accepting abortion: we lose lots of healthy babies. To me, that’s a real shame. Plenty of women are trying but failing at making babies right now, so to throw away perfectly good ones is just wasteful. Then, when you add into the mix that humans have a soul; that they are special, unlike cows and pigs, the case against abortion grows even larger.

But there is an even worse, hidden dark side. The hidden dark side is that by gaining abortion privileges, you think you’ve secured the rights to your body, but in fact, you’ve done just the opposite. You’ve lost them. Now, the state can force you to kill if your baby has Down syndrome, because it’s for the public good. We’ve already determined that abortion is ethical and harmless. Even if you want to keep the baby, democracy will prevail, trumping your rights to your “malformed” child. Do you want that to happen?

The case of rape

Raped women don’t usually become pregnant, evidently because of the fear and shock. A few times it does happen, and pro-abortionists try to use this as a weapon. The argument: rape victims should be allowed to abort, because they’ve suffered enough trauma already.

Let’s think about this logically. There are three people involved in this relationship: the rapist, the victim, and the child. Who is without-a-doubt, completely innocent?

The rapist is bad. Raping a woman isn’t a nice thing to do. The victim may also be completely guiltless. But more likely, culpability entered into the game. She was partially responsible because she didn’t take adequate precautions. She should have known the danger of rape, for a woman, is always present. If I walk down the street with a hat stuffed with hundred dollar bills, I can’t act surprised when I’m robbed.

You may say culpability doesn’t matter. But you already believe pro-abortionists are more intuitive and pragmatic people in general. Isn’t culpability a pragmatic belief? Doesn’t it bode well with your justifications for abortion?

Regardless, the child is the most angelic of the troika. Killing him is completely the wrong action. If you must kill someone, kill the rapist and keep the child. I’ll send a sympathy card to the rapist’s family.

The bias against teenage pregnancy

Being pregnant at fourteen is perfectly normal. Only in the twentieth century have we so firmly criminalized it. People used to die quickly, so it was important to start creating life early and often. Fourteen-year-old girls can easily become pregnant, because they’re already women biologically, even if the government says otherwise.

I have a cousin who had a child at fourteen. That kid is now a perfectly normal, smart-witted girl, soon to be five. I would’ve hated for her to be killed.

Don’t kill your unborn baby just because you’re a teen. So what if other people shun you? Are you going to let society dictate the fate of your baby? Oh, you say your career is ruined now. You have to put money above human life. How weak. You failure. What kind of career have you picked anyway, if having a child as a teenager is going to ruin it? Not a very good career, I can say that.

Come back when you’ve grown up a little. I’ll be waiting.

A better life

I don’t understand it when people say “don’t punish the child.” Abort this one, and have another child later when you’re financially secure, because he’ll have a better life and be wanted. As if being born unwanted is so terrible a punishment. If I was an unwanted, unborn child who got to choose between life and death, I’d be born unwanted anyway, even if I was crippled and retarded. Anything to live. I can’t live if I’m already dead. I can’t do good in this world if I’m snuffed out before having a chance.

What if it’s an incestuous rape and the unborn child is deaf, blind, retarded, and paraplegic?

Have the child anyway. He’ll have a shot at out-shining Helen Keller, and maybe he can be a shining light for others too. :grin:

Should governments criminalize abortions?

Of course. If a government fails to protect the sanctity of human life, what good is that government? The core mission of government is to protect the sick and the weak: the ones that cannot speak for themselves. Abortion should be illegal, and women and doctors who participate in it should be charged with murder. A very unfortunate form of murder. At least if you kill an adult, he has a fighting chance at killing you first. Not so with a helpless baby.

If you’re considering an abortion:

Let me just have one more stab at convincing you to keep the baby. Consider this: once you go through with it, there’s no turning back. But if you have the kid anyway, you can always turn back. Don’t you want the option of turning back? Even when he’s fifteen, you can knock him out with some sleeping pills and beat him over the head with a brick. Sure, you’ll probably go to jail for a while, but it’s all good. You can just claim the Andrea Yates defense. :cool:

134 thoughts on “Why Abortion is Wrong Even if it’s Right

  1. Kira …. you are very right. we are so much worse than cows and pigs. We kill our children and call it a right.

    And no I am not a bilbe this or quran that. The belief that a book is the innerant word of God is the second most dispicable thought among humans. The first is the belief that abortion as a form of birth control is anything less than murder. Actually its worse than murder. Much worse.

  2. I am Pro choice and proud. A woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body. If she chooses to have sex she has chosen to have a child and she is damn well responsible for that choice. Now thats pro choice baby!

    Rape. I could not in good conscience force a 9 minute rape to be a 9 month rape. I tip my hat to the saint that is raped and carries the child to term.

    We are intelligent sentient beings. Have sex, have a baby. Deal with it.

  3. A little too harsh, don’t hate on ANYBODY. However I do agree with just about every statement in this article, except for the rape part. I think abortion after a rape is COMPLETELY wrong! But it’s foolish to say it’s the victim’s fault at all. She was raped! It’s against her will!

    Anywho, I do want to say you do present very affective arguments against abortion, and it makes sense.

  4. abortions are wrong, if you don’t want this baby then you can always give the innocent baby up for adoption, there are so many people out in the world that would love to have a baby and cant. why should you have the right to take a life of an innocent baby. thats just not right at all. that baby didn’t do anything to you for you to just kill them. there are other options then abortions. think about the baby not just yourself. that baby shouldn’t have to die do to the ignorance of the adults. like someone said above once you have an abortion theres no turning back but if you have the child and end up being to hard for you then you can give that child up for adoption to a family that would love and care for that child.

  5. Abortion should be legal. A pregnant woman sooner or later is gonna want an abortion bad enough, she wont care about the law. Or the fact that back alley abortion might kill her. Pointing fingers and calling these women “murderers” isnt going to solve anything. They will still seek abortion. Whether or not it is wrong, abortion is not going to be stopped. Clinics allow a sterile place with professionals that can safely abort babies as well as provide psychological help/counseling. In back alleys, women stick clothes hangers up their cooches. One of a few things can happen. She might succeed. Or, she could end up getting an infection that kills her and/or the baby. Or she could damage the fetus and give birth to a deformed or damaged baby that would otherwise have been born healthy. Why derive a safer form of abortion when the woman is gonna go through with it anyway? Laws that have women seek adoption before abortion would be nice. No need to force a rape victim with a child she’s not emotionally/psychologically ready to raise, nor force her with abortion.

    • Uh, that’s like saying “Murder is wrong, but it should be legal because people are gonna do it anyways.” Abortion is murder. And if people are selfish enough to hurt themselves just because they don’t want to “ruin” their body or their reputation because they are prideful, then let them be stupid and hurt themselves. A baby is not a part of their body, it is an entirely new body. Adoption is always the better option.

  6. no one should have abortions its just not right. you decided to lay there and the outcome is your fault. :neutral: no that even thought the child is unborn that it still has rights dispite what you think its a human right even if its not completely developed it is still a human thus the human rights. and if you dont believe that then just let parents beat and kill there toddlers and get away with it because its the same thing. it is unjust. :small:

  7. There are two things that made my blood boil in your little work of ignorance here.

    “She was partially responsible because she didn’t take adequate precautions. She should have known the danger of rape, for a woman, is always present. If I walk down the street with a hat stuffed with hundred dollar bills, I can’t act surprised when I’m robbed.”

    No woman wants to be raped. It is no more likely to happen walking drunkenly home from the club than simply going to your car from work. Are you suggesting her precautions should be a body guard? That she should expect such treatment? Or are you merely referring to the fact that she should have worn more clothes? Because I see no justifiable reason for that abhorrent statement.

    Furthermore, the words;
    “Then, when you add into the mix that humans have a soul; that they are special, unlike cows and pigs, the case against abortion grows even larger.”

    You sir, are a moron. To begin, your first fallacy is that you assume that people have ‘souls’, a meaningless term that refers to what we only know to be our personalities, anything else is pure speculation- something you probably received from that bible you so blindly follow. Your second issue is that you seem to think that we are any better than cows and pigs, I have news for you- We are worse. Much worse. Consider our crimes and selfishness, then take a look at the animal kingdom, and yes, there is violence, but there is also a beautiful system of selflessness and team work. There is nothing to suggest that these animals do not have a ‘soul’, even if they do exist, they are intelligent, and often sweet creatures, capable of memory and recognition, pain, characteristics and affection. Anything more is yet to be proven, and probably never will, but I despise your callous disregard of them.

    • two comments about your two comments.

      1. No women want to be raped, yes, but no baby wants to be aborted. plus, if a women lives in that dangerous of a community, then there are rape condoms for a reason. That’s a perfectly reasonable procaution she could take.

      2. Agreed, people are crazy, but what other animal can read and write like humans. we’re amazing cause we can think on our own, have an understanding of the world that no other animal has. We build and create outstanding cars, buildings, art, etc. that animals can’t match. Abouve all, each individual person has the ability to make their life whatever they want, believe whatever they want; something animals can’t do. That’s what makes humans valuable and beautiful: understanding, creativity, and will-power. ^.^

  8. Abortion is so wrong. It is murdering a child who has absolutely no say in the matter. If you think about it, it is practically an encouragement for unprotected sex. Like,
    “Hey, honey! You’re 16, but let’s have sex!”
    “Oh, no, I might get pregnant.”
    “Oh, its ok. You can just get an abortion.”

  9. I think its wrong to have an abortion becouse if we r one of the babies aborted we wouldnt be here today and also if our great leaders who run our government were one of the aborted babies , they wouldnt be here , so we should think positive ways .. nd young motherss should think before they have the pregnancy nd make sure they using pills same to go with guys too they should be using condoms

  10. i was raped once, i had a baby, i didn’t abort it and REGRETTED IT. everytime i looked at my baby, it reminded me of the rape everyday for 5 years, so one night i smothered it in its bed. i was put in jail for 25 years, it was worth it.

    • I feel sympathy for you. Rape is extremely traumatic… trust me, I know. Please believe me when I say I know your pain. :smile:

      • Stop being selfish. What about the pain of the poor little one? Get into the word of God itll help ease y’alls pain.

    • You should have put everything in the hands of God instead of murdering your poor little child. It wasnt his fault for what happened in your past. Ask for forgiveness before you suffer more than your little baby. Hell exists. I’ll be praying for you either way. God Bless.

  11. i agree with most of it. except for one VERY big thing. when a woman is raped it isnt HER fault she is not even a little responsible for it. rape is rape. a crime a horrible thing. how would you raise a child saying , ye. yr father was a rapist. how can you even say that the woman is a little bit responsible???!?!? for some stupid case abortion can be a bad thing. yes i agree. and no its not normal for a teen pregnacy., if i woman chooses to get an abortion whatever the reason it is her personal choice. and she is already going threw emotional and physical pain. think about it.. really? her responsible for rape. you coward.

    • the mental pain will always be there. rape pregnancies almost never happen. if anyone is ever raped they need to go to their pharmacy and get the plan B pill. that way there would be no abortion and stop the sperm before it gets to the egg that way she would never become pregnant by the man who raped her. abortion should NEVER be an option. it IS MURDER.

  12. So, one little thing…

    Your title proves that you know abortion is a right, and yet you refuse to accept that. You contradict yourself before you even begin to argue.

    And then the rest that follows just grows more and more idiotic by the syllable.

    You, my good sir, are what logical people call an IDIOT. A close-minded, bible-thumping, agenda-having, evidence-refusing jackass. I have more interesting words, some more vulgar than others, but I’m tired, and I know you will simply spout more nonsense to rebuff me and my logic, so yeah. Not gonna waste more time than I already have.

    • I don’t see what you are trying to say other that putting them down as a human being and you never gave any reason as to what exactly it was that was wring with what he was saying.

      • EVERYTHING is wrong with this horrible mass of ignorant ideas. You’re COMPLETELY wrong from the very start when you state the pro abortionists ideals saying that they believe that abortion is “harmless” and “generally good for society.” WHOEVER said that?! Did you pull those ideas out of your ass?? Obviously, sir. And OF COURSE the fetus is a human being. The point though is that its growing in the woman’s body, the fetus is completely 100% dependent on the woman for nutrients etc. It is a part of her and giving that human rights would mean that the rights of the woman would be taken away and I will not stand for that. AND ALSO….its partially the woman’s fault for rape? REALLY? What a shameful contribution to society you are.

  13. I agree with most of this, except the part about teenage pregnancy being normal. No, it doesnt happen all the time as your ‘normal’ suggests, but I think if you are old enough to have sex without using protection you should be old enough to have a baby. However, in the case of rape you say it is partially the victims fault- i dont see how, as it isn’t as if she purposefully asked or flaunted herself to be raped. Im 13 and I think abortion is the worst thing to do to an unborn child, but if you are in the situation of rape I can see how the woman wouldnt be able to look at the poor child without seeing her own trauma.

    • So put it up for adoption.Honestly, a lot of abortions cost thousands of dollars. Putting a kid up for adoption is almost free. Just do that, or take birth control. How hard is it?

  14. you guys treat people who have abortions like they do it on a whim. its hard for the mother and the father to just say we dont want our child anymore, some women even have to go to therapy. there is even a stories of women who wake up in the middle of the night everynight and feel a baby kick because of so much stress from it. im pro choice and proud of it, we arent killing babies, were just trying to save someone elses life. and besides even if we go to extremes and make it illegal and women will still have backstreet abortions thats dangerous to everyone.

    • so just because people will still steal, we should just make it legal so that its safer for them? the fact that people will still do it is not a good base to make laws on.

    • “we arent killing babies, were just trying to save someone elses life.” That, my friend, is known as a contradiction. You rip apart, burn, or just suck the brain out of a perfectly good human. For heaven’s sake, people suicide because of abortions. They harm their other children. Why don’t you just watch the Silent Scream? Go down to an abortion clinic and look in their dumpster. Then tell me you’re not killing babies.

    • there is even a stories of women who wake up in the middle of the night everynight and feel a baby kick because of so much stress from it. Hon, that’s not just “a few” that happens to practically 9 out of 10 women who get an abortion. There are many suicides, suicide attempts, murdered kids… abortion is not a good thing. Not for the mother, not for the child.

    • You are killing babies! Your ruining Gods plan for the baby. End of story.

  15. This article (regardless of my own personal opinion) is preaching to the choir. If you don’t already believe that abortion is wrong, fetuses are the same thing as babies, or that people have souls, after reading this article, you will in no way have been swayed.

    Also, in the section “The Hidden Dark Side of Abortion,” in the second paragraph, you use what is known as a slippery slope fallacy (ex. “Once all gun-owners have registered their firearms, the government will know exactly from whom to confiscate them”)

    I could go over other sections, but I haven’t got the time.

    • Interesting…. I have no idea where that picture came from.

    • The problem is evil proliferates when good people do nothing. Many people have undefined beliefs, so this article might sway those people, either immediately or in retrospect, in one direction or the other.

      If we believe fetuses are disposable, then we may as well believe children up to the age of 2 can be disposed of (this has actually been proposed), and it’s a slippery slope from there. Furthermore, vacuuming out the contents of a womb is unnatural and makes it harder to have more children down the line, because it disrupts the body’s natural processes.

      • EVERYTHING is wrong with this horrible mass of ignorant ideas. You’re COMPLETELY wrong from the very start when you state the pro abortionists ideals saying that they believe that abortion is “harmless” and “generally good for society.” WHOEVER said that?! Did you pull those ideas out of your ass?? Obviously, sir. And OF COURSE the fetus is a human being. The point though is that its growing in the woman’s body, the fetus is completely 100% dependent on the woman for nutrients etc. It is a part of her and giving that human rights would mean that the rights of the woman would be taken away and I will not stand for that. AND ALSO….its partially the woman’s fault for rape? REALLY? What a shameful contribution to society you are.

  16. I really liked the first half of this article because I thought it was going somewhere. You stated the pro-choice opinion very clearly, providing facts and scientific information, but when it came to pro-life you lost that tone and took on a more casual, emotional tone, which was totally not helpful to your argument. If the other side has facts, you can’t use feelings to sway them. I am pro-life, and so trust me when I say, you need to reevalutate your argument and try again.

      • Cindy-Loo-Who put it perfectly. I felt the exact same way reading through this. The first half of this was great, as you went through everything thoroughly and made counters to everything.

        After that, though, it turned into a more “do this because it’s right”, which is the exact opposite of how you should be going about it. As you’re trying to convince the pro-choicers, or as you said, the pragmatists, you have to be pragmatic in convincing them. Spouting that things are right/wrong doesn’t help when people that read it are looking for facts.

  17. I’m only 12 but now all I see and hear is about sex being fun and good and how it’s the best things in life and ehen they advertised sex they never showed the concicuences (sp?). But I know the risk of sex and getting preghant and I always knowned that I would have a child when I’m older and have my career and everything.And I am SO AGAINST ABORTION I love babies, infants, newborns, fetuses, and kids way too much to think that abortion is right. So I say to all the women out there getting preghant out there just don’t have sex or get your tubes tied , I think thats a way to stop pregnacy 99% off the time. And if women are raped I stil say you should keep it. It would tear me apart to know something that is 100% me, I killed myself. Just Sayin!!! :smile:

    • That’s wonderful. I would suggest you not have sex until the age of consent in your jurisdiction and don’t get a tubal ligation and don’t have your boyfriend get a vasectomy. Just use condoms or the pill.

  18. you people need to really rethink your lives. dont give me religous shit about all of this soul and crap. get down to earth and out of your make believe heaven. ya the baby feels pain for about 1 minute and it cant even understand the pain. ya i wish it couldnt feel pain but its a part of life. if its gonna save 1 life that already has meaning, than why is it bad to take a life that is barely alive. and that its the womans fault for getting raped! you people are messed up so think about something other than god and what he says cause hes not even real

    • Really? Just because you might be Atheist and don’t believe in God doesn’t mean that you need to bring it up like this. A baby is human and has the right to live. I am a Child’s Rights Activist and even if he/ she is unborn it has an opionion as well. Yes the baby may only feel the pain for a single slpit second but just think if YOU were the one aborted. What would you do then? You wouldn’t be here today. You would be in the hands of God. God is real… If he wasn’t…None of us would be here!

      I am highly against abortion but maybe you should have been the one aborted!

      • I agree. Any one of us could be dead now if our mothers aborted us, so we should be thankful they didn’t and we should encourage other mothers to not have their babies killed in the womb.

    • Come over to my place. I’ll tie you to a chair so you too are helpless, then procede to cut you into pieces. If you’d have a problem with that then why do you support that happening to defenceless children, albeit unborn chilren but children regardless.

      • I tend to agree. I know people say the world is over-populated because we have 7 billion people now, but I don’t buy that, and even if it was, that isn’t an excuse to start killing children… at least kill an adult and give him a fair chance to fight back. Babies are defenseless.

    • becareful, with what you’re saying (writing/typing) !

    • Why hasn’t anyone discussed adoption?!?!?! It’s pretty much the way to go if you feel you can’t give your child the good life you want to give him/her. Even if you don’t think the unborn fetus is an actual person yet, just think of the amazing gift you could give to a family who desperately wants a child. There are literally thousands of people in the US who are sterile and would make great parents.
      To the author: I liked your argument, but the one thing I didn’t really agree with was the thing about how women are (most of the time) partly to blame for rape. Ok, I dunno about you but I don’t know ANY women ANYWHERE who wants to get raped by some violent, gross guy. Men aren’t animals who don’t have the capacity to control themselves when women wear low cut shirts: this same line of thought is how some extremist Muslims justify making their women to wear burkas.
      Not that I’m condoning low-cut shirts or daisy dukes though. But seriously.

    • Why thank you for that kind, courteous, thoughtful RANT. That really made me think like you, and decide to join your way of thinking. Dear God, please help me not to whack my computer…

  19. Many people will say that women have a right to choose what goes on in their body. The problem with this frame of mind is that we are not separating two humans from one another. Yes, a woman has the right to choose what goes on in her body, but abortion is wrong because the baby is a separate human being. Another argument can be that the women should not have a right to kill her child.So many children are lost because people do not see that abortion is wrong. However, there are cases of children surviving and they have an amazing story to tell. Many of the great people of today could have been aborted. What would we be missing from today’s society if we had aborted the great people of this nation? Abortion is wrong because of how much the Lord reveres life in the Bible. He sees this subject with the utmost disgust and disrespect for what He has created. If a mother was to think about how incredible the formation of a baby through her body really is, she might have a different perspective on whether or not to terminate the pregnancy.Many people will say that rape is a reason to keep abortion legal. These people will say that this is ok under these circumstances. However, abortion is wrong if always looking at the perspective of the child. Killing a child is wrong no matter what is going on with the mother. But rape can also be considered a non argument because usually there can be so much fighting in the condition of a rape that a pregnancy is not likely to happen. Rape has one of the least percentages of people getting pregnant as a result. Therefore this cannot be used as an argument against practices such as this of any type.
    :angry: :?: :?: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :confused:

  20. Two entities cannot have equal rights when occupying the same body. It’s just not possible. One person’s rights have to trump the other. When the baby can survive on its own, (even with outside help, but not physically dependent on the mother), then there’s no more conflict.

    Until then you’re basically saying that the rights of the fetus, an unconscious ball of cells that happens to have human DNA, trumps the rights of the living, breathing, conscious woman that is carrying it.

    But I guess that’s expected — women aren’t worth much anyway in your opinion, right?

    Maybe you should move to China where they agree with you.

    • a two month old baby could’t survive on its own. So is okay to just kill it?

    • Ok, I’m a feminist woman and I don’t think it’s ok to kill unborn babies either, just like how I believe war, the death penalty, etc. is wrong. KILLING IS WRONG! You can’t weigh people’s worth like that. I don’t think I’m any better than my sister, who has down syndrome, or my brother, who is a recovering alcoholic. Everyone thinks this is a “woman’s rights” issue, but really there shouldn’t have to be such a thing as “woman’s rights”. There should just be “human rights”, and everyone has the right to live.
      And no, the baby’s life doesn’t trump the woman’s life. But as a human being, not as a woman, she should be willing to protect the human rights of her child.

      Also, for someone who’s putting on this act of being all liberal and modern, keep your racial prejudices to yourself. It’s not cool to mock someone else’s country or heritage, and make overgeneralized statements about specific groups of people. That is EXACTLY why sexism exists in this country. Your really no better.

  21. :angry: Killing unborn flesh is definitely wrong. There is no right to it whatsoever. Even if you get raped. You don’t want the baby, put it up for adoption. The baby has every right in the world to have a chance at living no matter what the circumstances are. The baby is a seperate human being. The baby is also no less human than its mother itself. Abortion should be illegal EVERYWHERE :angry:

  22. I’m sorry I,m going to have to disagree on the rape part. It’s not the woman’s fault so why is she responsible and the rapist could care less if he didn’t commit the act it would just be another load dripping down his hand, but because it was “forced” into a women and not on a dirty magazine it now murder. So killing for your country gives you a heroes welcome but aborting a spec in a woman’s uterus is murder? And don’t get me wrong I support and pray for our troops. But if murder is murder then they’re both sinners. So I believe abortion i alright if she was raped. And I’m talking about forced against there will raped. Not drunk at a party, woke up next to that guy from last night, oops no condom “drunk raped”.

    • i agree that rape is never the victims fault but i disagree with your statement that the mother should have the right to abort shes killing a baby that never gets the chance to experience life which in my opinion is wrong EVERY person in the world should at least have a chance to live if you don’t want to raise the child yourself then put him/her up for adoption so that they have a chance to live a normal happy life. Also ur statement that its the same as a soldier killing somebody while at war is completely wrong because they are fighting for our freedom.

      • Well just to be the devil’s advocate, technically everything you do is your fault. If im involved in a car crash, its my car’s fault: shouldnt have bought a crappy car ;the guy didnt fix my brakes properly: shouldnt have trusted him to do the job ; not my fault, the other guy sideswiped me: shouldnt hae been driving next to him. I got raped, shouldnt have put youself in that position, walking home, party whatever. I think its wrong but its just a play of fate and unluck.

  23. It’s not the mothers fault if she gets raped but it’s not the baby’s fault either and the baby shouldn’t be punished for it. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, either the baby is alive at conception and you’re killing it, or it’s not in which case you’re still preventing a life. There are more people out there who are born as a result of of rape, because the mothers CHOSE to keep them than most people think and I think people who call them ‘unwanted’ should be careful who they’re saying that around…

    • Never jack off again. You’re preventing life. Either your egg is dropping and being wasted, or you’re ejaculating thousands of sperm that will shrivel up and die.

  24. Woah… it was alright up until the rape part. So it is a womens fault that they get raped?? Oh let me just go and tell all women to change into men when they go out because they so have a choice when it comes to that. I mean there are a ton of better ways you could have went about that; for instance leave out the part where you say it is a womens fault cause in a lot of situations there is not a thing they can do about it, add in something like “the baby is innocent and please go through with the birth and give it up for adoption, it is not the babies fault so how it was conceived should not matter because in the end a life is still a life.” I am however pro choice but I think saying something such as that would help your argument and everyone has a right to their opinion but if I feel that, that opinion is wrong I am going to say something… I mean how dare you blame anyone for being the victim of a rape.

    • It’s his opinion personally I think rape victims are idiots for not being well prepared in the first place so I agree I don’t really care if you get pregnant from rape abortion is wrong either way it is a baby so saying it’s wrong to blame someone who is raped is like saying it’s wrong to blame a guy for praying or wrong to sing a song you like way to be the thought police here where were u brought up the USSR?

      • Wow. A rape victim is an idiot for not being well prepared? Are you kidding?

        Just like to put out there that I was raped. I’ve mastered kung fu, the art of self defense, but I was caught off guard and taken advantage of. I couldn’t do anything. I was just as helpless as these ‘babies’ you are claiming are. You can be as well prepared as you like, it doesn’t matter. If they catch you off guard and pin you down, there’s nothing you can do.

        So yeah, you’re the idiot.

        Anyway, I DID get pregnant from that rape. I was a freshman in an Ivy League college and it was frowned upon. And wanna know what?

        I aborted it.

        Because I’m pro-choice. It was my body, and I wasn’t going to let the seed of my rapist grow and thrive and feed off me. So I ‘killed it’.

        But just to say, life doesn’t start at conception. Until it becomes a being that can thrive on its own (don’t feed me any crap, I mean a being that can BREATHE its own air and EAT its own food.) it’s a PARASITE. While we’re citing definitions, look that one up (PS: definitions are completely unreliable as evidence because there are multiple definitions for everything, and multiple dictionaries with different variations. So I’m disregarding any evidence you based upon that as unreliable.)

        A true debate should have no “facts” based on religion, so anything about a soul is disregarded as unreliable.

        You seem kinda paranoid about the government and all that, but once again, I’m disregarding that as unreliable. Those are YOUR own beliefs, not mine, and a debate or any conclusion you draw should be based on FACT.

        (PS: Definition of fact (taken from Merriam-Webster.com): “the quality of being ACTUAL” God, souls, and all your paranoid conspiracy theories have yet to be proven as ACTUAL, and are therefore not FACTS, and can be disregarded.)

        Um, I think that’s it. Whatever little argument left that you can scrape together is probably conservative mumbo-jumbo anyway. And for blaming the victim? Once again I’d like to mention that I hope you eat those words. Or take them hard up the ass. Or some mixture of the two.


        • Whaaaaa… I do not believe this. This-this person had a helpless child brutally tortured and murdered (through no fault of its own) simply because she couldn’t stand the idea of nurturing a child. *Beats on wall with fists* It’s called A-D-O-P-T-I-O-N.

  25. :neutral: abortions are wrong… your killin a baby that has done nothing wrong… it deserves a chance like we all do

  26. hey i think u should give good advice to people and not this kind of sh*t i mean im sorry but if u express ur feelings like watever u feel like when u were talking about the victims getting raped i can do the same thing so u think when a girl gets raped its because she was be a fu**kin slut nooooo ur WRONG what if that person was ur mom would u say he same thing i kno that we should be careful of those rapers but let me tall u something when u want to wright something that every one is going to see on the internet especially about rape victims stop and think it and then write it :angry:

    • You know, I thought this article was very good. And I don’t think he was being mean. Just brutally honest, with a handful of satire. Well done. :grin:
      So stop getting all dramatic and don’t take it so personally, he has every right to state his opinion in whatever way he chooses. You can’t tell him how to express his ideas. Thanks.

      • It is not so much we are trying to stop him from expressing his opinion so much as we are trying to help him change it. I mean he clearly states if a women is rape that they should not be surprised by relating rape to having a hat full of money. We are trying to help him understand that at time there is nothing for the victim to do they are completely powerless.

      • Blaming the rape victim is honest? I think most of the world strongly disagrees. And satire is usually meant to be HUMOROUS. Look up that one. I didn’t find this humorous in the slightest.

        YOU SIR, are an ASS.

        ^There’s your beloved drama. I spit on you.

  27. i think you should consider re-writing this as some information isnt very clear. for example, there may be alot of 14 yr olds who are pregnant but its hard to believe considering that not everyone hears about it. you should use other evidence where its clear to your point.

    • There are a lot of 14 year olds that are pregnant. Most of them are homeless girls with nowhere to go, and nothing to do for a livelihood except turn to prostitution. Planned Parenthood does not condemn sex traffickers. They have proven this, look it up. When a guy and a girl came into a “clinic” posing as a pimp and his victim/kidnap-ee/ “worker” , whatever and pretended to be looking for an abortion for the girl, the employees of the abortion clinic offered him advice about his pretended… profession, and did not report him. Clearly, this is against the law. Abortion is also not a safe procedure, physically, and mentally. Suicide, depression, eating disorders, puncture of the uterus are only a few of the possible side effects of abortion.

  28. Dude, Im sorry, but you are a F**KING IDIOT when you were talking about rape victims!!!!!! You give pro-lifers like myself bad names. How dare you put any blame whatsoever on a rape victim!!!! I literally became sooooo pissed off at you after reading that section that I could not finish your otherwise good arguement. I was a victim of a gang rape, and you have no fuc*ing clue what the f*ck you are talking about as**ole!!! Don’t you dare put the an ounce of blame from rape on a victim EVER or may you burn in hell! Many women are raped in many different circumstances and it is NEVER EVER EVER the victims fault EVER! that is why its a RAPE and not some “oh i was being flirty at a club so of course you can attack me, beat me, call me digraceful names, and shove your d*ck in me while I cry” invitation.

    • Everyone knows you werent actually gang raped so shut ur mouth u dumb bitch. The author of this is exactly right.

      • i’m sorry but you are very mean and ignorant-rape happens a lot more often than you think and it is NEVER the victim’s fault.It is more about some bastard with a chip on his shoulder asserting power over someone to make himself feel better-women have sexually abused others as well and men and boys have been victims.men often pick on drunk women cos the police wont beleive the woman was completely innocent and they are more likely to get away with it.women do lie about having been raped but this is rare.whats more common is for a man to rape someone then spread lies that shes an attention seeking whore so no one will beleive her.other than that i agree with this arguement,it is awful if someone gets pregnant from a rape but it would be more awful if she was to rip her baby apart with a vacuum and then have to live with that for the rest of her life as well.

      • If you’re a boy:
        Cad, brute, ass,coward.
        If you’re a girl: You’re indescribably rude&crude. I will not waste further time and energy thinking up the right epithets to describe you.

    • hey i agree with u nice saying that idiot does’nt even kno were he is standing but on the other hand i think we shouldnt abort either well i mean i havnt had an abortion because it wasnt really our fault so keep the baby and dont abort. i would like to tell to every teen age girl out there to not abort please thats the worst thing u can ever do to a baby i kno u might say “but ur not going through what i am” and let me tell u something maybe im not but but other people r so ur not the only one who is going through this so stop snd think why take away a babys life dont do something u will be repent the rest of ur life :wink2:

      • I hope you realize that should the original poster’s statement be true, you could have possibly caused a suicide.

        Since you seem to be another pro-lifer, hope you like blood on your hands.

        But wait, it doesn’t matter if it’s out of the mom. We just freak out about it if it’s still in the womb.

        I forgot.

  29. Thanks Richard, I have enjoyed your site today while I was supposed to be working at this mindless job. Keep it up!

  30. If you thnk killing a baby is the right thing to do, isn’t it easier to just let it get adopted?

    -enough said

    • that’s what i always think. why kill the baby when you can give it to some family who are not capable of making a family

      • Because our world is severely overpopulated, and orphanages are LITERALLY overflowing already with starving children. Just a thought.

        Not that that matters or anything. Let’s just add some more starving, suffering, parent-less children to our overcrowded, polluted earth. Because that makes more sense.

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  32. I love how you call out “Abortionists” on their supposedly self-evident truths, then randomly spout that humans have souls. Good stuff.

    • You’re one of the very few who have sense. Thank you for proving SOMEONE has a brain. I’m starting to think they may be on to something. Those underdeveloped fetuses have more intelligence than most the people on this thread.

  33. You’re an idiot. Saying that humans have a soul is pressing religion into the argument which in turn negate of separation of church and state. Church cannot be motivation for law even though it often is. Religion is the largest factor in abortion. You shouldn’t be able to govern someones beliefs because you feel its right. There are just as many reasons abortion should be aloud as there are against it. I assume your next article will tell us why even if gay marriage is right, its still wrong…Am i correct?

    • So if I kill your parents because I feel it’s right, no one should be able to govern me? Is that how life works?

      There are just as many reasons why a harmonic series should converge rather than diverge, but it diverges regardless of your feelings. You can’t murder people. It’s not permitted because as a part of humanity we have to protect the lives of other humans.

      • Why does everyone like to compare two completely different things and pretend they make sense? Please stay on topic.

        And to ovie: I cannot wait to eviscerate that inevitable post.

    • he hardly mentioned church in the whole thing. funny how you pick out one little easy thing to argue against, rather than really proving your point.

    • You’re the freaking idiot. Every child deserves to freaking live! It was the mother and fathers fault! They need to be held responsible for their actions! She needs to give birth to the baby, and if she is to selfish to keep and raise him/her. put him/her up for adoption. And gay marriage is wrong. its nasty too. stop acting all liberal, “we want our rights” it is freaking annoying. I want freedoms too, but 30 years ago “same sex marriage would have been laughed at, no one would believe it was even possible….” Freedoms are good, religious freedom, the freedom of speech, ect….. – the freedom to abort a helpless baby who doesn’t have a chance to grow up and fall in love…. NOT!!!!! thinking about it makes me sick.

      • Thinking about people like you makes me sick. Sick enough to kill. But I don’t stop there. I kill small children, rip their corpses apart, and boil their brains.

        Tip: this keeps in most of the flavor.

        My gay lover, who is also an abortion doctor, atheist (as am I), and fellow baby-eater, agrees.

        And my transvestite slave is going to get twice as many lashes tonight because of you.

        Good day.

  34. i couldnt agree more and im so glad someone finally said it

  35. Although I would personally never have an abortion, I have to disagree with your rape comment.

    Anyone who is raped, attacked, etc, it is not always their fault. A woman can be raped at anytime. I read a news article once where a woman was raped in her sleep; she took all precautions: she locked her doors, windows, etc, but the man was able to get into her house anyway.

    So before you imply that it is a woman’s fault for being raped, think about all sides.

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  37. ok, first of all i need to challange your usage of the term “pro-abortionist.” no one is pro-abortion, no one runs around getting pregnant just so they can kill another fetus. there is a very strong “pro-CHOICE” movement that maintains that a woman should have some rights over her own body and be allowed to choose what happens to her and the fetus.

    second of all, i agree that abortion is an unfortunate reality. i pray that one day we will live in a society where abortion doesnt need to exist. however, outlawing abortion is neither pragmatic or realistic. Here are some facts for you. A) Teenagers and young adults are going to have sex, that is a fact. no matter how many abstinance only course are taught. Because these church groups and conservative states refuse to teach children how to do it safely and how to reduce the risk of pregnancy there will always be unwanted children. B) There are already too many children who dont have homes. in 2008 there were over 500,000 children in foster care, almost 200,000 of them were waiting to be adopted. most children must wait years to be adopted. almost 20 percent wait up to 5 years. That means that at this time we have too many children and not enough homes. C) Until the government or someone else steps up with a better plan than “foster care and adoption” to deal with the number of unwanted babies born from the outlawing of abortion it is an unfortunate necessity.

    as a man you have no right to comment on a woman being raped, nor do i. the only thing i know is that that if you are trying to insinuate that it is somehow their fault they were raped then you are no better than the men who raped them. you need to shut your mouth and think for a second before typing idiotic things like that. youre pathetic. youre basically saying that if i came up and beat the crap out of you that it wouldnt be totally my fault because youre such a moron that youre really culpable for the beating? think next time. you will save yourself alot of embarrassment.

    also… this whole business about the government forcing you to abort your baby because it has down syndrome… what the heck, dude? are you smoking something? this is not “big brother” lol this is not sparta, the government isnt weeding out the weak from the strong. read an actual book and not quite so many comic books.

    • I know they don’t teach you real history in history class. I know you haven’t read anything about the past 200 years of mankind and you have no historical knowledge. You don’t even know your own country. I don’t either, but if there’s something I want to know I don’t assume the status quo is correct. I look it up.

      Eugenics was big in the 1920s in the U.S.A., and most states had laws allowing the government to sterilize people unfit to be parents. This isn’t just the insane—it’s people who have parents and family who are alcoholics and drug-users. Men and women who were mentally stable and led admirable lives were forcibly sterilized—60,000 of them. They could never have children or lead a fulfilling life (a fulfilling life involves raising a family). Not only that—the sterilization procedures were dangerous and frequently caused infections or death.

      Do you want forced sterilization to come back? When you support abortion, you’re leading to it. The government is taking more and more power. Obama’s healthcare bills have “end of life” procedures to kill off sick old people. We don’t have the “resources” to take care of them. If the government would stop pushing us around and ruining us financially, we’d have plenty of resources.

      Elitists like David Rockefeller and Bill Gates support abortion because it kills more of us. They support eugenics, “euthanasia” the sick and the old, forced sterilization, and forced abortion because they want the Earth’s population to be 500 million. Of course, they, their families, and their friends shouldn’t be subjugated. Just everyone else.

      As a man I have no right to comment on rape? As an adult, how do you have the right to comment on teenagers? How do you have the right to say anything? The truth is, we all have the right to comment on whatever we want. There is no “right” to abortion, no more than there is a right to stab your neighbors eyes out.

      Read this: http://current.com/1sblm4c

      • Shut up. PLEASE shut up. You annoy me, and the rest of the logical population.

        • Lol, what a logical comeback.

          UMAD? Your feel-feels gawt hurded? Typical pro-death person, can’t even attempt a real argument cuz there is none to make.

  38. You do realise that you’re an idiot, right?

    What does having a hat stuffed with one hundred dollar bills have to do with being raped?
    That’s the same as saying that when I walk out of my house I shouldn’t feel angry if someone hits me in the balls with a cricket bat, because I ran that risk when I opened the door.

    Being pregnant at fourteen is perfectly normal? It’s okay to do that? As you said, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Tell me honestly, how many pregnant fourteen year olds have you seen? Or known? Or heard of?
    I know that this question has been stated before, but your head seems so firmly inserted in your own sphinchter that you failed to answer it.

    I really pray that you have a child one day, and that when you realise how hard it actually is to raise one that you go and find yourself a nice brick wall and smash your head against it.

    • so you mean to say that just because it inconveniences you, you have the right to kill an unborn baby? You are pathetic if you think that and are unfit to be a parent or have responsibility over any person whatsoever.

      • YOU my friend, are funny. What a pun. To say S/he’s not fit to be a parent, yet completely refuse the idea of abortion?

        What would you say if this person who is “unfit to be a parent” got raped?

        Let me guess:

        You would blame them for being raped, then proceed to tell them they are unfit to be a parent, but cannot abort the child because it’s wrong. So, in the end, the child should suffer a horrible life with an unstable, unfit rape victim for a parent, because that’s SO MUCH BETTER.

        Ahaha. You’re a hoot.

  39. i really thing that abortaion is very wrong and if i got prego i would not get rid of my baby !!!!!!! :tormented: :tormented: :tormented:

      • What does being pro-choice and anti-abortion have to do with being a good mother?

        • If you’re pro-choice you might kill your baby so he doesn’t interfere with your career. Then, you’d obviously be a bad mother.

          • I am a 17 year old girl that is a mother. I am 6 weeks away from my due date. I have many people who are proud of me for carrying this baby. I will not nor ever abort a baby and adoption was a choice but I would not do that either. I am going to school and working to pay and love my child when she comes into the world. And as for her father… He is going be part of her life… Yes young love is hard to explain and put in words. I was also a rape victim too. Rape is still NO reason to abort a baby. It is not the babies fault. Women need to prepare themselves as soon as the possibly can. Many young mothers say that pregnancy was a mistake… But you can’t call the baby a mistake. In my case I missed like 2 or 3 days of the pill and by boyfriend forgot to use a condom so yes I ended up getting pregnant. It was a shock but I know that no matter what I will love my baby and she will be the best thing that has ever happened to me and she will also be loved by all my family and friends… Because they don’t care that Im 17… They just care that I chose not to get an abortion. :smile:

          • That’s great, the baby is never at fault for forming, even in a rape, so the baby is always innocent… People will tell you now that we have an over-population problem, there are almost 7 billion people, and the climate is being destroyed by humans, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to throw away human life. I’m glad you are having your baby.

          • LET’S DO MATH.



            See what I mean? So don’t say just because you have an abortion you’re a bad parent. My mother would never do anything to me, never has, and has had 6 abortions.

            So next time a controversial topic comes up, please shut up and let the big kids talk. This thread and most of the commenters are ridiculous, and I LITERALLY laughed at some of the things I’ve read.

            Except for the rape. You are a retard for saying ANYTHING about that. As a pro-life male, you have no idea how it would feel to be raped and impregnated by your rapist.

            And the victim is NEVER to blame. So you should bite your tongue next time you feel that crap trying to come out.

  40. i just think that abortions are not right i think that before taking a step in to having sex beshure to use a condom why because after there are consequences wich one would want to end them the easys way as in aborting if you aint ready to be mother then make shure to take care there aint no good reason for you to abort i think the the only reason to abort is only if it was for the cause of rape why because i dnt think i would handle to bring a baby that i didnt ask for i probably would have enough with the trouble and trama i went threw i guess will thats why i think its right

  41. Being pregnant at fourteen is perfectly normal.
    Really??? How many 14 year olds did u see in school

    Only in the twentieth century have we so firmly criminalized it. People used to die quickly, so it was important to start creating life early and often.
    True, but people live longer now, now we don’t have to reproduce at so early of an age. Times have changed.

    Fourteen-year-old girls can easily become pregnant, because they’re already women biologically, even if the government says otherwise.
    Just because u can doesn’t me you should. Just b/c u can pop out 10 babies and throw trash can when ur done with them, doesn’t mean u should

    • Last part is what I said; there’s no reason to throw babies in the trash. Even if there was a reason, it wouldn’t be good enough, because human life is sacred.

      I wrote in Don’t Vote 2008 about the socialist government we have overhead. If we had taxing by apportionment and a limited, non-corporatist government, everyone could accumulate wealth without having an 80-pound weight around their necks. A lot of people claim to have abortions to avoid financial hardship.

      Think this: just because you can kill your babies, doesn’t mean you should.

      • stop calling them babies. the argument is really at what point does a developing embryo become a child. it’s open to interpretation. it’s like asking a man with a 100,000 hairs on his head how many he has to lose before he is bald.

        personally i would not consider a freshly fertilized egg a baby. that’s ridiculous.

        • Have you seen a a 4-dimensional ultrasound? (The 4th dimension is time.) At 6 or 7 months you can see the baby sucking its thumb, laughing, moving around, etc. At that point, the baby is sentient and feels pain, even though he won’t remember it when he grows up.

          Even earlier than 6 months, the baby is all there… the heart starts beating around 3 weeks. You may think we need a rigid cut-off point, before which killing the baby is just and after which killing the baby is murder, but that’s not what it’s about.

          Vacuuming a developing baby out of his mother’s uterus and throwing his corpse in the trash is wrong.

          • WRONG. The heartbeat starts at about 5-6 weeks. And most women get the abortion BEFORE then.

            Before that, the “baby” (for the idiots on here, which there are a lot of, I use these quotes to show my disagreement with the misuse of this term.) is no more than a parasite.

            So I’m gonna force a tick onto your body, and it will be WRONG for you to get rid of it because its life is sacred (all this human surpremecy sickens me, and I have no further comment. Either ALL life is sacred, or NONE of it is. TAKE YOUR PICK AND STICK WITH IT.). You must let it grow, develop, and possibly give you an infection, because we all know that is the right thing to do.

            P.S. Even if I forced that tick onto you, it was still your fault. Just because you have skin and blood, which ticks like, and because I felt like it. Sure, you had no choice in the matter, but it’s your fault.

        • No. Human life begins at conception. I am against abortion in all cases, but I think contraception is okay in some instances.

      • Just because you CAN open your mouth and spout nonsensical crap, doesn’t mean you should.

        Ooh, see what I did there?

  42. :big-grin: haha! That is hilarious. I’m against pro choicers ,too.

      • I’m glad to see that there are still people out there that believe in the sanctity of human life, and who are logical enough to recognize that the questioning of abortion is not solely a moral dilemma born out of religious dogma (although it is DEFINITELY a moral issue), but that unborn children also have a right to life as human beings, and should have this right protected as citizens of the United States.

        “If a government fails to protect the sanctity of human life, what good is that government?” – So true.

        After all, the first of the “Inalienable Rights” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence (as well as in Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights) is “Life”, followed by “Liberty”, and then “Property” (all of which you addressed in your essay). Whether the founding fathers did it intentionally or not, I believe they are prioritized in the proper order.

        It’s incredible to me that in the age of “Equal Opportunity” and avoiding discriminatory behavior at all costs, we find it perfectly acceptable to discriminate against an entire people group based solely on the basis of their age. You’d think we’d have advanced enough to have put such barbaric behavior against our fellow human beings behind us. I guess not.

        • I’m quite young, just 13, and I’m glad your message got to me before the pro-choicers did :smile: I’ve always known that abortion is wrong, but now, when my friends ask, I can give them a solid argument. Thank you!

          • I’m glad you found something life-changing here, Esther! The comment you replied to was left by someone anonymous, but I like it a lot. I’m glad to give people a space to talk.

            Your family is your support and your children carry on the narrative of your life. Children are also loving, beautiful brats (I should know as a photographer) and if you have a baby you will take care of him even if you have to put your career on hold and get by on food stamps. Don’t fight your motherly instincts… we have too many women doing that already.

          • well im glad i dont kno u but let me tell u that u did the right thing because taking away ur own babys life is the most horrible thing that a human can ever do so i thank u for not doing something u would probably regret the rest of your life :wink2:

          • THE MOST HORRIBLE. So rape/murder/child molestation is all lesser because…? Oh yeah, I forgot! This ignorant post is teaching young people that it’s the victim’s fault in these situations. Silly me and my stupid, old-fashioned logic!

          • Abortion and murder are a million miles away from rape etc (even though they’re horrible too) because someone innocent DIES.

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